Tuesday, April 29, 2014

DAY 29 - Cure 4 Loneliness

========  Oftentimes we are looking 4 answers in life, scratching our heads, wringing our hands and trying 2 Re-invent the wheel 2 life's concerns, but the Word is filled with Nuggets-of-Gold in plain sight, if we just remember that the generations b4 us encountered the same basic problems we face today. Instead of worrying which does nothing but bring on fear and headaches, save your life's hours wasted in discovering perhaps 4 the first time, Wisdom hidden in plain sight. There are only 31 days in the Proverbs, like medicine or daily vitamins, take your medicine and be FREE once and 4 all from needless worry. See how the past generations found solutions, and apply them 2 your own today. Today find your own the Proverbs!; God's Kingdom Secrets.
            I have divided the Proverbs according 2 the Days we all experience and color coded them 4 easy reading and remembrance. Be blessed!

                                             PROVERBS   Contains:
Note: 31 Days of encouragement in the "DAYS" below; i.e.: if today is 3rd;
see Summer Days =   3rd, 6th, 30th 
Winter Days               =   1,4,8,10,11,14,17,18            = Blue

Spring  Days               =   2,5,9,11,20,22,25,27,29       = Yellow
Winter/Spring Days   =   7,12,15,19,21,24,28              = Green [b/y]
Spring/Summer Days =   23rd and 26th                       = Orange [y/r]
Summer Days             =   3, 6, 30                                 = Red
Winter/Summer Days =  13, 16, 31                              = Purple [b/r]

*And God completed His work in 6 days and on the 7th; He rested giving Adam/us, all Authority/Dominion; to rule and rein on Earth; Our beautiful Rainbow!
The Star-of-David and God's Feasts, how they bless us.
Spring -  Apr - Month #01- Feast of Passover= Yellow/Passover
Spring -  Jun - Month #03- Feast of                 = Yellow/ Pentecost
Summer- Sep - Month #6-  Feast of                 = R/B=Purple/ Tabernacles
Autumn- Oct - Month #07- Feast of                 = [God's Happy New Year]
               Dec - Month #09- Feast of                = G/CHRISTmas
Winter - Mar- Month #12 -Feast of Purium   = B/R= Purple/Purim

Proverbs 29 -
Winter Verses in Day 29:
01.  People who are often reproved but refuse 2 accept criticism will
suddenly be broken and never have another chance.

04.  A just king gives stability 2 his nation, but one who demands
bribes destroys it.

08.  Fools start fights everywhere while wise men try 2 keep peace.
10.  The godly pray 4 those who long 2 kill them.

Spring Verses in Day 29:
02.  With good men in authority, the people rejoice; but w/the wicked
in power, they groan.

05.  A man who flatters his neibhor spreads a net 4 his own feet.
09.  There's no use arguing w/a fool. He only rages and scoffs, and
tempers flare.

11. begin work hereeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Day 29 - Summer "Verses"
03.  A wise son makes his father happy, but a lad who hangs around
w/prostitutes disgraces him.

06.  By transgression an evil man is snared, But the righteous sings and rejoices.

Day 29 - Autumn "Verses"
07.  The good man knows the poor man's rights; the godly don't care.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Seven Years of Increase

Newsletter dated January 19, 2012
Dear Seekers:

I continue to hear from so many of u regarding the historic meeting on Sunday morning when Dutch Sheets joined us at the Global Spheres Center for our Celebration Service.

Something truly amazing occurred here on Sunday. The Spirit of God was saying, "I am establishing Zion today so that u will rule in a way that you never were able 2 stand and rule in the last season. I will have a joyful House of Prayer. Joy that has been captured will now be released, for you have come up into a place where joy dwells. You will ask a thing and I will accomplish it. You will decree a thing and I will cause it to happen. Come up! Where you were afraid to ask, u will now ask again. Your straits are opening up. What has been strait and too narrow – now will open up. The straits that have been warred over are now opening up. Your war is becoming one with Me. Your victory is at hand. You are winning the war today for thrones to shift in the earth." 

We could sense that something historic had come down and was sent out through the airwaves. A defining, decisive moment had come into our pathway. Where we thought we were captured, we will be free. The nation of America has shifted and has come back into a place where we could come to Hebron again. The path to the beginning of our next victory that will establish the next 7 years has opened up. Nations have realigned. Iran will bow its knee. Babylon will give up.

A Worshipping Intimate Army is Now Arising! Dutch Sheets, Chuck Pierce, and Keith Pierce
Below is additional prophetic revelation that came forward on Sunday morning:
"The rising of the ecclesia, the worshipping army, in this season will be dramatic in many ways. There is an escalation of time. There is a speeding up of time. There is an increase of momentum. That which I am doing, I will increase in its haste. I am hastening the process. I am turning up the temperature. I am coming with Holy Fire. The fires of My presence will burn with greater heat. I will burn through obstacles. I will burn through strongholds in your lives. 

