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Famine for Food

Famine for Food

"No matter your End Time theology, we all agree that we need 2 have emergency disaster preparedness. It is a 'now' word that the Holy Spirit is speaking. You should investigate this 4 your family and sphere of influence. Emergency Provision has been raised up 4 such a time as this."
James W. Goll
Encounters Network, Prayer Storm, Compassion Acts


We strongly believe from the Lord that every family should be equipped with a 1-Month food supply in preparation for a short term crisis. However, we encourage families 2 begin 2 build a food reserve that can last 6 months 2 several years 4 the coming difficult times of famine in our land.

1-Week Food Supplies
- 1 Adult
- 3 meals a day

1-Month Food Supplies
- 1 Adult
- 3 meals a day

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Some believe that storing up food equals a lack of faith in God's provision. I would ask the question, "was Joseph's preparation a lack of faith?" Certainly not! In fact it took great planning and faith to do what Joseph did! We know that the Lord gave him A FORERUNNER'S WARNING about what was coming, and Joseph was used powerfully to help PRESERVE a nation! The Lord plainly tells us that we must discern the times in which we are living. There is NO doubt that we are living in challenging times with potential for great national economic hardship. We also see that there has been an obvious increase in weather related natural disasters and a need for the Church to arise with God's redemptive plan of action.
Joseph indeed had a mandate from the Lord to preserve the people of God through long term food storage—and he served as a beacon of light to all of Egypt.

Is the Lord speaking a similar word of wisdom to the Church regarding FOOD STORAGE TODAY? WE BELIEVE THE ANSWER IS A RESOUNDING YES!

Some might say that we should not be concerned about such things based on Matthew 6—which addresses worry and fear about tomorrow. We certainly agree that we should not be in fear or a state of worry.

In our thinking we must also take into consideration New Covenant examples of preparedness that we would not miss the WHOLE counsel of the Lord. We see Agabus in Acts 11:28 calling the Church prophetically to action regarding a coming famine.... and the Church immediately responded in FAITH—to this prophetic "heads up."

Not scared—but PREPARED!

We do believe with certainty that we will see multiplication of food and water and OTHER miraculous provisions in the days to come..... but are some called to be storehouses and to make practical provisions as well? Again we believe the answer is a resounding YES!
How do I know what role I am to play?

This is where we MUST listen to what the Holy Spirit is speaking to us personally, and as church leaders and shepherds, we must know our part!

In one instance in Scripture, we see Moses and the Israelites in the wilderness—where the Lord's provision was to rain down manna from Heaven. They were NOT to store it up!

We also see the same God with that same nation—under a different leader, Joseph—releasing a different strategy of provision..... AS WE HAVE Discussed, Joseph WAS to store it up! (Genesis 41:48-49)

Emergency Provision believes that the Lord has instructed us to move in a "Joseph- type" anointing. And we encourage you to press into the Lord's heart and mind concerning YOUR role in this area of preparation in these days in which we are living.

Emergency Provision's Mission is to help prepare families with reliable, high quality, long term, food supply!

"I know the men behind Emergency Provision and recognize the Joseph company calling upon their lives.... Prayerfully check it out!"
James W. Goll
Encounters Network, Prayer Storm, Compassion Acts

"We have heard for many years that God is raising up His 'Joseph Companies' to help fund Kingdom works and to function as a vehicle of provision for the people of God and compassion and light to the world. Emergency Provision is a company that is leaning into this mandate. This is as close a semblance to a true 'Joseph company' operation that I have seen! I am honored to play a part!"
Todd Ganovski
Nashville House of Prayer-Breathe/Prophesy

Emergency Provision
Providing families with Reliable, Long Term, Food Storage
Phone: (615) 669-2751

Nashville, Tennessee
San Diego, California

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