Monday, November 12, 2012

God Daily Loads U With Benefits

Deuteronomy 28:6 - Blessed shall u be when u come in, and blessed shall u be when u go out.

In the Jewish community, the promise, “Blessed shall u be when u come in, and blessed shall u be when u go out”, refers 2 being blessed in the affairs of one’s daily life, whether in or outside one’s home.

So here, God is saying that u are blessed in your everyday life. Do u believe it? Do u believe that every day, your family and work life are blessed? Or do u think that u are blessed only during Christmas when u receive your gifts and year-end bonus, or when u get that promotion u have been wanting? Perhaps u think that the blessed life only begins when u meet the man or woman of your dreams!

No, my friend, u are blessed every day and u have God’s Word 4 it. Psalm 68:19 says, “Blessed be the Lord, who daily loads us with benefits, the God of our salvation!” And bcoz God’s Word says so, believe that every day of your life is loaded with benefits. Every morning, when u get up, believe that it is a day that the Lord has made, and rejoice and be glad in it. (Psalm 118:24) Start the day expecting it 2b loaded with the benefits that God has prepared just 4 u.

At night, when it is time 2 sleep, know that u will be blessed when u get up in the morning bcoz there will be another load of benefits from your heavenly Father, who so loves u unconditionally, waiting 4 u!

You can’t make your blessings happen. But if u will just believe what God has said in His Word and (act like it is so), the blessings will manifest in your life. In fact, God wants 2 bless u more than u want 2b blessed! His Word declares it: “Blessed shall u be when u come in, and blessed shall u be when u go out… Blessed be the Lord, who daily loads us with benefits, the God of our salvation!”

Beloved, believe God’s Word. Believe Him 4 the blessings and u will find yourself loaded with His daily benefits!

=== I speak 2 those who have been in an unsettling time.  You have a sense of being disoriented, but all u have 2 do is settle yourself on the firm foundation of My word and find stability in My presence.  I am still with u and will lead u 2 a place of security and safety.  Do not be afraid or allow despair 2 undermine your faith.  Be strong, says the Lord.

Psalms 61:2 From the end of the earth I will cry 2 You, when my heart is overwhelmed; lead me 2 the rock that is higher than I.

You Will Have Whatever U Say

Mark 11:23 - For assuredly, I say 2 u, whoever says 2 this mountain, ‘Be removed and be cast into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that those things he says will be done, he will have whatever he says.
God says that we will have whatever we say. So whatever we want 2 have, we can say it and have it. Unfortunately, we often say what we don’t want 2 have.

For example, we say, “I don’t know why I go through my money so fast every month. Even when my boss gives me an increment, there never seems 2b enough money.” And true enough, we see a lack of money at the end of every month.

You see, u will have whatever u say, good or bad. So why not change what u have been saying 2, “From now on, I will have more than enough bcoz Jesus became poor at the cross, so that I might become rich — 2 Corinthians 8:9. So poverty, be gone in Jesus’ name!”

Whatever mountain of difficulty u have, be it a mountain of debt or serious health condition, Jesus says, “For assuredly, I say 2 u, whoever says 2 this mountain, ‘Be removed and be cast into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that those things he says will be done, he will have whatever he says.”

Jesus highlights the importance of saying by mentioning the word “say” thrice, but the word “believe” only once. Our problem today is that there is more preaching on believing than saying. So the reason people find it hard 2 walk in faith is that they are not saying enough of the Word.

But if we would focus more on saying God’s Word, faith will come. That is how God quickened Abraham’s faith. He changed Abraham’s saying when He changed his name from Abram 2 Abraham, which means “father of many nations”. (Genesis 17:5) From then on, whenever Abraham introduced himself, he would say, “Hi, my name is Father Of Many Nations."

Beloved, declare your abundance, saying, “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.” (Psalm 23:1) Speak forth your healing, saying, “By Jesus’ stripes I am healed!” (Isaiah 53:5) And u will have whatever u say!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

