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31 of 31 Reasons People Do Not Receive Their Financial Harvest

=========   ~  Ephesians 4:30  ~  "And grieve not the Holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the Day of Redemption."

     The Holy Spirit will not argue w/u.
     He is the Gift of the Heavenly Father 2 those who obey Him.  He will woo u.  He will tug on your heart.  He is Gentle, Kind and Long- Suffering.  But, He will not enter into a debate w/u.  He despises strife, confusion and struggle; ..
But be gentle unto all men" (II Timothy 2:24).
He will move away from your attacks and quarrelsome spirit.  "But foolish and unlearned questions avoid, knowing that they do gender strifes." (II Timothy 2:23).
     Do not argue w/the Source of your Supply.  Stop looking 4 reasons 2 avoid sowing.  Honor His integrity.  He is not unfair.  He is not unjust.  When He whispers 2 your heart 2 take a step of Faith, leap forward.  Run toward your Harvest.
     "Well, I do not want 2 simply plant out of an emotional feeling!" one minister friend of mine explained.
     "Everything u do is emotional," I replied.  "When u drag a moment of Faith thru the sewage of logic, u destroy its impact and influence.  Be swift 2 obey His Voice."
     I experienced an unusual miracle in my life when I was about 23 years old.  I had been on the evangelistic field 2 or 3 years.  My first year as an evangelist brought me $2,263 income. (One month my entire income was $35. Another month it was $90.  I lived in a house that my father had purchased for $150.  The entire house!)
     Eventually, I had enough money save 2 buy a suit and some clothes.  It had taken a good while, but I finally saved up $200.  I had two $100 bills inside my wallet.  I was rather proud but thankful 4 it.  I felt secure.  I was anxious 2 get 2 a store to buy some clothes.
     A young evangelist friend of mine was preaching in a local church.  So, I decided 2 hear him.  While he was speaking, I felt the inner tug of the Holy Spirit 2 plant the $200 into his ministry.  I explained 2 the Lord that my plans were 2 purchase clothes, so I could look good 4 His work.  The longer he ministered, the more miserable I felt.  A heaviness was in me.  I thought of every reason 2 keep the $200.  Inside, I began 2 negotiate w/the Holy Spirit.  I really did not have a desire 2 plant any SEED whatsoever.  But I knew His Voice.
     Somewhere, during some service of a man of God the Holy Spirit is going 2 raise your level of desire 2 please Him.  You may not have a lot of joy during the sowing.  You may even experience inner conflict and mind confusion, but something in u will become strong and intense that your desire 2 please Him will overwhelm your logic, your fears and your greed.  It is that miracle moment when your desire 2 obey Him becomes so powerful that u open the windows of Heaven toward your life.
     After the service, I went 2 him and handed him the $200.  He was thrilled.  I was rather saddened but tried 2 hide it.  It was my clothes money.
     Seven days later, I was laying in bed at midnight.  The telephone rang.  "Brother Mike Murdock?"   "Yes?"  "You do not really know me.  My husband and I were in your services a year ago here in Memphis.  My son died four weeks ago, and God told my husband and I 2 start treating u like our boy.  God told us 2 buy u some clothes.  Are you coming thru Memphis any time soon?"  What do u think!  I did not care if I had 2 go thru Australia and Russia 2 get 2 Memphis, I was going 2 arrive in Memphis ... very soon.
     When I got off the plane, she took me 2 the nicest men's store in Memphis, Tennessee.  She bought me four suits, shirts and shoes.  Six months later, they did it again.  Six months later, they did it again.  And again.  Again.  And again.
     Later, I went 2 hear a friend of mine in Houston at his church on a Sunday night.  Halfway thru his sermon, he stopped.  He pointed back to me on the back row and said, "It is so good 2 have Mike Murdock here tonight.  The Holy Spirit just spoke 2 me 2 stop the service and receive him an offering 2 buy him some clothes."  I was stunned.
     On a Wednesday night, I drove across town 2 another church.  I had never met this pastor b4.  Halfway thru his Bible study, he looked back and noticed me on the back seat.  "I see Mike Murdock here tonight.   Brother, u and I have never met b4, but I have seen u in various conferences.  It is wonderful 2 have u.  The Holy Spirit just spoke 2 my heart 2 stop the service and receive u an offering 2 buy u some clothes."
     I was in Louisville, Kentucky, and my pastor friend said,  "What are u doing tomorrow morning?"  "What do u want 2 do?" I replied.  "The Holy Spirit spoke 2 my heart 2 buy u some clothes," he replied.  
