Friday, November 9, 2012

5 of 31 Reasons People Do Not Receive Their Financial Harvest

=========    ~ Matthew 7:7,8 ~    "ASK, and it WILL be given u; SEEK, and ye SHALL find; KNOCK, and it SHALL be opened unto u:  For every1 that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and 2 him that knocketh it shall be opened."

His Wonderful Provision 

Asking is the KEY 2 receiving.
     Jesus made this very clear.  "Ask, and it shall be given u; seek, and u shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto u:  For every1 that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh fineth; and 2 him that knocketh it shall be opened" (Matthew 7:7,8).
     Many desire more money.
     Many wish 4 more money.
     Many dream about more money.
     But, they never have understood the power of asking.  "I really need more money," one elder ly lady told me late on night after a lecture.  "How much are u needing?" I asked.  "Oh, I just need more!"  "How much more?"  She was even more persistent.  "I just need more, that is all!"  Finally, I pulled a nickel out of my pocket and handed it 2 her saying, "Your prayers just got answered."  U C, she wanted more, and I gave her more.  She was wanting more, but she was not really asking 4 more.  She never specified an amount.

     1)  Many people rebel against asking.  Asking is an irritation 2 them.  U C, asking really is a portrait of humility.  When u ask someone 4 something, u are admitting lack and limitation.  That is not valued in our society today.  Self-sufficiency is what our culture treasures.  Asking appears 2b a weakness.  Yet, asking is the Golden KEY 2 receiving.

     2) Many refuse 2 ask God 4 a financial harvest.  Why?  They have disobeyed every Instruction He has given them and they know it.  This destroys their bravado and boldness.  U can only be bold when u believe u are right.  When u have ignored faithful church attendance, tithing and putting God first, u lack the audacity 2 approach Him 4 anything.  it is very difficult 2 spend Sundays on your boat at the lake and then feel comfortable asking God 4 a financial blessing on Monday morning.

     3)  Many refuse 2w ask God 4 specific amounts of income.  Why?  They do not even know how much they owe their creditors!  Many years ago a young man came 2 me in desperation.  he said, "I'm going bankrupt.  I am going 2 lose everything I have.  Would u help me."  "Tell me exactly how much u owe your creditors, " I replied.  He looked puzzled and bewildered.  "I have no idea how much money I owe."  "Well, sit down and make me a list of each person that u owe, the amount u owe them, and how much u can set aside each month  pay them off completely."
     He took the conversation another direction.  I brought him back 2 it.  "Stop beating around the bush.  sit down and make me a list of what u actually owe.  U cannot use your faith w/o a target.  Faith requires an Instruction.  If faith has an option, it cannot work.  It must be given a specific assignment."  (The ancient writings call it double mindedness.)  "A double  minded man is unstable in all his way" (James 1:8).

     4)  Many refuse 2 ask God in faith.  They whine, cry and even weep bitterly in church services.  But, they refuse 2 wrap their request w/the garments of faith and expectation"Without faith it is impossible 2 please Him: 4 he that cometh 2 God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him" (Hebrews 11:6).
     God wants 2b believed.  His only pain is 2b doubted.  His only pleasure is 2b believed.  Every effort of God has one focus-- 2 find a person who believes what He says.

> God has an obsession 2b believed.
> He withholds from those who doubt, (Isaiah 1:19).
> He rewards those who believe, (Deuteronomy 298:1-14).
     Tears alone do not move God.
     Desperation does not intimidate God.
     Manipulation does not control God.
     Education does not influence God.
     Faith is the only voice God respects.
     Faith is the only method that impresses God 2 activate miracles.  U must ask in faith.  Faith comes when u hear God talk"So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God" (Romans 10:17).

     5)  Some do not ask bcoz they believe that provision is sovereign, based on the whim or impulses of God.  "Mike, if God wants me 2 have money, He will give it 2 me," one man said.  So, I replied 2 this brother,  "That means had He wanted u 2 comb your hair this morning, He  would have combed it 4 u.  If He wanted u 2 wear clothes, u would not have been born naked."  How absurd!  God wants every1 saved, does He not?  But many are going 2 hell.  The will of man is involved.  Provision is your choice,

     6)  Some do not ask God 4 a financial harvest bcoz they believe that money is a trap.  "Do u not think satan gives people a lot of money, so they will go back on God?"  I replied 2 this lady,  "If money can make u backslide, why has not satan overdosed u w/it?"  If money could cause u 2 move away from God satan would back a semi-truck 2 your house and unload $100 bills all over your yard.