4 of 31 Reasons People Do Not Receive Their Financial Harvest


     What u respect will come toward u.
     What u do not respect moves away from u.
     Whether it is a miracle or a dog, what u fail 2 respect will become uncomfortable in your presence.  Think about a bad restaurant u visited.  Remember when the failed 2 serve u, and u waited 40 minutes?  When u asked 4 the catsup, they looked angry.  U were treated as an interruption 2 their day, instead of an answer 2 their prayers.  What did u do?  U never went back.  Why?  They did not respect u.
     Respect simply means 2 find someone important and worthy of protection and pursuit.
     Recently, I did a little opinion poll in several of my meetings.  "How many have been in a financial seminar or consulted a certified financial planner within the last 3 years?"  It amazed me.  Only 3 out of a 100 had ever sat down w/a financial planner.
     "Are not those financial planners pretty expensive, " a tall lanky fellow asked after the seminar one night.  "Well, mine cost $200 an hour,"  I replied.  But, do u not agree that $200 is worth spending 2 find out how 2 make your $30,000 income multiply?"
     Your library reveals  the depth of your respect 4 money.  U spent $300 last month on your automobile payment, $130 dollars went 2 gas, and u spent $800 on your apartment expenses.  Now, let us look at your checkbook.  Provide me a total of what u invested in books and tapes.  Does it compare w/your automobile payment?  Probably not.
     Some believe in their car more than they believe in their future.
     Your reluctance 2 invest money in financial books may reveal little respect 4 money.  for example, if u are 40 years old, u should have in  your library at least 40 significant books on wealth, one book a year.  That is not too much 2 ask.  Are u 30?  Then, u should have 30 significant books on building your financial worth.
     Your anger toward ministers who talk about money reveals a lack of true respect.
     "Dr. Mike, I think preachers say 2 much about money," a lady ranted and raved after one seminar.  "Why, last Sunday morning, my pastor talked for 15 or 20 minutes about money b4 the offering.  It just killed something inside of me.  Many of us are so mad, we do not know what 2 do.  It is really hurting our church."  How tragic, unfortunate and sad!
     This lady probably spent 2 hours a day sitting in a hot sweaty automobile, in traffic on the freeway..2 make money.  Then, she worked and toiled 40 hours that week in a smoke infested, foul-mouthed environment...2 make money.  Then, she complained and cried when her boss failed 2 give her more money, following her conversation 4 a raise.  Now, she is infuriated that a man of God would discuss it for only 15 minutes.  That is MIND damage.
     "But, there are many things more important 4 a preacher 2 discuss than money!" some will argue.
     Let us look at it a moment.  Are u angry w/the Dentist who refuses 2 discuss your teeth?  Of course not.  But, I could easily argue that there is many things on earth that are more important than your broken tooth.
     Would u be angry w/a Lawyer who refused 2 take your case?  Of course.  But, I could argue that there are many things much more important than your lawsuit.
     Than, why do u not respect a man of God who cares enough about your financial status 2 help u connect w/the master Provider, your Jehovah-Jireh?  Unfortunately, secular society has more respect 4 money than Christianity does.  Almost every article in Christian magazines dealing w/money is a warning 4 pursuing it.  Almost every ministry in America points 2 the pitfalls of materialism.  Meanwhile, someone has said that 40 percent of the bankruptcies involve born-again Christians.  Millions cannot even pay their bills.  Thousands of dreams are sabotaged and shipwrecked on the rocks of bankruptcy and poverty, while we are worried about the danger of money!
     Lack of respect is evident when u ridicule and laugh at financial mentors.
     "Dr. Mike, I think some preachers are obsessed w/money.  That is all they talk about.  There is one preacher on TV that talks about nothing else.  He never talks healing, or the coming of Christ, or family problems.  His whole focus is money."
     Then, answer these simple questions.  Are u angry at your dentist bcoz he refuses 2 cut your hair?  Of course not.  That is not his focus.
     Do u fire your lawyer bcoz he will not mow your grass?  Of course not.  Legal work is his calling.
     U see, every minister is given a different assignment.  Usually, they contain a unique and uncommon anointing (a Divine enablement) 4 that particular revelation of wisdom.  If u truly respected money, u would leap w/joy at the discovery of any man of God who could help u move away from poverty into the Land of Plenty.
     Lack of respect 4 money is obvious.  When u make simplistic, sneering and belittling statements such as "Money will not make u happy."  Well, poverty will not make u happy either.  There is not even a relationship between the two.
     Money is not necessary bcoz it it makes u happy.  Money is necessary bcoz it solves problems.  "Money answereth all things" (Ecclesiastes 10:19). 
     If u treat someone wrong, they will move away from u.  So it is w/money.  When u disrespect someone, they may never enter your door again.  So, When u disrespect money, your ability 2 attract it will vanish.
     U must recognize that money is a TOOL.  Your financial Harvest will enable u 2 help your family, loved ones, and participate in great civic projects such as a hospital, the Red Cross, the March of Dimes or whatever charity is close 2 your heart.  Money is a tool bcoz it enables u 2 buy the things 4 your children that educates them, excite them and strengthen their lives.
     Money is a weapon against ignorance.  Money enables u 2 go 2 college, secure a wonderful education, travel around the world, and be a provider instead of a parasite of society.
     Money makes u a Burden-Bearer, instead of a burden.
     I have often asked those who belittle financial prosperity, "Tell me how many wonderful things that u can do w/o money.  Then, provide me a list of the things that u could accomplish if u had plenty."  They refuse 2 answer.  Respect money and it will leap toward your life like a deer.  Disrespect money and it will move away from u faster than lightning.
     It is one of the main reasons people do not receive their financial Harvest.  "For wisdom is a defence, and money is a defence.." (Ecclesiastes 7:12).
     Why is money not respected?  Usually, when it comes too easily 2 someone, they do not respect it.
     U often C this w/your children.  U give your child a quarter or a dollar.  An hour later they do not know what happened 2 it.  They lost it or gave it 2 someone.  Why?  It required nothing of them.  It became 2 easy.  U will only protect something in which u have invested.
     Teenagers rarely respect money.  At this young age, they have not developed an obsession or passion 4 a great goal that requires it.  Their house is provided by daddy.  Their food is provided by mother.  Their friends give them free transportation.  A father, who feels guilty over neglect, shoves a $20 bill in their hand 2 go 2 town.  If a teenager has not labored and worked hard 4 their money, they will not develop a respect 4 it.  U will rarely fight 4 anything that comes easy.
     Money is often not respected when financial mentors have not been a part of your life.  Everything must be taught.  Few things are truly instinctive in these areas.  If your mother or father experienced the "Depression," they probably emphasize the importance of making "every cent count."
     Often, wealthy children are careless w/money.  Especially if it is handed 2 them instead of their laboring and working 4 it.
     Recently, I read where one of the wealthiest men in America gives his child only $5.00 a week.  He said, "I want him 2 learn 2 respect money.  If I make it 2 easy 4 him, he will not understand how difficult it is 2 generate."
     "I never think about money," was the flippant remark one night by a young man.  I looked at him.  His clothes were purchased by his father.  His car was given 2 him 4 a birthday.  His college education was paid 4 by his parents.  He was a parasite.  He had never done anything significant w/his life.  it was no wonder 2 me that he had no respect 4 money.  He had never earned any.
     When u truly recognize how important the gift of money is, your harvest will come towards u in miraculous ways.

Friday, November 9, 2012

5 of 31 Reasons People Do Not Receive Their Financial Harvest

=========    ~ Matthew 7:7,8 ~    "ASK, and it WILL be given u; SEEK, and ye SHALL find; KNOCK, and it SHALL be opened unto u:  For every1 that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and 2 him that knocketh it shall be opened."