     I was sitting next 2 a minister friend of mine in Illinois.  He leaned over 2 me and whispers in church, "When are u leaving tomorrow?"  "Why?" I asked.  "I felt the Lord wanted me 2 buy u a Breoni suit tomorrow."  (The next day he purchsed it 4 me.  Though he got it wholesale, the retail price on it was $3,220!)
     One of my closest friends, Nancy Harmon, called me 2 her house.  I walked in and there were clothes from one end of the room 2 the other.  "The Lord told me 2 buy u some clothes," she said.
     You C, I had walked away from my clothes money.  Now, God was supernaturally talking 2 people about replacing my clothes money by purchasing clothes 4 me.
     What u are willing 2 walk away from determines what God will bring 2 u.
     Please, never argue w/the Source of every miracle u are desiring.  When He talks 2 u about a SEED, He has a Harvest on His mind.  U C, He knew the Future He was planning.  So He gave me Faith 2 plant the SEED that would create my desired Future.  He gave me the desire, the SEED and the soil where it would grow the quickest.
     You can grieve the Holy Spirit thru debating.  U can cause Him 2 withdraw from u when u negotiate and move away from Faith.  Faith attracts Him.  Faith excites Him.  Expectation is His pleasure.  Do not rob Him of that moment of obedience.
     Delayed obedience can become disobedience.
     Millions have lost a 1000 Harvests bcoz they became intellectual, negotiative, and argumentative when the Holy Spirit began 2 whisper an Instruction 2 their heart.
     I was in Jacksonville, Florida, a few days ago.  The secretary of the pastor came 2 me weeping.  her husband was by her side.
     "Here is the best SEED God has told us 2 sow.  Please take it."  It was her wedding rings, the most precious treasure she had.  (When u plant a SEED that u can 'feel', God will 'feel' it to.  U must plant something significant 2 u b4 it becomes significant 2 God.)
     That was Monday night.  Five days later, Friday night, she stood at a special School of the Holy Spirit w/incredible joy on her countenance and gave her testimony.  Somebody who knew nothing of her sacrificial SEED of all of her rings had decided 2 bless her.  They become a Boaz 2 her.  They gave her a ring worth 100 times the cost of her own rings.
     "And Jesus answered and said,  Verily I say unto u, there is no man that hath left House, or Brethren, or Sisters, or Father, or Mother, or Wife, or Children, or Lands, 4 My sake, and the Gospel's, But he shall receive an 100-fold now in this time, Houses, and Brethren, and Sisters, and Mothers, and Children, and Lands, with persecutions; and in the world 2 come eternal life" (Mark 10:28-30).
     God is not a man that He should lie.
     He wants 2b believed.
     Nobody can sow your faith 4 u.  Nobody can dream bigger 4 u.  Nobody can plant the SEED 4 u.  Nobody.  Not your mother, nor father, nor boss, nor child.
     Every man/woman will give an account of himself 2 God.
     Sometimes, I picture this scenario.  Everybody is approaching the Throne of Accountability.  They want answers 2 questions.  They want God 2 explain why they were poor.  He will ask the same question.
     "Why were u poor when I promised u one 100-fold return 4 anything u would plant in My work?  I told u if u would obey My principles, be diligent and expect Me 2 do what I promised, I would open the windows of Heaven and pour u out a blessing that u could not contain.  I, too, want 2 know why u decided 2 disregard My Instructions and remain w/o the financial harvest?"
     That might be the Weeping Night of Eternity when everybody recognizes that the principles were accessible, available and usable--just ignored.
     Now, u can begin your own journey 2 prosperity.  Be willing  2 take it a step-at-a-timeDo not rush itBe careful 2w obey His Voice.  Review this book carefully.  Bring it w/u into the Secret Place of Prayer.  Talk 2 the Holy Spirit and ask Him every single step u should take at this time.  Bring your stack of bills and credit cards and place them on top of this book.  Anoint them, and invite the supernatural intervention of God 2 break the financial poverty and spirit of lack that has affected and influences your life.
     Ask Him 2 give u a hatred of poverty and a love and desire 4 supernatural provision.  Discuss your dreams and financial goals in detail w/Him.  Believe that He will send a Boaz into your life 2 bless u in many ways.
     When He talks 2 your heart about planting a SEED into His work, do not hesitate.  Do not negotiate.  And, do not manipulate.    The Holy Spirit honors integrity where He finds it.
     Confess  any sin.  Admit if u have withheld the Tithes and the Offerings He askedRepent w/humility, integrity and expectation of a change in your life.
     You will C the changes come sooner than u dreamed.
     Let's pray:
     "Father, I have opened my heart, and sowed the revelation that changed my life forever.  Now, use this SEED 2 grow an uncommon harvest.  Oh, bless the obedient, the willing and the hungry.  In Jesus Name.  Amen."

