Sunday, November 11, 2012

4 of 31 Reasons People Do Not Receive Their Financial Harvest


     What u respect will come toward u.
     What u do not respect moves away from u.
     Whether it is a miracle or a dog, what u fail 2 respect will become uncomfortable in your presence.  Think about a bad restaurant u visited.  Remember when the failed 2 serve u, and u waited 40 minutes?  When u asked 4 the catsup, they looked angry.  U were treated as an interruption 2 their day, instead of an answer 2 their prayers.  What did u do?  U never went back.  Why?  They did not respect u.
     Respect simply means 2 find someone important and worthy of protection and pursuit.
     Recently, I did a little opinion poll in several of my meetings.  "How many have been in a financial seminar or consulted a certified financial planner within the last 3 years?"  It amazed me.  Only 3 out of a 100 had ever sat down w/a financial planner.
     "Are not those financial planners pretty expensive, " a tall lanky fellow asked after the seminar one night.  "Well, mine cost $200 an hour,"  I replied.  But, do u not agree that $200 is worth spending 2 find out how 2 make your $30,000 income multiply?"
     Your library reveals  the depth of your respect 4 money.  U spent $300 last month on your automobile payment, $130 dollars went 2 gas, and u spent $800 on your apartment expenses.  Now, let us look at your checkbook.  Provide me a total of what u invested in books and tapes.  Does it compare w/your automobile payment?  Probably not.
     Some believe in their car more than they believe in their future.
     Your reluctance 2 invest money in financial books may reveal little respect 4 money.  for example, if u are 40 years old, u should have in  your library at least 40 significant books on wealth, one book a year.  That is not too much 2 ask.  Are u 30?  Then, u should have 30 significant books on building your financial worth.
     Your anger toward ministers who talk about money reveals a lack of true respect.
     "Dr. Mike, I think preachers say 2 much about money," a lady ranted and raved after one seminar.  "Why, last Sunday morning, my pastor talked for 15 or 20 minutes about money b4 the offering.  It just killed something inside of me.  Many of us are so mad, we do not know what 2 do.  It is really hurting our church."  How tragic, unfortunate and sad!
     This lady probably spent 2 hours a day sitting in a hot sweaty automobile, in traffic on the freeway..2 make money.  Then, she worked and toiled 40 hours that week in a smoke infested, foul-mouthed environment...2 make money.  Then, she complained and cried when her boss failed 2 give her more money, following her conversation 4 a raise.  Now, she is infuriated that a man of God would discuss it for only 15 minutes.  That is MIND damage.
     "But, there are many things more important 4 a preacher 2 discuss than money!" some will argue.
     Let us look at it a moment.  Are u angry w/the Dentist who refuses 2 discuss your teeth?  Of course not.  But, I could easily argue that there is many things on earth that are more important than your broken tooth.
     Would u be angry w/a Lawyer who refused 2 take your case?  Of course.  But, I could argue that there are many things much more important than your lawsuit.
     Than, why do u not respect a man of God who cares enough about your financial status 2 help u connect w/the master Provider, your Jehovah-Jireh?  Unfortunately, secular society has more respect 4 money than Christianity does.  Almost every article in Christian magazines dealing w/money is a warning 4 pursuing it.  Almost every ministry in America points 2 the pitfalls of materialism.  Meanwhile, someone has said that 40 percent of the bankruptcies involve born-again Christians.  Millions cannot even pay their bills.  Thousands of dreams are sabotaged and shipwrecked on the rocks of bankruptcy and poverty, while we are worried about the danger of money!
     Lack of respect is evident when u ridicule and laugh at financial mentors.
     "Dr. Mike, I think some preachers are obsessed w/money.  That is all they talk about.  There is one preacher on TV that talks about nothing else.  He never talks healing, or the coming of Christ, or family problems.  His whole focus is money."
     Then, answer these simple questions.  Are u angry at your dentist bcoz he refuses 2 cut your hair?  Of course not.  That is not his focus.
     Do u fire your lawyer bcoz he will not mow your grass?  Of course not.  Legal work is his calling.
     U see, every minister is given a different assignment.  Usually, they contain a unique and uncommon anointing (a Divine enablement) 4 that particular revelation of wisdom.  If u truly respected money, u would leap w/joy at the discovery of any man of God who could help u move away from poverty into the Land of Plenty.
     Lack of respect 4 money is obvious.  When u make simplistic, sneering and belittling statements such as "Money will not make u happy."  Well, poverty will not make u happy either.  There is not even a relationship between the two.
     Money is not necessary bcoz it it makes u happy.  Money is necessary bcoz it solves problems.  "Money answereth all things" (Ecclesiastes 10:19). 
     If u treat someone wrong, they will move away from u.  So it is w/money.  When u disrespect someone, they may never enter your door again.  So, When u disrespect money, your ability 2 attract it will vanish.
     U must recognize that money is a TOOL.  Your financial Harvest will enable u 2 help your family, loved ones, and participate in great civic projects such as a hospital, the Red Cross, the March of Dimes or whatever charity is close 2 your heart.  Money is a tool bcoz it enables u 2 buy the things 4 your children that educates them, excite them and strengthen their lives.
     Money is a weapon against ignorance.  Money enables u 2 go 2 college, secure a wonderful education, travel around the world, and be a provider instead of a parasite of society.
     Money makes u a Burden-Bearer, instead of a burden.
     I have often asked those who belittle financial prosperity, "Tell me how many wonderful things that u can do w/o money.  Then, provide me a list of the things that u could accomplish if u had plenty."  They refuse 2 answer.  Respect money and it will leap toward your life like a deer.  Disrespect money and it will move away from u faster than lightning.
     It is one of the main reasons people do not receive their financial Harvest.  "For wisdom is a defence, and money is a defence.." (Ecclesiastes 7:12).
     Why is money not respected?  Usually, when it comes too easily 2 someone, they do not respect it.
     U often C this w/your children.  U give your child a quarter or a dollar.  An hour later they do not know what happened 2 it.  They lost it or gave it 2 someone.  Why?  It required nothing of them.  It became 2 easy.  U will only protect something in which u have invested.
     Teenagers rarely respect money.  At this young age, they have not developed an obsession or passion 4 a great goal that requires it.  Their house is provided by daddy.  Their food is provided by mother.  Their friends give them free transportation.  A father, who feels guilty over neglect, shoves a $20 bill in their hand 2 go 2 town.  If a teenager has not labored and worked hard 4 their money, they will not develop a respect 4 it.  U will rarely fight 4 anything that comes easy.
     Money is often not respected when financial mentors have not been a part of your life.  Everything must be taught.  Few things are truly instinctive in these areas.  If your mother or father experienced the "Depression," they probably emphasize the importance of making "every cent count."
     Often, wealthy children are careless w/money.  Especially if it is handed 2 them instead of their laboring and working 4 it.
     Recently, I read where one of the wealthiest men in America gives his child only $5.00 a week.  He said, "I want him 2 learn 2 respect money.  If I make it 2 easy 4 him, he will not understand how difficult it is 2 generate."
     "I never think about money," was the flippant remark one night by a young man.  I looked at him.  His clothes were purchased by his father.  His car was given 2 him 4 a birthday.  His college education was paid 4 by his parents.  He was a parasite.  He had never done anything significant w/his life.  it was no wonder 2 me that he had no respect 4 money.  He had never earned any.
     When u truly recognize how important the gift of money is, your harvest will come towards u in miraculous ways.