His Wonderful Provision 

Asking is the KEY 2 receiving.
     Jesus made this very clear.  "Ask, and it shall be given u; seek, and u shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto u:  For every1 that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh fineth; and 2 him that knocketh it shall be opened" (Matthew 7:7,8).
     Many desire more money.
     Many wish 4 more money.
     Many dream about more money.
     But, they never have understood the power of asking.  "I really need more money," one elder ly lady told me late on night after a lecture.  "How much are u needing?" I asked.  "Oh, I just need more!"  "How much more?"  She was even more persistent.  "I just need more, that is all!"  Finally, I pulled a nickel out of my pocket and handed it 2 her saying, "Your prayers just got answered."  U C, she wanted more, and I gave her more.  She was wanting more, but she was not really asking 4 more.  She never specified an amount.

     1)  Many people rebel against asking.  Asking is an irritation 2 them.  U C, asking really is a portrait of humility.  When u ask someone 4 something, u are admitting lack and limitation.  That is not valued in our society today.  Self-sufficiency is what our culture treasures.  Asking appears 2b a weakness.  Yet, asking is the Golden KEY 2 receiving.

     2) Many refuse 2 ask God 4 a financial harvest.  Why?  They have disobeyed every Instruction He has given them and they know it.  This destroys their bravado and boldness.  U can only be bold when u believe u are right.  When u have ignored faithful church attendance, tithing and putting God first, u lack the audacity 2 approach Him 4 anything.  it is very difficult 2 spend Sundays on your boat at the lake and then feel comfortable asking God 4 a financial blessing on Monday morning.

     3)  Many refuse 2w ask God 4 specific amounts of income.  Why?  They do not even know how much they owe their creditors!  Many years ago a young man came 2 me in desperation.  he said, "I'm going bankrupt.  I am going 2 lose everything I have.  Would u help me."  "Tell me exactly how much u owe your creditors, " I replied.  He looked puzzled and bewildered.  "I have no idea how much money I owe."  "Well, sit down and make me a list of each person that u owe, the amount u owe them, and how much u can set aside each month  pay them off completely."
     He took the conversation another direction.  I brought him back 2 it.  "Stop beating around the bush.  sit down and make me a list of what u actually owe.  U cannot use your faith w/o a target.  Faith requires an Instruction.  If faith has an option, it cannot work.  It must be given a specific assignment."  (The ancient writings call it double mindedness.)  "A double  minded man is unstable in all his way" (James 1:8).

     4)  Many refuse 2 ask God in faith.  They whine, cry and even weep bitterly in church services.  But, they refuse 2 wrap their request w/the garments of faith and expectation"Without faith it is impossible 2 please Him: 4 he that cometh 2 God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him" (Hebrews 11:6).
     God wants 2b believed.  His only pain is 2b doubted.  His only pleasure is 2b believed.  Every effort of God has one focus-- 2 find a person who believes what He says.

> God has an obsession 2b believed.
> He withholds from those who doubt, (Isaiah 1:19).
> He rewards those who believe, (Deuteronomy 298:1-14).
     Tears alone do not move God.
     Desperation does not intimidate God.
     Manipulation does not control God.
     Education does not influence God.
     Faith is the only voice God respects.
     Faith is the only method that impresses God 2 activate miracles.  U must ask in faith.  Faith comes when u hear God talk"So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God" (Romans 10:17).

     5)  Some do not ask bcoz they believe that provision is sovereign, based on the whim or impulses of God.  "Mike, if God wants me 2 have money, He will give it 2 me," one man said.  So, I replied 2 this brother,  "That means had He wanted u 2 comb your hair this morning, He  would have combed it 4 u.  If He wanted u 2 wear clothes, u would not have been born naked."  How absurd!  God wants every1 saved, does He not?  But many are going 2 hell.  The will of man is involved.  Provision is your choice,

     6)  Some do not ask God 4 a financial harvest bcoz they believe that money is a trap.  "Do u not think satan gives people a lot of money, so they will go back on God?"  I replied 2 this lady,  "If money can make u backslide, why has not satan overdosed u w/it?"  If money could cause u 2 move away from God satan would back a semi-truck 2 your house and unload $100 bills all over your yard.

     7)  Many never ask God 4 financial wisdom.  They never enter the Secret Place when they make major purchases such as a house or an automobile.  They would never consider fasting 3 days b4 accepting a new job or place of employment .  They depend on their own Mr Mind and perception.  They ignore the Holy Spirit who advises them in all things.  In the ancient writings, the early disciples consulted the Holy Spirit about everything, even the places they would minister.  read these fascinating words,  "As they ministered 2 the Lord, and fasted, the Holy Ghost said, Separate me Barnabus and Paul 4 the work whereunto I have called them.  And when they had fasted and prayed, and laid their hands on them, they sent them away.  So they, being sent forth by the Holy Ghost, departed unto Seleucia; and from thence they sailed 2 Cyprus" (Acts 13:2-4).
     They were not moved by the needs of the people.
     They were moved by the Voice of the Holy Spirit.
     They did not go where they were needed.
     They ministered where they were commanded.

     8)  Many refuse 2 ask 4 a specific miracle.  "I really need a house," said a young man one night.
 "Describe the house u are asking God 2 provide," was my reply.  "Oh, just anything.  I just need a house."  U know, God could have given him a dog house and he would not be able 2 complain. lol  If u are asking God 4 a specific house, peruse thru some magazines until u find a picture of exactly the house u have been asking God 2 provide.  Focus your faith 4 it.  If u are asking God 4 a specific automobile, find the color, the model and the specific car in some magazine and hold that page up 2 God in intercession daily and believe 4 your future.
     If u are asking Him 4 a specific financial salary, write the amount on your bulletin board.  Inform your circle of intercessors.  Hold that sheet of paper high in prayer during your Seasons of Intercession and ask the Lord 2 show u how 2 earn that specific salary.
     Clarify.  Be specific.  Focus your faith w/precision.  Faith will not respond 2 an uncertain sound.  God responds 2 directness.  Persistence.  Tenacity.