"I will even burn through strongholds in the lives of those who do not know Me. I will show them that in their sin I am preparing them for a throne. I will place things in their hearts. I will cause destinies to come alive in them that they did not know they had. I will purify the impure. I will break off of them structures that have been put in them from birth. I will bring them to places. I will do this quickly. I will bring them to places where they will begin to see by the Spirit. They will write. They will perform with the same creativity they had in the world system. However, NOW, they will do their work for Me with great excellence. I will invade the mountains of societies in this season with a new intensity.

"You have cried out for the transference of My wealth. My wealth is secure. If you will come up and worship, you will see where the enemy has hidden wealth that I am longing to unlock. You'll see where the enemies have containers hidden in the bushes and underground. Come up. Come up to this place of Hebron and from there I will promote you and transfer 2 u. There are new supply pools, four pools, that I will take you through this year if u will come up, and I will transfer 2 u what needs to be transferred.

"I have come this day to deal with the mentality of one more night with the frogs. I will cast down that mentality of slavery that says you have to sit in your stupor and last season one more night. If u will let go of one more night with the frogs, u will see Egypt give up its wealth for your journey tomorrow. In the release, you will see the Red Sea part for u. You will see Me deal with the chariots of Pharaoh that have hounded you for the last three years

"Today is the day I am saying: 'You have descended, to ascend!' In your hard, low place, take the keys from the enemy that u have walked with, entertained, and contended with and come up to Me. Come up. Come up to the high place with Me and u will see where I have seated you this hour. Today is a day that the times have changed. Today is a day that the tide has turned. Today is a day that yes, I am transferring My wealth, but the mighty riches and wealth that I am placing in your left hand is for the souls that I am bringing in on the right hand. 

"Today ascend, arise and come up and be seated with Me, that u may receive the authority 2 descend again and stand in the high place to release the captive wealth that has been ruled. If you come up, you will see the next 7 years will be 7 years of increase. The next 7 years will even carry over to 10. At the end of 10, all of those who have come up in Hebron will see the Church become one... the priestly and kingly together, will become one and they will sustain My Kingdom when the world structures fall.

"Your promotion is coming in place, even as David was promoted. You're coming past the shame of your mistakes in the past. Your promotion is coming in place. In this season, the battles will increase but victories will come more easily. The warfare will intensify, but victories will come more easily. The enemy is going to rise up in this hour with great intensity because he is very angry and very alarmed with what he sees is happening. But even though he comes with great intensity, the battles will be easier and easier to win because we are fighting them from a high place of understanding and revelation. Do not be intimidated at the enemy who will rise up against u.
"The sounds of Heaven are coming to earth. Listen to the Voice. The next war is being positioned even for this land. I am putting on your next mantle for increase and breakthrough. One thing that was taken from you one season will come back in your path in a new way. Get ready. A new anointing is shifting u into place to receive and 2 see in a way you've not seen before!"
Know that:
• There is a sound that is creating the narrow place causing the narrow place to open up.
• There is a sound that is going into the Middle East that is addressing spiritual forces that are holding back God's plan of covenant advancement.
• There is a sound penetrating China right now that is saying, "A new silk road of trade is being developed."
• There is a sound that is causing your path to be aligned in a new way.
• There is a sound that is causing you to come from behind, to overtake that debt structure that tried to overtake you in that last season.
• There is a sound that is rearranging the kingly structures of the earth. The kingly structures of the earth are now being rearranged.
• There is a sound in ZION! Zion is being established this hour in the earth. God will order the voice out of Zion that will shift the course of nations.

LeAnn Squier, John Dickson, and James Vincent, along with the musicians led by Chad Foxworth, entered into an incredible prophetic window! The song of the Lord came forth:
Every tribe, every tongue, every nation are joining in the songs of Zion.
It's a love song.
It's a war song.
It's a song of dominion.
It's a song of thrones being overthrown.
Holy is the Lamb!
Behold the one who stands upon the mountain.
Behold the one who stands with healing in His hands.
Behold the one who stands upon the mountain, crowned in royalty; He is your king.
The mountain is under His feet.
Holy is the Lamb!
Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Watch Out 4 Distractions...Broken Focus

Doug Addison
Last January I released a prophetic word for 2011 and said that the entire year will be strategic:
We will begin moving into more clarity about our destinies as God has been shifting our assignments. Similar to 2010, we will see a major increase and thrust in March of 2011 at the beginning of Spring. During April our time of waiting will be turned into a time of action. New life will come in June and by September of 2011 things that many have longed for will take more shape. (Click here to read the word in its entirety on The Elijah List).
It is time to spring into action. One of my guiding Bible verses is Matthew 7:7, "Ask and it will be given 2 you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you." Notice that ask, seek, and knock are all proactive steps and the door will not be open "for u" but "to u." This is a time right now 2 take initiative and watch and see what new opportunities begin to open.

