Saturday, March 31, 2012

God Is 4 You, Not Against You

Romans 8:31- What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?

Are u faced with challenges in your life right now? Are u having marital problems and financial woes? Maybe your child is going astray or an old illness has returned. What then will u say 2 all these things?

Do you know what God wants u 2 say? He wants u 2 say, “If God is for me, who can be against me?”

If u knew that the President or the Prime Minister was for u, u might believe that everything will be okay. But u have an even better backing! The Bible tells us that God, the Almighty, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, is for u! What problem can fasten its grip on u when the Almighty God is for u? Can the devil come successfully against u with God on your side?

If God is for u today, if God is for u right now, u don’t have 2 moan, “If only I had this… If only I didn’t say that…” And u don’t have 2 worry about the future: “What if this happens… What if we don’t have enough…” My friend, regretting the past and worrying about the future won’t change anything. Look 2 your heavenly Father, instead. Bcoz He is for u at this present moment, u can be confident that He will help u and provide for u.

Beloved, God sent His Son 2 die for u. And Jesus gave u a blood-bought right 2 an abundant life full of meaning and purpose! He gave u a blood-bought right 2 walk in divine health all the days of your life! He gave u a blood-bought right 2 prosperity even when the economy goes down!

You have all these things not bcoz u deserve them, but bcoz Jesus shed His blood and gave u the right 2 have them. All these blessings are yours today bcoz God is for u! And if God is for u, who can be against u!