     9)  Few really know what they want out of life financially.  Precision is rare in conversations.  I have sat at restaurant tables while friends have looked into the face of a waitress they have never met in their life and asked, "What do u thing I should eat today?"  It puzzles me.
     I have seen friends purchase clothes that the salesman liked!  In fact, a salesman that they had never even met b4 in their lifetime.  Think about it!  Someone they had never met is making decidions about the clothes they are wearing!
      When u ask God 4 anything:

> Ask specifically.
> Ask persistently.
> Ask expectantly.
> Ask largely.
> Ask honestly.

     10)  Many refuse 2 ask their boss 4 anything.  They would rather complain 2 a fellow employee, whine 2 their marriage partner, and bellyache 2 themselves.  They refuse 23 ask their boss 4 new problems 2 solve, seminars they should attend, ways they can improve.
     They refuse 2 ask their boss 2 reconsider their salary and show them a plan 4 increase.

     11)  Many are unwilling 2 earn what they want.  Also, they refuse 2 ask at the right time 4 any special requests.  Several years ago this happened 2 me.  I was weary and tired.  I had been flying 2,000 miles.  Upon my arrival, my bookkeeper said, "I need 2 talk 2 u."  She took me into a conference room and proceeded  tell me that she needed $1,000 a month raise, bcoz she and her husband were going 2 move in a bigger house and wanted more money.  Wrong timing played a part.

     12)  Many refuse 2 ask the right people the right questions.  Never ask a bankrupt brother-in-law about investments.  Never consult the poor 4 financial wealth.  U would not consult a 400 pound man about the quickest way 2 lose weight, would u?

>  Many refuse 2 ask financial planners 2 critique their budget and make suggestions.
>  Some refuse 2 ask creditors 4 new considerations and debt reductions.
>  Some refuse 2 negotiate and ask 4 a lower price on any item.

     Several years ago, I visited a baggage company here in Dallas.  "I would like a corporate discount,"  I requested.  "What is a corporate discount?" was the puzzled reply.  "Forty percent off the retail price," I requested.  "All right," was the immediate agreement.

     Negotiate everything.  EVERYTHING.
     U C.  U have no right 4 anything u have not asked 4.  It would amaze us 2C how many things we are not experiencing or possessing...bcoz we refuse 2 ask.
     I have a mental picture of a huge invisible warehouse.  It contains an incredible array of blessings, wall after wall, shelf after shelf.  When we arrive in Heaven, there may be one huge "Cry Night."  It will be a night where tears run like rivers.  It will happen after God brings u over 2 the Warehouse,  "I wanted 2 show u what u could have had, if u would have simply asked ME 4 it."
     "Ye have not, bcoz ye ask not.  Ye ask, and receive not, bcoz ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts" (James 4:2b, 3).
     Remember-- God wants u 2 approach Him when u have a need.  He wants 2b trusted.  He wants 2b your Source.  He wants 2b the Person u discuss every problem with.
     Asking is an acknowledgment of His Wisdom.
     Asking is an acknowledgment of your humility.
     Asking is one of the most powerful and wonderful Golden Keys 2 unlocking the Treasure of Supply.
     Millions refuse.  That is why they have failed 2 receive everything God wants them 2 possess, their miracle harvest.  ASK.  Ask appropriately.  Ask wisely.  Ask humbly.  Ask Expectantly.. and your Gold Harvest will emerge richer than u ever dreamed.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Lord With U Equals Success

Genesis 39:2 - The Lord was with Joseph, and he was a successful man…

You may have no qualification, position or wealth — nothing in the natural. But when the Lord is with u, u will end up with everything bcoz He will cause u 2b successful.

Joseph had nothing when his Egyptian master Potiphar bought him from the slave market. Yet, even then, it was said of him, “The Lord was with Joseph, and he was a successful man...”

Joseph the slave a successful man? He was a nobody with nothing, not even a shirt on his back, not a dime 2 his name, no family members with him and no friends 2 turn 2. All he had was the presence of the Lord. But it was precisely bcoz of this that he was successful wherever he was. He eventually became the most powerful man in Egypt, second only 2 Pharaoh, who set him over all the land of Egypt. Joseph was given power, authority and riches (Genesis 41:40–44), all bcoz the Lord was with him.

A junior college student worshiping in our church experienced good success in his examination results 4 the same reason. The first 2 admit that he was just an average student, he obtained his first ever straight A's for all his subjects when he sat for the Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education (Advanced Level) Examination simply believing that he would be successful bcoz the Lord was with him!

Another church member, who was a fresh university graduate, believed that bcoz the Lord was with her, she would be successful in the workforce. Even though she had no work experience and was faced with a gloomy job market, she succeeded in getting her first job in a short period of time and which gave her a salary beyond her expectations. Then, in spite of a directive from the parent company 2 freeze the wages of all employees, she received a pay increment as well as a company scholarship 4 further education!

Beloved, it does not matter if u are a nobody with nothing in the natural. When the Lord is with u, u will end up with everything bcoz He will empower u 2 succeed, prosper and live the abundant life. Indeed, u will end up enjoying His favor, goodness and grace!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Expect Good Things 2 Happen 2 U

Ephesians 6:17 - And take the helmet of salvation…

When the phone rings at odd times, most people think, “Oh dear, it must be bad news.” They don’t think, “I wonder what the good news is that it cannot wait till morning!”

When we hear, “The boss wants 2 see u,” instinctively, we think, “Oh dear, this is not good.” But how do we know that it is not going 2b about a promotion?

Our minds are inclined toward the negative. So 2 guard our minds against negative thoughts, we are 2 put on “the helmet of salvation”, which is “the hope of salvation”. (1 Thessalonians 5:8)

If u are going through a trial right now, putting on as a helmet the hope of salvation means that u have a confident expectation of good coming your way. It means that u choose 2 believe that this trial that u are going through is only temporary bcoz God will see u through it. It means that u believe that this difficult period will end with your salvation — your preservation, wholeness, wellness, health and prosperity!

