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29 of 31 Reasons People Do Not ReceiveTheir Financial Harvest


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     You are not forgotten by God. EVER!
     Nobody loves u more than the Person who created u.   Your fears are known by Him.  Your tears matter 2 Him.  When u are hurting, He is bringing answers toward u.  Every moment of your life God schedules miracles like currents of blessing into your life.
     Every prison will have a door.
     Every river will have a bridge.
     Every mountain will have a tunnel.
     But, u must find it.  Look 4 it.  Listen 4 it.  Search 4 it.  Believe that it exists.  "There hath no temptation taken u but such as is common 2 man:  but God is faithful, who will not suffer u 2b tempted above that ye are able; but will w/the temptation also make a way 2 escape, that ye may be able 2 bear it" (I Corinthians 10:13).
     You must pursue those God is using 2 fuel your faith.  There are wonderful men and women of God who carry financial anointings.  They can unlock your faith.  It may involve a 4-hour drive 2 their crusade.  But it is very important that u honor and treasure and pursue their mantle.  Listen 2 their tapes.  Read their books.  Listen 2 their heart.
     They have tasted failure.  They know how 2 get out of trouble.  They know what sleepless nights are like.  They have fought the demons of fear and uncertainty.
     That is why they are qualified 2 mentor u.
     Some will never taste their financial harvest bcoz they are sitting under leaders who fuel their DOUBTS and UNBELIEF.  They listen 2 relatives who continuously discuss the economic problems on the Earth, hard times and how difficult life is.
     The voices u keep listening 2 are the voices u will eventually believe.
     Ten (10) spies infected millions of Israelites w/their UNbelief and Doubt.  When they talked about the giants, the people 4got about the grapes of blessing. [ONE grape cluster took 2 men 2 carry over their shoulders on a rod!]
     What u TALK about increases.
     What u THINK about becomes larger.
     Your MR MIND and your MOUTH are magnifiers of anything u want 2 grow.
     Two (2) spies came back w/FAITH, Victory and the ability 2 over come giants.  Their names were Joshua and Caleb.  They had been w/God.  They had seen the giants, but were not afraid.  They had seen the grapes and decided 2 become champions.
     They had experienced too many days in the wilderness 2b satisfied w/failure.
     They became the champions of FAITH.  Joshua became the leader after the death of Moses.  Caleb became known 4 "taking his mountain."  Oh, the REWARDS of FAITH are sweet.  The TASTE of Victory stays in your mouth so long!
     You must discern the Joshua's and Caleb's around u.  Find the FAITH FOOD.  Listen 4 Faith talk.  Sit under it and listen and absorb.  Something within u will grow!
     I receive much inspiration from the story of Elijah and the widow in I Kings 17.  I never tire of this incredible Well of Wisdom.  She was hurting.  Devastated.   Starving.  She was one meal from death.
     That is when a man of Faith was sent into her lifeHe did not criticize her, coddle her, or sympathize w/her.  He knew how 2 get her out of trouble.
     She had 2 listen 2 him.  She had 2 discern that he was a man of God.  She had 2b willing 2 follow his instructions, regardless of how ridiculous and illogical they appeared 2 her natural mind.
     A man of God often holds the Golden Key 2 your financial deliverance.  If u respect that anointing, the chains will fall off.  Blindness will disappear.  Your eyes will behold the golden path 2 blessing.  If u become critical, resentful, and rebellious, u will forfeit the most remarkable Season of miracles God has ever scheduled into your life. 
     Nobody can discern a man of God 4 u.  U must do it yourself.  Nobody can force u 2 obey a man of God.  Your heart must be soft and broken enough b4 God enough 2 follow.
     You may only receive one opportunity 2 obey the instruction that brings your deliverance.  (Nabal only received one opportunity 2 feed and bless the army of David.)
     You must recognize greatness when u are in the presence of it.  It will not always demand attention.  Jesus visited many places where He was undiscerned, undetected and unrecognized.  His own family did not recognize His mantle, His assignment, and that He was The Son of God.  He did come unto His own and His own received Him not.
     You may have  2 find the man of God b4 he blesses u.  You C, he is not needing u.  You are needing him.
     Read the incredible story of Saul and his servant, who had lost their donkeys.  They were so disturbed until the servant remembered that a man of God lived in the areaHe knew the power of an offering.  They both made the decision 2 find the Prophet Samuel.  The rest of the story is absolutely incredible.  When they came into the presence of Samuel, the anointing from Samuel began 2 flow toward them. (See I Samuel 9:3 -- 10:10).
     They had brought their SEED.
     They brought an offering.
      They believed he was a man of God.
     That encounter w/Samuel catapulted Saul into the kingship of Israel.
     Somewhere, there is a man of God w/the golden key 2 your house of treasureYour responsibility is 2 discern it, find him, and obey the instruction.
     Several years ago, my assistant listened 2 me share the miracle of the "Covenant of Blessing, "  the sowing of the $58 SEED.  (My first encounter was in Washington, DC, when the Holy Spirit spoke 2 me 2 plant a $58 SEED 2 represent the 58 KINDS of MIRACLES I had found in Scripture.  It launched an incredible parade of miracles into my personal life.  I have told about this in 100s of places.)
     Now, my assistant was a good young man who loved God.  But, something happened as he listened 2 me tell the story.  I instructed him and others in that service 2 give their SEED "an assignment."  "Write on the check where u want 2 experience the harvest in your own personal life," I instructed.
     He wrote his $58 SEED, and then wrote on his check, "better family relations."  Here is what happened following that SEED:

1.  His mother came 2 Christ within 14 days.
2.  His 2 sisters came 2 Christ within 14 days also.
3.  His daughter came 2 Christ withing 14 days too.
4.  He got 2 spend a week w/2 of his other daughters that he had not even seen in 5 years.
5.  He was able 2 have a meal and afternoon w/his entire family--this had not happened in the previous 15 years.
6.  His 86-year old father came  2 Christ within 90 days.
7.  His oldest sister, who had run away from home 48 years prior, was located and came back home 4 a Family Reunion.  (Nobody  had seen her nor heard from her for 48 long years.  She was considered dead.)
     Every one of these miracles happened within 90 days of his sowing his SEED of $58.
     Why?  He followed the instruction of a man of God.  Almost everywhere I go, I ask those who need miracles 2 plant a SEED.  A specific SEED.  Usually, I ask them 2 plant a SEED of $58 (sometimes it is more, depending on the instructions of the Holy Spirit).  The miracles are incredible.  I get letters from everywhere relating the supernatural intervention of God following their acts of obedience.
     A woman in Knoxville, Tennessee, approached me w/a tall husband by her side.  "Remember that $58 SEED?" she asked.  "Yes."  "This is him!  He was away from Christ and within a few days after my SEED, he came w/me 2 church and gave his heart 2 God."
     Those God sends into your life may have harsh or uncomfortable personalities.  If u could have heard Isaiah or Ezekiel, u might be shocked at some of the strong language that poured from their lips.
     Those God sends w/a special challenge 2 your faith may not appear socially fit.  God often uses foolish things 2 confound the wise.  U will not discern them thru the hearing of the ear or the seeing of the eye.
     You will discern them by the Spirit of God within u.
     "Believe in the LORD your God, so shall ye be established; believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper"  (II Cronicles 20:20).
     When u begin 2 acknowledge the Word of the Lord coming from proven and established servants of God, the flow of miracles will multiply and increase toward u.

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