Watch Out For Distractions
As u begin to take action, watch out for distractions in communications and technology. I have not seen such a fierce attack on communications in a very long time. The enemy is trying to cause disruption and miscommunications with people right now. The reason for this is that God is releasing divine connections that will be strategic for the coming years.

While preparing 2 deliver this message on my webcast on April 5, the company who hosts our live web stream went down and we had trouble with the recording. My new Macbook Pro notebook has been in the shop for three weeks and Apple still cannot figure out what's wrong. While preparing 2 place this article on my Blog, I accidentally nuked my custom Blog design.

If you experience technological distractions and breakdowns, don't misunderstand this to be a block. We must break through right now. As a result of all the setbacks, I asked God for full repayment of what the enemy is stealing and disrupting. Just this week I was given two brand new Macbook Pros that are of a greater value than what I had b4. It is time to turn the distractions into blessings.

Divine Connections Starting No
Many people are being called to something new right now. This is why things have slowed down on your current situation. The new has not fully come yet. Starting in April through June be careful to make choices that will open new opportunities and not repeat old ones.

Obviously you need to pray about this, but if you are given the choice to do something new versus something that you are comfortable with doing, try to stretch yourself to do the new. From this will come new connections you will need for future advancement.

The Power of a "Spiritual Passover"
Passover, which was just celebrated, is a Jewish festival that reminds us of God's greatness when He gave instructions to the Israelites in Egypt that would cause the spirit of death 2 "pass over" their houses (Exodus 11–12). The spiritual aspect of "Passover" is still available to us today.

When bad things happen and it appears 2b judgment or tragedy in any form – whether economic, spiritual, environmental, or whatever – God will most often let His people know how to avoid it or at least how to suffer minimal damage. In some cases, God will even show His people how to profit during a downturn (Genesis 41). The key is to listen to God's voice as He speaks to us and follow the instructions that He gives.

My Dream of a Bad Storm
I had a dream earlier last year that a fierce storm (maybe the worst ever) was coming to the west coast of the U.S. It appeared that we were going to suffer great losses and maybe even die. Everyone was panicking and running to take cover. Faith rose up in me and I felt an anointing from God to stand and watch this storm. I saw a consuming fire in the storm and, just as it approached my house, it passed over and immediately it was a bright sunny day with a rainbow in the sky. I was amazed that there was no damage at all to my property or my loved ones.

I awoke from the dream realizing that we need to stand in the midst of the storms coming against us personally and as a nation. God will give us instructions on what to do and when to do it. The key is to remain at peace and do not be afraid. We need to understand that the principle of disaster passing over is still available to us today.

With all the tragedies and uncertain events happening in the U.S. and the world right now, we need 2 ask 4 God's glory 2b released in greater measure. Ask God 2 cause the bad things 2 pass over u, and pray that God reveals strategies from Heaven. It is a great time to be alive!

Doug Addison
InLight Connection


Help Not in Egypt but in God

========     Today I looked at a tree, noticing how old the tree was; It's Trunk had age to it yet it was tall and beautiful. My eyes pierced straight at it's many branches, then my thoughts turned to the Main branches. They stood tall and elegant in the wind with big and wide directions.
     As I looked again at the many endless smaller branches, the thought came to me that oftentimes, we are so busy looking at the outer appearance of a thing that we never truly consider it's Roots or what is 'hidden' underneath. I had never considered the roots of that tree, only how tall it stood and how many endless branches from previous branches all the way back 2 the Main Branches, they were as endless as the stars in the sky that I could not count as the sun was going down.
     Baby leaves of the new Spring season had formed but still the bare branches were visible in the evening orange-blue sky as darkness was rapidly coming. I sat in quietness just thinking about those roots and my limited amount of knowledge concerning the 'needs' of that tree. What stories it could tell, if it could only speak 2 me, I kept thinking 2 myself. Still in one 4x4 spot of the same Earth yet blooming where it stood. No fruit had formed yet and it was already capturing my attention. The freedom I felt in the openness of it's branches and how each one was attached 2 it's counterpart. It was then my rememberance came back 2 understanding that the roots of a tree was just as wide and deep underneath, and I envisioned a clear ground from which I could 'see' in my mind the whole tree from top 2 bottom, it looked like an Hour-Glass figure 2 me. How beautiful it was! So much came 2 my mind I decided 2 investigate it more.