You may not know what is going 2 happen this week. But one thing u can do is 2 put on the helmet of the hope of salvation and tell yourself that u are going 2 have a fantastic week!

“Well, u know, Pastor Prince, u never know what 2 expect. We hear so much bad news these days — another flu outbreak, another company retrenching its workers… I really hope that I will not be retrenched next. But I cannot be sure. I am keeping my fingers crossed.”

No, my friend, biblical hope is not “I hope so” but “I know so”! You can have a confident expectation of good happening 2 u bcoz u are not like the people of the world. You are a child of the Living God. You have a Savior watching over u. There are more angels given charge over u than there are demons against u. And greater is He that is in u than he that is in the world. (1 John 4:4) There is every reason 4 u 2 have a confident expectation of good happening 2 u!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Help Me Pray, Holy Spirit

Jude 1:20 - But u, Beloved, building yourselves up on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit,
When my daughter Jessica was little, she woke up one night crying. She was not sick, but would not stop crying even though her mother and I tried 2 pacify her. I did not know what 2 do. I went 2 the restroom, sat on the floor and cried out, “Holy Spirit, You know what is wrong with my child. You know what she needs better than I do, so I yield her 2 You now.” I started praying in tongues and she stopped crying immediately!

Now, I wish that such instantaneous results are the norm, but they are not. On another occasion, I experienced severe pain from the back of my neck 2 my shoulders. I prayed for healing, but the pain persisted for quite some time and I was quite concerned.

One night, in my room, I knelt down and prayed, “Holy Spirit, You know this condition. I don’t know what it is, but I am asking You 2 make perfect prayer against this condition.” I started praying in tongues. I don’t know how long I prayed, maybe an hour or so, until I felt the burden lift. I finally fell asleep, still in pain. But when I woke up, all the pain was gone!

When u are faced with a crisis, u can tell the Holy Spirit, “I don’t know how 2 pray about this problem. I have done everything I know, but I don’t seem 2b getting my breakthrough. Help me pray, Holy Spirit.”

And as u pray in the Spirit, u will feel like there is a prayer going on within u. Flow with it until u feel a release. You will feel peace, the burden lifting and a note of victory inside u. The Holy Spirit will assure u that everything is going 2b all right or He will prompt u 2 do something. Then, u will find that what has been hindering u from receiving your breakthrough is removed, and in its place is the answer u need!


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Building HOPE..Places of His Presence

Bob Hartley
God's Overcoming Solutions for 2011-2020
In a series of encounters,  the Lord has opened up His hopeful overcoming plans 4 His people for 2011-2020,  in the midst of perceived waves and challenges that are coming upon the earth,  and have already begun.  Jesus has been intent on laying out His redemptive plans and a Royal Journey of Hope 2 equip us 2 become Hope Craftsmen – those skilled at bringing hope (the confident expectation of the goodness of God) into every arena of life.  The solution 2 every circumstance and situation in the earth, and in our personal lives, can be found in HIM!

...seeing that His divine power has granted to us everything pertaining to life and godliness, through the true knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and excellence. 2 Peter 1:3.

The Lord has been equipping His people in many ways so that we can become a dwelling place 4 Him, in businesses, in education, and in our homes.  Jesus has also been encouraging His people 2 choose the right battles this year, and 2 always remember 2 inquire of the Lord regarding those battles, as King David did. There are some battles He will call us 2 fight and some we are 2 let Him fight 4 us. For the full word about Fighting the Right Battles, click here.

Encounter: Places of His Presence and Houses of Hope

Over the last few months, Bob has had encounters where the Lord is offering us the choice of dwelling in "hopeful houses" or "hopeless houses." It is an invitation.  In these encounters, a river that makes glad the city of our God (Psalm 16, Isaiah 33:21) was revealed 2 me, and this river was flowing thru Kansas City and other cities of the earth like living water. This river was flowing by different houses, and the people in each house had a choice b4 them. They could choose 2 become a hopeful house and a place of His presence like Goshen was 4 the children of Israel in the midst of Egypt. The Lord said that this is a substantial time 2 choose which way we are 2 go.

At the time I had this encounter, a wave of challenge had just come crashing in against the economy in our nation and the market had dropped. The Lord said,  "This is the age of restoration, as in Acts 3:20-21, and we are moving 4ward, not backward. The world is going 2 become a better place, w/more salvations and more advancement in the different arenas of society.  Just remember when u hear the reports of the economy being challenged, that today u hear more bad news in one day then your grandparents did in a whole lifetime bcoz of the availability of information. You are continually hearing the negative being magnified in the news that is not My view or My perspective of things. If u heard the proper news of Me, your homes would become places like Bethel in Genesis 28:16-17:  Then Jacob awoke from his sleep and said, "Surely the LORD is in this place, and I did not know it...How awesome is this place! This is none other than the house of God, and this is the gate of Heaven!"

Then the Lord began 2 reveal a deeper, more substantial picture of what these "hopeful houses" would look like. I saw b4 me a house in Zimbabwe, in the shanty town of Soweto, that I had visited in the '80s.  In this house there was a small African woman who had once lived in a "hopeless house," under the oppressor during apartheid, but she had visited a place by a river that was filled w/the presence of God and there she had been transformed. There she had been freed from the anti-christ spirit and had received an impartation of hope. After that encounter she planted her own "hopeful house." In this house there were four major distinctions that the Lord wants 2 release in this hour:

1) The Golden Presence of the Lord was there, and they were alerted and aware of how God was moving.

2) Golden Paradigms were released where people received the right sequence of truth, and the understanding that not all truth is created equal, 4 example, faith, hope and love; the Scriptures say that the greatest is Love. I saw that the greatest truths will be revealed in these homes.

3) Golden People lived there, and minds and hearts became hungry 4 Holy Love and 2 see one other Biblically.  Minds were renewed, and they aimed their thoughts toward being aware of the goodness of God moment by moment.

