Saturday, November 26, 2011

Create Your Daily Success Routine


    Great  men have great habits.
    In California, a powerful Spiritual leader awakens at 5:30 am each day.  He has followed this routine 4 years.  He prays from 5:30 to 6:30 am every morning of his life.  It is a daily habit--the success habit that has unlocked an unforgettable anointing 4 Teaching.  He walks, lives, and breathes the atmosphere of One 1000 Times More.  Is it a mystery?  Not really.  When your Daily Success Routine begins w/the 1st hour of every day in the Presence of God, it is almost impossible 2 fail.
    One of the most famous business women on earth lives here in Dallas, Texas.  She is worth over 300 million dollars and her business is worth over 2 billion.  She has a Daily Success Routine.  Since 1962, she has written her daily plan on a sheet of paper.
    She lists only 6 tasks 4 the day.
    She works on the 1st, then the 2nd, then the 3rd, and so forth.  She believes that one of The Master Keys 2 her uncommon success is this constant and consistent daily habit.  Planning is her daily routine.
    A former Presidential Chief-of-Staff revealed part of his Daily Success Routine.  The 1st thing he did every morning and the last thing he did every night was 2 'plan' the day of the President.  It was his habit.
   One of the wealthiest athletes in history revealed a few weeks ago that the morning after he won the heavyweight championship of the world, he was back in his gym...his Daily Success Routine.  The morning after!  Millions of dollars were earned within minutes.  But, he knew and had decided 4 his life, the daily habits necessary 2 create the future he loved.
    One famous Hall Of Fame baseball pitcher pitched his 7th no-hitter.  Afterwards, reporters found him in the locker room doing what he always did--riding a stationary bike 4 one hour and 15 minutes.  He had just pitched a no-hitter!  Did he race out and do something exciting and different?  He did not become a champion by chasing after every THOUGHT fleeting thru his MIND.  He became a champion thru his Daily Success Routine.  He had DEVELOPED the Habits 4 Greatness. [Hourly increments of TIME scheduled 4 specific personal assignments].
    Habit is the most misunderstood word in the English language.  When someone talks about habits, everyone thinks about drugs, alcohol or smoking.  They think habit is a word connected 2 something evil, deteriorating or deadly.
   Habit is a good word, a powerful gift from God.  Habit simply means that when u do something twice, it becomes easier.  It is a gift from God enabling us  succeed.
    Personal hygiene habits increase your health, self-confidence and social influence.
    Conversation habits strengthen relationships, build confidence and integrity.
    Financial habits can create uncommon increase, yes, 1000 Times More.
    Discipline is different than habit.
    God did not create us 2b creatures of discipline but creatures of HABIT.
    The purpose of discipline is 2 birth a habit.
    Psychologists say that when u perform an act for 21-Days consecutively w/o fail, it will become a habit.
    Habits create a future u will love or hate.
    Habit is the child of purpose, destiny and desire.  Let me give u an example.  When Mohammed Ali, the great boxer, believed that destiny and God had determined his future would be the greatest boxer on earth, his habits changed.  He arose earlier.  His workouts were more intense.  His conversation changed.  yes, he even changed his name!  You C, your habits are the results ofyour beliefs of what u truly believe u deserve 2 possess and have.
   Desires birth habits.  Some who have smoked for 40 years quit in a week when the doctor revealed that they were standing at the door of death.
   Thirty years ago, I sat at the table of a pastor friend in Louisiana.  I stared at him and asked, "How on earth did u become so huge?" (He weighed 400 pounds!)
   "Eating every night after church just like u are eating right now," he said boldly.
   I laughed.  I thought he was simply a little peeved at my bluntness.  But, he was sincere.  (Unfortunately, I stayed ignorant!)  What he really said 2 me was, "I have an eating routine.  Every night, after I have spent a long day in work and effort, I sit at this table and comfort myself w/food.  It is a habit in my life.  I did not begin this big.  It did not happen within a few days.  My habit of eating after church at night added a pound, another pound, and another pound."
   Your habits have created your Present physical condition.  Whether u are overweight, unhealthy or uncommonly strong, what u keep eating daily is creating the You-In-The-Future.  When u eat is increasing your health or decreasing your health.
   Your spending habits are creating a secure financial future or destroying it completely.  A friend of mine told me that a simple saving of $100 invested in mutual funds, every month...would result in a baby becoming a millionaire at 20 years old.  Just $100...monthly.  Habits create paupers or millionaires.

Here Are 14 Wisdom Keys On Developing Your Daily Success Routine:

01.  Men Do Not Decide Their Future, They Decide The Habits That Determine Their Future.

02.  What U Do Daily Is Deciding What U Are Becoming Permanently.

03.  Nothing Will Ever Dominate Life Unless It Happens Daily.

04.  U Cannot Change Your Life Until U Change Something U Keep Doing...Daily.

05.  U Can Trace The Failure Of Every Man 2 Something He Permitted 2 Occur Daily In His Life, Body Or His Mind.

06.  U Can Trace Uncommon Success 2 Habits That Were Created...A Daily Success Routine.

07.  Your Habits Are Creating Increase Or Decrease.

08.  Your Habits Are Being Strengthened Or Changed By The Friends U Permit Daily Close 2 U.

09.  What U Keep Looking At Is Deciding Where U Will Go.

10.  Gaze Only Upon That Which U Desire In Your Future.

11.  U Will Always Move Toward The Dominant Picture In Your Mind.  That is why it is important that u place pictures around u of the things u desire 2 move toward and have.

12.  U Can Change A Failure Routine Into A Success Routine With 21 Days.

13.  What U Keep Doing Daily Is Creating The Future U Have Always Wanted Or The Future U Dread.

14.  Your Money Habits Are Making U A Pauper Or A Millionaire.

    In the Ancient Writings, there are several photographs of people who had success habits and routines.  Jesus went regularly 2 the synagogue.  
    David prayed 7 times each day.
    Daniel prayed 3 times each day.
    Zacharias offered up sacrifices, as was his custom.
    Your Daily Success Routine is affecting the Promise of 1000 Times More.

Here Are 7 Daily Habits I Have Recognized In The Lives Of Uncommon Men And Women:


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