Joseph Prince Ministries

Thursday, March 29, 2012


* God says, Find your Disease or Problem u are facing,  then find the foods u need to eat to heal yourself naturally. Here is a list and I pray u find something that may help u.   * Make dinner time a Joyful experience by knowing what u are feeding your body and that of your family; while teaching your children what they are eating and what it does 4 their well being. More food awareness is less doctor expense 2 the pocketbook. Without any of those side effects that adds toxics 2 the body. Be blessed the natural way!
- A ------------------
Apple. Lowers cholesterol and risk for cancer. Has mild antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory
estrogenic activity. High in fiber, helps avoid constipation, suppresses appetite. Juice can cause diarrhea in children.
Asparagus. A super source of the antioxidant glutathione, to lower cancer risk.
Avocado. Benefits circulation, lowers cholesterol, dilates blood vessels. It's main fat, monounsaturated oleic acid (also concentrated in olive oil), acts as an antioxidant to block artery-destroying toxicity of bad-type-LDL cholesterol. One of the richest sources of glutathione, a powerful antioxidant shown to block thirty different carcinogens and to block proliferation of the AIDS virus in test tube experiments.
- B ------------------
Banana and Plantain. Soothes the stomach. Good for dyspepsia (upset stomach). Strengthens the stomach
lining against acid and ulcers. Has antibiotic activity.
Barley. Long known as a "heart medicine" in the Middle East. Reduces cholesterol. Has anti-viral and anti-cancer activity. Contains potent antioxidants, including tocotrienols.
Beans. (legumes, including navy, black, kidney, pinto, soy beans and lentils). Potent medicine in lowering cholesterol. One-half cup of cooked beans daily reduces cholesterol an average 10 percent. Regulates blood sugar levels. An excellent food for diabetics. Linked to lower rates of certain cancers. Very high in fiber. A leading producer of intestinal gas in most people.
Beets. Richer than spinach in iron and other minerals. The greens are helpful in cases of anemia, tuberculosis, constipation, poor appetite, obesity, tumors, gout, pimples and helpful in the elimination of irritating drug poisons. Beets are one of the best foods to relieve constipation and they are also good for obesity.
Bell Pepper. Rich in antioxidant vitamin C. Helps to fight off colds, asthma, bronchitis, respiratory infections, cataracts, macular degeneration, angina, atherosclerosis and cancer.
Blueberry. Acts as an unusual type of antibiotic by blocking attachment of bacteria that cause urinary tract infections. Contains chemicals that curb diarrhea. Also has anti-viral activity and high in natural aspirin.
Broccoli. A unique package of versatile disease-fighters. Abundant in antioxidants, including quercetin, glutathione, beta carotene, indoles, vitamin C, lutein, glucarate, sulforaphane. Extremely high in cancer fighting activity, particularly against lung, colon and breast cancers. Like other cruciferous vegetables, it speeds up removal of estrogen from the body, helping suppress breast cancer. Rich in cholesterol-reducing fiber. Has anti-viral, anti-ulcer activity. A super source of chromium that helps regulate insulin and blood sugar. Note: cooking and processing destroys some of the antioxidants and anti-estrogenic agents, such as indoles and glutathione. Most protective when eaten raw or lightly cooked.
Brussels Sprouts. Cruciferous family possesses some of the same powers as broccoli and cabbage. Definitely anti-cancer, estrogenic and packed with various antioxidants and indoles.
- C  ------------------
Cabbage (including bok choy). Revered in ancient Rome as a cancer cure. Contains numerous anti-cancer
and antioxidant compounds. Speeds up estrogen metabolism, is thought to help block breast cancer and suppress growth of polyps, a prelude to colon cancer. Eating cabbage more than once a week cut men's colon cancer odds 66 percent. As little as two daily tbsp. of cooked cabbage protected against stomach cancer. Contains anti-ulcer compounds; cabbage juice helps heal ulcers in humans. Has anti-bacterial and
anti-viral powers. Can cause flatulence in some. Some of these important compounds are destroyed by cooking. Raw cabbage, as in cole slaw, appears to have stronger overall health value.
Carrot. A super source of beta carotene, a powerful anticancer, artery-protecting, immune-boosting, infection-fighting antioxidant with wide protective powers. A carrot a day slashed stroke rates in women by 68 percent. The beta-carotene in one medium carrot cuts lung cancer risk in half, even among formerly heavy smokers. High doses of beta carotene, as found in carrots, substantially reduces odds of degenerative eye diseases (cataracts and macular degeneration as well as chest pain (angina). The high soluble fiber in carrots depresses blood cholesterol and promotes regularity. Cooking can make it easier for the body to absorb carrot's beta-carotene.