4) The Golden Prophetic was released there, which is the testimony of Jesus as in Revelation 19:10, and there was an understanding of the lessons of God and how 2 walk in what He's saying moment by moment.
As the encounter continued, I saw people gathering in this "hopeful house" in Soweto. As they did, the pieces of their lives began 2 make sense and their momentum was not only kept but even exponentially grown. This is what the Lord is inviting us all into. These are places of His presence. This is what the Lord is speaking right now; the Lord is saying, "Run into the places of the Most High," as in Psalm 27:5, where He will hide us, not from the world but IN Him:

"For in the time of trouble He shall hide me in His pavilion; In the secret place of His tabernacle He shall hide me; He shall set me high upon a rock."

He is sending out an invitation 2 live by the Spirit, which has limitless and wondrous life realities in the power of His presence, but we must be open 2 this new wave of the Spirit and 2 this new hope-filled nature of Christianity. When the Lord took me by these houses of hope,  He showed me a taste from my own bucket of inheritance, from the past, present and future. I saw that each person has been given a measure of inheritance. The buckets are different 4 everyone. There are different portions and different destinies. God's in charge, and everyone gets a bucket from their spiritual and natural family.

What is your inheritance? The Lord said, "Look at the bucket [I Kings 17] in the house I gave u and really glean it, don't pass by it." The Lord also showed me other buckets of inheritance that were available in these hope homes.  Some contained beauty, some lessons, another had graces, some had revelation, as well as love, joy, peace and all the fruits of the Spirit.

As we align ourselves in these houses, we will be endued w/power and have the Genesis 28 experience, where angels will ascend and descend on our behalf bringing another level of supernatural life.  God is bringing forth these centers of hope, not only in individual houses and dwelling places (which ultimately is the Believer as His temple), but there were also countries of hope coming forth that I saw in this encounter. The Supplier-God was revealed 4 whole nations, like Germany and South Korea. These nations will respond w/an opposite spirit and will not buy into the doom and gloom of the day but will buy into Heaven's economy. I saw great victories this year. It will be an accelerated season of our Supplier-God coming forth in these houses and countries of hope.

The Lord is Doing a Great Work In and Through His People as In the Days of Joshua
The Lord said, "I am raising up the 'Early Arisers' (Adopters or Adapters) 2 what My voice is saying in hope about our future. The world is becoming a better place, and the Bride is becoming more complete as My return hastens. Yes, the darkness is increasing, but so is My light, and light is more powerful than darkness. There is an invitation 2 get 'ahead of time' miracles, 2 go after the promises. Do not fear or be dismayed, bcoz I want 2 do a great work in and thru My people as I did in the days of Joshua!"

...Be strong and courageous, 4 u shall bring the sons of Israel into the land which I swore 2 them, and I will be w/u. Deuteronomy 31:23

The Lord said 2 me, "There are great challenges, but I AM a 'greater than' God. Haven't I spoken 2 u since 1983 about cities and nations that would love Me well and invite Me in? Keep reaching, keep hoping, and keep believing! I desire that My people would remove doubt and fear from their hearts and become like the two spies versus the 10 in Numbers 13. My people must begin 2 C 'above the clouds' and get My perspective 2 C My promises 4 the land, instead of magnifying the evil in it. I am not slack concerning My promises."

The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some count slackness, but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come 2 repentance. 2 Peter 3:9

The Lord is giving understanding in this time, 2 remove fear and dismay. He wants 2 do a great work, w/a greater grace 2 walk in 2 face the challenges by His presence. I saw these hope homes spreading 2 institutions and gatherings, buildings and people. Many would be led 2 create these radiant centers in strategic places that would change cities, and the greatest nets of harvest ever seen would be thrown out into these cities.

My heart became encouraged 2 reach 4 all that is available in Jesus in this hour, 2 not be afraid 2 take as much territory as the Lord would grant 4 the sake of His name. At His Counsel Table, the Lord started 2 speak about cities and homes that became radiant w/the knowledge of who He is.  He asked His Hope Craftsmen, "Can u believe 4 reformation, 4 places of My presence, that I can be Chief among the mountains in the nations like Isaiah and Micah prophesied?" (See Isaiah 2:2, Micah 4:1.)

Now it will come about that in the last days the mountain of the house of the LORD will be established as the chief of the mountains, and will be raised above the hills; and all the nations will stream 2 it. Isaiah 2:2 (see also Micah 4:1)

I cried out, "I believe! Lord, help my unbelief. I can believe 4 You 2 come forth as You did in the days of Samuel, as You did in Goshen and Obed Edom." I said it weakly, but the Lord honored my heart that was faint but pursuing Him.  Then the Lord revealed even more what these "Places of His Presence" would look like. It's time now  2 put the Blood of the Lamb over our doorposts, symbolizing a new level of His presence 2 come forth. We need a new operating system 2 come forth, and we need a correct view of our future.

As the Lord revealed even more about these houses of hope, I saw that each one had their own unique ingredients based on their inheritance, but I also saw some common ingredients that were shared by all, which we will share later... Stay tuned!

In His hope,
Bob Hartley
Deeper Waters Ministry


StoreHouse Wisdom

==============================  We learn in stages, a little today, a little tomorrow, so my posts are always 'under construction'...   *Below are 'some' ways I have discovered God's Wisdom, Not from 'more' but saving from what I already have. Many times we beg God 4 more, but God says 'No'. There is a time 4 me 2 grow up, and  He wants 2 teach His children Wisdom and Appreciation in the Luxuries we are blessed with, no matter how humble my posessions might be, Im still blessed bcoz there are always more people who have less than me.  *As children, we never get too old 2b taught new insights... The older I get, the more God amazes me with 'Fresh New Anointing.' To You alone belongs all the Glory Lord! Thank You 4 what You graceously give 2 us. ... *When we become more faithful w/the little He has trusted 2 us, the more He can increase us. We cannot manage more until we graduate from one level 2 the next, Lessons taught in school. Step x Step...and each step a Miracle...