     7)  Many never ask God 4 financial wisdom.  They never enter the Secret Place when they make major purchases such as a house or an automobile.  They would never consider fasting 3 days b4 accepting a new job or place of employment .  They depend on their own Mr Mind and perception.  They ignore the Holy Spirit who advises them in all things.  In the ancient writings, the early disciples consulted the Holy Spirit about everything, even the places they would minister.  read these fascinating words,  "As they ministered 2 the Lord, and fasted, the Holy Ghost said, Separate me Barnabus and Paul 4 the work whereunto I have called them.  And when they had fasted and prayed, and laid their hands on them, they sent them away.  So they, being sent forth by the Holy Ghost, departed unto Seleucia; and from thence they sailed 2 Cyprus" (Acts 13:2-4).
     They were not moved by the needs of the people.
     They were moved by the Voice of the Holy Spirit.
     They did not go where they were needed.
     They ministered where they were commanded.

     8)  Many refuse 2 ask 4 a specific miracle.  "I really need a house," said a young man one night.
 "Describe the house u are asking God 2 provide," was my reply.  "Oh, just anything.  I just need a house."  U know, God could have given him a dog house and he would not be able 2 complain. lol  If u are asking God 4 a specific house, peruse thru some magazines until u find a picture of exactly the house u have been asking God 2 provide.  Focus your faith 4 it.  If u are asking God 4 a specific automobile, find the color, the model and the specific car in some magazine and hold that page up 2 God in intercession daily and believe 4 your future.
     If u are asking Him 4 a specific financial salary, write the amount on your bulletin board.  Inform your circle of intercessors.  Hold that sheet of paper high in prayer during your Seasons of Intercession and ask the Lord 2 show u how 2 earn that specific salary.
     Clarify.  Be specific.  Focus your faith w/precision.  Faith will not respond 2 an uncertain sound.  God responds 2 directness.  Persistence.  Tenacity.

     9)  Few really know what they want out of life financially.  Precision is rare in conversations.  I have sat at restaurant tables while friends have looked into the face of a waitress they have never met in their life and asked, "What do u thing I should eat today?"  It puzzles me.
     I have seen friends purchase clothes that the salesman liked!  In fact, a salesman that they had never even met b4 in their lifetime.  Think about it!  Someone they had never met is making decidions about the clothes they are wearing!
      When u ask God 4 anything:

> Ask specifically.
> Ask persistently.
> Ask expectantly.
> Ask largely.
> Ask honestly.

     10)  Many refuse 2 ask their boss 4 anything.  They would rather complain 2 a fellow employee, whine 2 their marriage partner, and bellyache 2 themselves.  They refuse 23 ask their boss 4 new problems 2 solve, seminars they should attend, ways they can improve.
     They refuse 2 ask their boss 2 reconsider their salary and show them a plan 4 increase.

     11)  Many are unwilling 2 earn what they want.  Also, they refuse 2 ask at the right time 4 any special requests.  Several years ago this happened 2 me.  I was weary and tired.  I had been flying 2,000 miles.  Upon my arrival, my bookkeeper said, "I need 2 talk 2 u."  She took me into a conference room and proceeded  tell me that she needed $1,000 a month raise, bcoz she and her husband were going 2 move in a bigger house and wanted more money.  Wrong timing played a part.

     12)  Many refuse 2 ask the right people the right questions.  Never ask a bankrupt brother-in-law about investments.  Never consult the poor 4 financial wealth.  U would not consult a 400 pound man about the quickest way 2 lose weight, would u?

>  Many refuse 2 ask financial planners 2 critique their budget and make suggestions.
>  Some refuse 2 ask creditors 4 new considerations and debt reductions.
>  Some refuse 2 negotiate and ask 4 a lower price on any item.

     Several years ago, I visited a baggage company here in Dallas.  "I would like a corporate discount,"  I requested.  "What is a corporate discount?" was the puzzled reply.  "Forty percent off the retail price," I requested.  "All right," was the immediate agreement.

     Negotiate everything.  EVERYTHING.
     U C.  U have no right 4 anything u have not asked 4.  It would amaze us 2C how many things we are not experiencing or possessing...bcoz we refuse 2 ask.
     I have a mental picture of a huge invisible warehouse.  It contains an incredible array of blessings, wall after wall, shelf after shelf.  When we arrive in Heaven, there may be one huge "Cry Night."  It will be a night where tears run like rivers.  It will happen after God brings u over 2 the Warehouse,  "I wanted 2 show u what u could have had, if u would have simply asked ME 4 it."
     "Ye have not, bcoz ye ask not.  Ye ask, and receive not, bcoz ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts" (James 4:2b, 3).
     Remember-- God wants u 2 approach Him when u have a need.  He wants 2b trusted.  He wants 2b your Source.  He wants 2b the Person u discuss every problem with.
     Asking is an acknowledgment of His Wisdom.
     Asking is an acknowledgment of your humility.
     Asking is one of the most powerful and wonderful Golden Keys 2 unlocking the Treasure of Supply.
     Millions refuse.  That is why they have failed 2 receive everything God wants them 2 possess, their miracle harvest.  ASK.  Ask appropriately.  Ask wisely.  Ask humbly.  Ask Expectantly.. and your Gold Harvest will emerge richer than u ever dreamed.