Cauliflower. Cruciferous family member that contains many of the same cancer-fighting, hormone-regulating compounds as its cousins, broccoli and cabbage. Specifically thought to help ward off breast and colon cancers. Eat raw, or lightly cooked.
Celery. A traditional Vietnamese remedy for high blood pressure. Celery compounds reduce blood pressure in animals. Comparable human dose: two to four stalks a day. Also has a mild diuretic effect. Contains eight different families of anti-cancer compounds, such as phthalides and polyacetylenes, that detoxify carcinogens, especially cigarette smoke. Eating celery before or after vigorous exercise can induce mild to serious allergic reactions in some.
Chili Pepper. Helps dissolve blood clots, opens up sinuses and air passages, breaks up mucus in the lungs, acts as an expectorant or decongestant, helps prevent bronchitis, emphysema and stomach ulcers. Most of chili pepper's pharmacological activity is credited to capsaicin (from the Latin "to bite"), the compound that makes the pepper taste hot. Also a potent painkiller, alleviating headaches when inhaled, and joint pain when injected. Hot paprika made from hot chili peppers is high in natural aspirin. Antibacterial, antioxidant activity. Putting hot chili sauce on food also speeds up metabolism, burning off calories. Chili peppers do not harm the stomach lining or promote ulcers.
Cinnamon. A strong stimulator of insulin activity, thus potentially helpful for those with Type 2 diabetes. Mild anti-coagulant activity.
Clove. Used to kill the pain of toothache and as an anti-inflammatory against rheumatic diseases. Has anti-coagulant effects, (anti-platelet aggregation), and its main ingredient, eugenol, is anti-inflammatory.
Coffee. Most, but not all, of coffee's pharmacological impact comes from its high concentration of caffeine a psychoactive drug. Caffeine, depending on an individual's biological makeup and peculiar sensitivity, can be a mood elevator and mental energizer. Improves mental performance in some. An emergency remedy for asthma. Dilates bronchial passages. Mildly addictive. Triggers headaches, anxiety and panic attacks in some. In excess, may cause psychiatric disturbances. Promotes insomnia. Coffee stimulates stomach acid secretions (both caffeinated and decaf). Can aggravate heartburn. Promotes bowel movements in many, causes diarrhea in others. Caffeine may promote fibrocystic breast disease in some women.
Collard Greens. Full of anti-cancer, antioxidant compounds, including lutein, vitamin C and beta carotene. In animals, blocks the spread of breast cancer. Like other green leafy vegetables, associated with low rates of all cancers.
Corn. Anticancer and antiviral activity, possibly induced by corn's content of protease inhibitors. Has estrogen-boosting capabilities. A very common cause of food intolerance linked to symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, headaches and migraine-related epilepsy in children.
Cranberry. Strong antibiotic properties with unusual abilities to prevent infectious bacteria from sticking to the cells lining the bladder and urinary tract. Thus, it helps prevent recurring urinary tract (bladder) infections. Also has antiviral activity.
Cucumbers. Should be eaten freely by people who live on the desert or in other hot climates; the most cooling food. Indicated for fevers, constipation, skin eruptions, high blood pressure, rheumatism, obesity,
acidosis and is a mild diuretic.
- D  ------------------
Date. High in natural aspirin. Has laxative effect. Dried fruits, including dates, are linked to lower rates of
certain cancers, especially pancreatic cancer. Contains compounds that may cause headaches in susceptible individuals.
- E  ------------------
Eggplant. Eggplant substances, called glycoalkaloids, made into a topical cream medication have been
used to treat skin cancers such as basal cell carcinoma, according to Australian researchers. Also, eating eggplant may lower blood cholesterol and help counteract some detrimental blood effects of fatty foods. Eggplant also has antibacterial and diuretic properties.
- F  ------------------
Fenugreek Seed. A spice common in the Middle East and available in many U.S. food markets. Has
anti-diabetic powers. Helps control surges of blood sugar and insulin. Also anti-diarrheal, anti-ulcer, anti-diabetic, anti-cancer, tends to lower blood pressure, helps prevent intestinal gas.Flax seeds and oil. Used primarily for constipation. In cases of gastritis, colitis or other inflammations of the digestive tract. Lowers blood fat levels often associated with heart attacks and strokes. Reduces harmful blood cholesterol levels with its soluble fibers. Prevents colon and breast cancer through its rich source of lignins, a documented anti-cancer agent. Improves moods, diminishes allergies and produces healthier skin.
Fig. Helps to prevent cancer. Both extract of figs and the fig compound, benzaidehyde, have helped shrink tumors in humans according to Japanese tests. Also laxative, anti-ulcer, antibacterial and antiparasitic powers. Triggers headaches in some people.