*U dont always need more, rather more WISDOM in what u already possess.... 

Lesson from an Ant..   The Ant tho very small amongst his cousin the Grasshopper, he
needs no Boss. He gathers in Summer while the Grasshoppers play, when the grasshopper
is in need in Winter, the Ant is sufficient from what he 'stored' up  (Prov ).

Utility Bill Wisdom:
01. Save extra in AUTUMN, 2 pay Winter's extra Fuel expense
02. Pay your Winter bill from Autumn's extra Credit.                          
03. Save exta in SPRING, 2 pay Summer's extra A/C expense
04. Pay your Summer from Spring's extra Credit.

Since the two major Utility costs come from the necessity of Gas and A/C comforts, it is wise 2 save 'Reserve Credits in the Seasons that are low. For many who pay across the board, that can be good 4 some, but for the rest having a good Plan is a life saver. While Spring and Autumn are less useage, this is the time 2 pay extra on the bills 2 'store' up 4 the high-cost Seasonal useage. Depending on your own Region where you live, and what part of the world you are in, this can help alot, and also give a Bonus of having 'good credit and not being late with the bills.'

Big Monthly Bills:
* Budgeting is an exciting thing once u do it in 'baby steps.' When u save on one bill or pay one off, add it 2 your bigger bills. You may not C an instant reward, but the interest u save will bring added provision 2 your finances.

* Pay a SMALL bill off 2 add that amount 2 a higher bill and pay it off rapidly, this also give you a great feeling of accomplishment.

Spiritual Prosperity:
* When we give our Tithes and Offerings we bring a smile 2 God's face by giving Him opportunity 2b happy we are a child He does not need 2 worry about. When we give our Tithe, it opens the DOOR of blessing 4 us as we never out-give or out-love Him.

* When we do a kindness or give something, we are investing in our life. If u give a neighbor some apples, that increases the food in your family, God causes u 2 find further sales which increase u. And u are loved 4 being a giver 2 others. Your SEEDS come back when u least expect it from your past seeds sown, bcoz they go into your future 4 when you will have need again.

* It is not only Money, but Time that brings us increase. It can be a Smile, a kindness or just investing in yourself by giving urself permission 2 reward your hard efforts of making your world a better place.

Kitchen Wisdom- Part One:
My FAV stores are the Dollar Store, Family Store, Coupon wisdom and Seasonal Store Sales; call it what you want, but point is that storing up extras found at reduced prices during low peak times, produces provision from what one has w/o the need 2 earn more.
*There are bad decisions in each arena and good ones. Not all coupons are wise spending 4 example, not all sales are sales at all. When we become aware 2 some basics, we find 'hidden treasures' from what we already possess in our Home. I cannot take any credit from what The Loving Holy Spirit has given me, but if it can open some eyes in helping someone, it is worth sharing. I love feedback and how others have found ways of saving and look forward 2 these good reports...*Making a list is not done overnight, but over a span of time as we make 'discoveries from what we purchase. Below are examples only..*What do I buy 4 my Kitchen, what are the things my family and I enjoy that I replace when it is gone?

* ALL Non-Perishables can be bought and stored 4 a length of time in case there arises any emergency.
* Dating our purchases helps us w/good Rotation. The stores call this: Shelf Life It takes only a few secs 2 date w/a marker b4 items are put away.
* What is my list of things I buy all the time? How much Shampoo do I need per Qtr, or Year? What about Toliet Paper, Rajors and Deodorant?
* Make your own private list from the items you purchase all the time.
* How often do I 'replace' items like Kitchen Towels? By buying one or two of needed items as old ones need replacing, it keeps impulse buying at bay when u are forced 2 replace those items. Keep the new ones put away in your Reserve place until the older ones are used. And dont throw out those old towels! I cut mine up for so many uses, right now it's even washing dishes and no longer buying them from the store, saving me 2.95. One time savings may not appear worth  it, but over a span of year(s) it adds up. Also, as a quick gift 2 someone when an unexpected date came up, you would always have a wealth of reserve 2 provide from.

Kitchen Wisdom- Part Two:
The Y in YUMMY!......The exciting way 2 eat LEFTOVERS

Alot of us cook mega meals. For me I try 2 utilize the Crockpot as much as I can unless the meal is inappropriate. This makes meal making many times in a healthier was so we are also increasing our healing for ourselves as well as our family since we are mostly the cook at home.
* When u are cooking and have leftovers, esp from your FAV meals!, add an extra portion in your cooking time just 4 that. For Lunches instead of eating out all the time saves Extra Money as well as health 2u. Make it your favorites if u do not like alot of leftover choices.
* If your fav is stuffed bell peppers, make two pans instead of one, it takes the same amount of heating time in oven and you have a delicious leftover meal by freezing it today, but enjoying tomorrow. Your family members will never know that this Wisdom saved you money as well as 'U TIME.' As u cook ur meals, keep tabs in an email of what that meal was if someone really liked it, and give REF back 2 that meal when giving out the meals 2 family members. Exp: If the kids loved the mac/cheese and brownie, give them that stored back 4 school lunch, u would not give that 2 hubby, he would get his fav meatloaf sandwish and peach cobbler etc.

* Label AND Date Everything! I cannot say that enough. Buying containers and adding labels on top helps in Rotation of Your HOMEMADE leftover meals. Even tho NOONE but U knows they are leftovers bcoz they were cooked 'extra' the day that meal was prepared, it saves U time by keeping up w/when u cooked what by rotating your 'meals' in the freezer. Or u could put the hamburger items on the left, chicken items on right etc etc, but have a personal organized way of rotating your precious time it took u to prepare ahead.