* 31 Reasons People Do Not Receive Their Financial Harvest by Mike Murdock.

30 of 31 Reasons People Do Not Receive Their Financial Harvest

========    ~  II Corinthians 9:6   ~  "He which soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully."

     The size of your SEED determines the size of your Harvest.
     The Apostle Paul made this clear, "He which soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully" (II Corinthians 9:6).
     I will never 4get an experience in the Northeast.  A large lady moved toward me after the service.  "I'm believing God 2 make me a millionaire.  And, I believe it will happen within 12 months.  Here is my SEED 2 make it happen."  She thrust something into my hand.  I looked at her and said, "I am believing God w/u."  After she walked away, I opened my hand.  It was a crumpled dollar bill.  A dollar bill.
     Now there is nothing wrong w/sowing a small SEED.  Everything must have a beginning point.  Jesus commended the woman who gave a small offering--bcoz it was ALL she had.  He said that she gave more than anyone else present that day.  But, Jesus did not say that her small offering was necessarily going 2 make her a millionaire.  You C, SEED must be comparable 2 the harvest u are sowing toward.
     You cannot plant a Chevrolet SEED and produce a Rolls Royce harvest.  This was what Paul was teaching.  If u sow small, u will still reap.  But, it will not be a large harvest.  It will be proportionate 2 your SEED.
     Millions have not grasped this.  They continue 2 roll up dollar bills, drop them in the offering plate, and hope no one is watches.  Yet, they are writing their prayer requests as if they are expecting Cadillacs, yachts, and million dollar homes.
     You can begin w/a small SEED, u must increase the size of the SEED if u want the harvest 2 increase.  Let me give an example.
     If u come 2 me and say, "Mike, I really need a house.  My family is growing.  I have 3 children.  Right now, my wife and 3 children are living in a small 2 bedroom apartment.  It is almost unbearable.  We do not even have a refrigerator, or a car.  What should I do?"
     First, I will not tell u 2 plant a $5.00 SEED toward your $100,000 home u are wanting.  I would encourage u 2 work w/your various levels of Faith in front of u.  A step at a  time.
     Obviously, u have not been operating w/great Faith or u would not be in this kind of situation.  Your faith has been low.  Your SEEDS have not been planted.  Or, Patience is a needed ingredient 4 this Season.
     "What is the BEST SEED u can sow at this time?  What kind of faith is operating in u today?"  I ask.  "Oh, I have $50 that I want 2 plant," u answer.
     I would reply, "Wonderful.  Now, let's FOCUS this SEED 4 an automobile comparable 2 this SEED.  Do not ask 4 a $20,000 automobile from a $50 SEED. This is 4 times the promised 100-fold of Mark 10:28-30.  Obviously, u are not accustomed 2 planting SEED, using your Faith, or even working w/the Laws of Patience and Expectation.
     Ask God 4 something u cannot doubtThen, plant a SEED comparable 2 the harvest u have pure Faith toward.  U must separate your fantasies from your Faith.  
     Now, many do not understand the Principle of Progress.  Line upon line.  Precept upon precept.  Here a little and there a little.  There is a SEASON of "growing up" in your Christian life.
     It is the same principle in the financial arena of your life.  Why is this so important?  When u sow a $2.00 SEED toward something that is out of balance, u will become disappointed, discouraged and disillusioned.  You will become angry at God.  You will say, "I planted a SEED and this did not multiply!"
     Maybe it is multiplying!  Maybe, the $100 bill u have in your purse was produced by the $2.00 SEED.  But, u are not noticing it bcoz u want a $20,000 harvest.  
     You must learn 2 move from glory 2 glory.
     I told about an incredible miracle in my life one night.  I was sitting in a beautiful Mustang convertible.  Teal bottom and white top.  Gorgeous.  It had "fun" written all over the car! 
    "I just bought this car this week," my friend explained.  "However, I decided that I want a Jeep instead.  Do you think u might want 2 buy this car from me?"  "I think I may!" was my reply.
     The next day, we pulled up at a service station.  After he filled the tank, he went inside 2 pay the bill.  I began 2 pray in the Spirit.  Suddenly, I began 2 feel a 'faith rise up in me' 4 him 2 sow this as a SEED into my life.  Now, that sounds a little crazy.  But, I began 2 pray intensely.   When he got back in the car, he looked at me.  He cocked his head sideways and said, "You really like this car?"  "I love this car,"  I gushed.
     "Your ministry has so affected and blessed me,  I have been wondering what I could do 2 bless u."  He handed me the keys w/a smile.  The car was mine.  FREE.  An incredible gift that will stay in my heart 4ever.
     So, when I was in a crusade later, I shared this story.  I told everyone that I was going 2 pray that the mantle of favor would come upon their life.  I explained that one day of favor was worth a 1000 days of labor.  When God wants 2 bless u, He puts somebody close 2 u who cares about your life and needs.
     A young man approached me after church a little disgruntled.  Agitated.  Frustrated.
     "I did that  already and it did not work," he explained.  "I planted a SEED several months ago and I have never had a care given 2 me.  I need transportation.  Why did it not work 4 me?"
     "Have u ever planted a car in the life of someone else?" I asked.  "No, I have not," was his hesitant and reluctant reply.
     "I have.  That is why my Faith worked 4 me.  I had already planted a car and I had every right and ability 2 expect one 2b given back 2 me," I explained.
     You cannot EXPECT toward your life what u have not Faithed away from your life.
     You will only have the Faith 2 call in toward your life something that u have sowed out.
     Now, there are wonderful moments of mercy and grace where God will let something that u have been given--money, a piece of jewelry or whatever--and He will use that as a picture of your Faith 4 a different kind of Harvest.  I have seen that happen many many times.  But, your Faith works the most, the strongest, when u have planted a SEED comparable 2 the harvest u would desire.
     When u are willing 2 work w/the different levels of your Faith and sow SEED proportionately, u will be amazed at the changes that will happen in your financial prosperity.