Fish and Fish Oil. An ounce a day has been shown to cut risk of heart attacks by 50 percent. The omega-3 oil in fish can relieve symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, asthma, psoriasis, high blood pressure, Raynaud's disease, migraine headaches, ulcerative colitis and, possibly, multiple sclerosis. May help ward off strokes. A known anti-inflammatory agent and anti-coagulant. Raises good type HDL cholesterol. Lowers triglycerides. Guards against glucose intolerance and Type 11 diabetes. Some fish are
high in antioxidants, such as selenium and Coenzyme Q-10. Exhibits anti-cancer activity especially in blocking development of colon cancer and spread of breast cancer. Fish highest in omega-3 fatty acids include sardines, mackerel, herring, salmon and tuna.
- G  ------------------
Garlic. Used to treat an array of ills since the dawn of civilization. Broad-spectrum antibiotic that combats
bacteria, intestinal parasites and viruses. In high doses it has cured encephalitis. Lowers blood pressure and blood cholesterol, discourages dangerous blood clotting. Two or three cloves a day cut the odds of subsequent heart attacks in half in heart patients. Contains multiple anti-cancer compounds and antioxidants and tops the National Cancer Institute's list as a potential cancer-preventive food. Lessens chances of stomach cancer in particular. A good cold medication. Acts as a decongestant, expectorant,
anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory agent. Boosts immune responses. Helps relieve gas, has anti-diarrheal, estrogenic and diuretic activity. Appears to lift mood and has a mild calming effect. High doses of raw garlic (more than three cloves a day) have caused gas, bloating, diarrhea and fever in some. Aged garlic may be better than cooked garlic. Eat garlic both raw and cooked for all-around insurance.
Ginger. Used to treat nausea, vomiting, headaches, chest congestion, cholera, colds, diarrhea, stomach ache, rheumatism, and nervous diseases. Ginger is a proven anti-nausea, anti-motion sickness remedy that matches or surpasses drugs such as Dramamine. Helps thwart and prevent migraine headaches and osteo-arthritis. Relieves symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. Acts as an anti-thrombotic and anti-inflammatory agent in humans; is an antibiotic in test tubes (kills salmonella and staph bacteria), and an anti-ulcer agent in animals. Also, has anti-depressant, anti-diarrheal and strong antioxidant activity. High in anti-cancer activity.
Grape. Rich in antioxidant compounds. Red grapes (but not white or green grapes) are high in the antioxidant quercetin. Grape skins contain resveratrol, shown to inhibit blood-platelet clumping (and consequently, blood clot formation) and boost good-type HDL cholesterol. Red grapes are antibacterial and antiviral in test tubes. Grape seed oil also raises good-type cholesterol.
Grapefruit. The pulp contains a unique pectin (in membranes and juice sacs�not in juice) that lowers blood cholesterol and reverses atherosclerosis (clogged arteries) in animals. Has anticancer activity, and appears particularly protective against stomach and pancreatic cancer. The juice is antiviral and high in various antioxidants, especially vitamin C.
- H  ------------------
Honey. Strong antibiotic properties. Has sleep-inducing, sedative and tranquilizing properties. Use
sparingly as it is high in sugar.
- K  ------------------
Kale. Rich source of various anti-cancer chemicals. Has more beta carotene than spinach and twice as
much lutein, the most of any vegetable tested. Kale is also a member of the cruciferous family, endowing it with anti-cancer indoles that help regulate estrogen and fight off colon cancer.
Kiwi Fruit. Commonly prescribed in Chinese traditional medicine to treat stomach and breast cancer. High in vitamin C.
- L ------------------
Lecithin. Protects the nerves. Improves memory. May help thyroid and adrenal hypertension. Protects cells
against damage by oxidation. Emulsifies fat in the blood.
Lemon. This citrus fruit ranks very high in its medicinal value, having many therapeutical uses. Lemon juice is a natural antiseptic which may be safely applied directly to cuts, bruises and infections. Lemon juice is good for asthma, headaches, pneumonia, and arthritis. It is a good general blood and body purifier and a mild diuretic. Do not take in cases of inflammations of the digestive tract. The juice also aids in the removal of old drug residues (poisons) from the body.
Licorice. Strong anti-cancer powers, possibly because of a high concentration of glycyrrhizin. Mice drinking glycyrrhizin dissolved in water have fewer skin cancers. Also kills bacteria, fights ulcers and diarrhea. May act as a diuretic. Too much licorice can raise blood pressure. Also it is not advised for pregnant women. Only real licorice has these powers. Licorice "candy" sold in the United States is made with anise instead of real licorice. Real licorice says "licorice mass." Imitation licorice is labeled "artificial licorice" or "anise."