* Gift Yourself. The one area as women we fail at so often is The Sabbath Law. God loves us as women 2 feel remembered, He wants us 2 Rest in Him as well and keep His Law on Saturdays/Sundays. By keeping up with cooking extras ahead, You have also now prepared your meals ahead for your Sundays, Days when u dont feel like cooking, meals to SOW as SEEDS of love 2 a sick relative or neighor, or when u just dont know what u want 2 cook on those off days. Either way, u are prepared, eating well AND loving yourself.

* Giving Back 2 God. By making lists of Wisdom, it helps u add years back 2 your life which pleases God as a Father bcoz He sees His little one growing up and Imitating Him by application of His Will/Ways. Share today a Wisdom Key u learned or have 2 teach. As u do it 2 someone else, u are giving back 2 God what He gave u.

* Did u know by buying frozen fruits and freezing them, u can make them go a long way by porportioned eating. Add a strawberry in a glass of water and indulge yourself or a loved one or guest; as u drink, the aroma intoxes the senses of a 'miracle' gift u created. A slice or orange, lime kiwi, or any fruit you have on hand will do.

Try dipping half of the fruit slice in melted chocolate and adding it to a pudding you beautifully arranged in a cup or wine glass for a frugal creation!

More From Less:
*Here is a list of discoveries that happened when famine hit, that became a way of life that saved 1000's of dollars Annualy.
* It is a fact that we eat 2 much meats and not enough of the good things our bodies need, so by taking just ONE chicken breast, you can make TWO meals. When u cut the meat in half, it 'swells' as it cooks increasing it's amount.
* Save Meat dollars when u BBQ by applying the 1/2 is more rule. Six chicken breasts become as 12 now. Half them thru the bones, as 1/2 Fillets or serve 1/2 top bones in and 1/2 fillet pieces from just your original pieces, since younger children do not eat as much as adults, this is a great way 2 provide the right portions 4 them.
* A Single roast can make 4 meals if cut and marinated, as the meat cooks it swells making it appear as if it magically increased, altho I really have seen God increase my original portions, I think He does this as a Smile 2 remind me how proud He is of the Wisdom I applied and the money I saved as a wise woman.
* When an unexpected guest arrives and the husband says honey, one more 4 dinner, look like a Chef by cooking the CUBE way. Cut your meant in cubes and stretch them as if it was originally planned. Simply remove the chicken leg bone and it looks like u planned it that way, or with Hamburgers, stick a hole in it's center so it does not shrink as much.
* ALWAYS add seasonings AFTER your meat has browned.
* Buying creative kitchen machines saves alot of time w/not using the convential oven on electric useage.
* When slicing your Potatoes, cut them length-wise, then length-wise again, this stretches one potatoe to two. This works well w/frying french fries or making scalloped potatoes. When u do not have enough potatoes, add a veggie making u look frugal and wise, like peas; adding a Splash of beautiful veggie color  your meal.
* Dont buy sugared drinks that are not good 4 your family, 2 stretch those colas etc, make lemonaide from LIMES which are much cheaper than lemons and easier 4 the taste-buds.
* Buy buying glass custard cups, u can increase your meals by measured portions w/o wasting food that would go 2 waste. It also makes your meals beautiful by adding it ontop of the plate instead of the side. After a while u alsos lose weight as it becomes a way of life 2 naturally 'measure' out portions w/o even trying. A bag of veggies goes a long way when we wisely do this with containers. It makes mealtime colorful and there it's a way 2 reward yourself 4 applying such wonderful wisdom 2 your home, by buying urself some beautiful colorful dishwares u might find at some yard sale when there are only two of that style. Your family will think YOU took and extra step 2 loving them, esp when serving snacks. Your guests or family relatives will feel special when u do that so that u keep what they eat at your house in the portions u prepare rather than allowing them 2 help themselves. Nothing beats loving urself w/your FAV bowl or cup when u need a break.

* Take time 2 love yourself by grabbing a few cookies or slice of cake while studying the Word as u take a break thru stretching those cookies or deserts from homemade instead of store bought items.

* Make your own list from the things u love 'AS U DO' them so they do not become like something u now 'must' do adding 2 other responsibliities. After some time u will realize u are not only better organized, but healther and now u have SEEDS of Love 2 sow in anothers life.

* Instead of buying Holiday gifts, save things that can be recycled into 'new' items of beauty 4 gift giving. Everyone LOVES things that are 'home-made' that makes them feel special.  One of something is still a wonderful thing 2 turn into a gift. Broke all your old cups? Dont buy new ones, just use the ONE for gift giving by adding something special inside the cup, a receipe, a pak of their fav tea and what about those old used magazines? Add a couple 2 and u have an instant gift! And your Recepient will not only feel ur love, but have a 'taste' of what YOU like as a clue.

Bathroom Essentials:
* Go 2 the personal room and look at your items, keep a notepaper on a clipboard just inside the cabinet door. Make notes of what need replacing when u open the 'last' item of something. This is ur clue 2 add it 2 the list if u have not stocked up. If u have reserves, rotation new 2 back and open a new one.

* Re-organize the bathroom Pantry by one shelf at a time, no need 2 make a day out of it, just every time u go into it 4 a reason, organize a thing or two. See what gets used the most and buy that item(s) on sell when u go out. Organize your Reserve items by Quarterly, Half a year or Annual. Shampoo/Conditioners and Soaps of all kinds have good shelf times. So u never run out of soap and have 2 spend money on that item when the store has priced it up.

* A great way 2 keeping up w/a First Aide kit as most families are caught unaware or have 2 pay store prices when things are not on sell that are needed on emergency spot. Keep essentials like Pepto, Bandaides and main things first, than add the higher items as spending allows.

* Include Beauty 2 your bathroom by not over-spending on a new thing by simply pinching off part of an ivy that u can grow in there, soon u will have a new plant 2 give as a gift or begin again from.

* Dont! throw away those tiny soap parts, simply add them 2 a beautiful sock or bag u crochet to lavish yourself or a family member by dropping them in the water 4 a wondeful bubblebath instead of buying expensive soaps, saving 100s of dollars Annualy.