TGIF - Deliverance From the Black Hole

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Today's Prayer
Dear God, As I sit here today, looking out my window, I C the rain coming down and freezing as it coats the trees, forming little icicles along the twigs and branches. How pretty it is...but how dangerous it can be. Branches may split and break, trees may fall; some may recover while others will die. Ice gets heavy and slick and and wreaks havoc on so many things, interrupting power, causing accidents, and so on. So it is with the things of the world. Sometimes things may appeal 2 our senses, but they bring with them danger that can break hearts, damage relationships, ruin lives, and even result in death. Please help me 2 remain alert to dangers and snares and be ever sensitive 2 the Holy Spirit each and every day of my life. Please rescue those who have been overcome by the temptations that beckon, and have fallen. Lord, protect us and lift us up.Thank you 4 staying close and being there, ready 2 reach out and grab us whenever we look up 2 u and cry out. May we keep our focus on u and live our lives accordingly. In Jesus' name I pray, amen.

Deliverance from the Black Hole
TGIF Today God Is First Volume 2, by Os Hillman
"As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you" (Joshua 1:5b).

A black hole is a place of total nothingness. It's a time in our life when God removes the resources and supports that we normally rely on to feel secure - our careers, finances, friends, family, health and so forth. It is a preparation time.

When u find yourself in a black hole experience, don't just sit and brood. Take stock of your life. Take a look at your relationship w/God.

First, ask God if there are any sins, habits, or attitudes that He might be judging in your life. It's important 2 discern whether the trial we face is the result of God's discipline 4 our sin?or if it is preparing us 4 a future leadership role.

Second, when you enter a black hole, don't trust your feelings. Trust God. Your feelings will tell you, "God has rejected you. Abandon hope. He has left you utterly alone." Feelings change; God never changes. Feelings come and go; God is always with us.

Third, remember that your black hole experience is not only intended to refine and define u; it's also intended to influence and change the lives of hundreds or even thousands of other people. Our adversity is not just for us, but others in our sphere of influence.

Fourth, don't try to hurry the black hole process along. Remember, when Joseph was in the depths of the pit, there was nothing he could do about it. He couldn't climb out, jump out, levitate out, or talk his way out. All he could do was pray and wait upon the Lord.

Fifth, lean on God. Even when you don't feel like praying, pray. Even when you don't feel like reading His Word, read. Even when you don't feel like singing songs of faith, sing. When you pray, don't just talk; listen. Be silent before Him and listen for His still, quiet voice.

Sixth, be alert 2 new truths and new perspectives. During a black hole experience, God often leads us 2 amazing new discoveries. A black hole can be a storehouse of unexpected riches 4 the soul. 

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To discover where you fit best in serving God, it is important 4 u 2 look at your God-given spiritual gifts, your personality, and your leadership style. Combined they create the passion that drives u. Without passion u lack the motivation necessary to succeed in life. We have developed this analysis 2 give u a handle on each of these key areas of life. You will receive a detailed report on each area plus a list of ministries that may suit u best.
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