- M ------------------
Melon (green and yellow, such as cantaloupe and honeydew). Has anti-coagulant (blood-thinning) activity.
Contains the antioxidant beta carotene.
Milk. Milk fat promotes cancer and heart disease. Milk is also an unappreciated terror in triggering "allergic" reactions that induce joint pain and symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome and diarrhea. In children and infants milk is suspected to cause or contribute to colic, respiratory problems, sleeplessness, itchy rashes, migraines, epileptic seizures, ear infections and even diabetes. May retard healing of ulcers.
Mushroom (Asian, including shiitake). A longevity tonic, heart medicine and cancer remedy in Asia. Current tests show mushrooms, such as maitake, help prevent and/or treat cancer, viral diseases, such as influenza and polio, high blood cholesterol, sticky blood platelets and high blood pressure. Eaten daily, maitake or shiitake, fresh (three ounces) or dried (one-third ounce), cut cholesterol by 7 and 12 percent respectively. A shiitake compound, lentinan, is a broad-spectrum antiviral agent that potentiates immune functioning. Used to treat leukemia in China and breast cancer in Japan. Extract (sulfated B-glucans) has been declared by Japanese scientists more effective as an AIDS drug than the common drug AZT. Eating black ("tree ear') mushroom "thins the blood." No therapeutic effects are known for the common U.S. button mushroom. Some claim this species has cancer-causing potential (hydrazides) unless cooked.
Mustard (including horseradish). Recognized for centuries as a decongestant and expectorant. Helps break up mucus in air passages. A good remedy for congestion caused by colds and sinus problems. Also antibacterial. Increases metabolism, burning off extra calories. In one British test about three-fifths of a teaspoon of ordinary yellow
- N ------------------
Nuts. Anti-cancer and heart-protective properties. A key food among Seventh-Day Adventists, known for
their low rates of heart disease. Walnuts and almonds help reduce cholesterol, contain high concentrations of antioxidant oleic acid and mono-unsaturated fat, similar to that in olive oil, known to protect arteries from damage. Nuts generally are high in antioxidant vitamin E, shown to protect against chest pain and artery damage. Brazil nuts are extremely rich in selenium, an antioxidant linked to lower rates of heart disease and cancer. Walnuts contain ellagic acid, an antioxidant and cancer-fighter, and are also high in omega-3 type oil. Nuts, including peanuts, are good regulators of insulin and blood sugar, preventing steep rises, making them good foods for those with glucose intolerance and diabetes. Peanuts also are estrogenic. Nuts have
been found lacking in the diets of those who later develop Parkinson's disease. Prime cause of acute allergic reactions in susceptible individuals.
- O ------------------
Oats. Can depress cholesterol 10 percent or more, depending on individual responses. Oats help stabilize
blood sugar, have estrogenic and antioxidant activity. They also contain psychoactive compounds that may combat nicotine cravings and have anti-depressant powers. High doses can cause gas, abdominal bloating and pain in some.
Olive oil. Lowers bad LDL cholesterol without lowering good HDL cholesterol. Helps keep bad cholesterol from being converted to a toxic or "oxidized" form. Thus, helps protect arteries from plaque. Reduces blood pressure, helps regulate blood sugar. Has potent antioxidant activity. Best oil for kitchen cooking and salads.
Onion (including chives, shallots, scallions, leeks). Reputed in ancient Mesopotamia to cure virtually everything. An exceptionally strong antioxidant. Full of numerous anti-cancer agents. Blocks cancer dramatcally in animals. The onion is the richest dietary source of quercetin, a potent antioxidant (in shallots, yellow and red onions only-not white onions). Specifically linked to inhibiting human stomach cancer. Thins the blood, lowers cholesterol, raises good-type HDL cholesterol (preferred dose: half a raw onion a day), wards off blood clots, fights asthma, chronic bronchitis, hay fever, diabetes, atherosclerosis and infections. Anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antiviral, thought to have diverse anti-cancer powers. Quercetin is also a sedative. Onions aggravate heartburn, may promote gas.
Orange. Natural cancer-inhibitor, includes carotenoids, terpenes and flavonoids. Also rich in antioxidant vitamin C and beta-carotene. Specifically tied to lower rates of pancreatic cancer. Orange juice protected mice sperm from radiation damage. Because of its high vitamin C, oranges may help ward off asthma attacks, bronchitis, breast cancer, stomach cancer, atherosclerosis, gum disease, and boost fertility and healthy sperm in some men. May aggravate heartburn.
- P ------------------
Parsley. Anti-cancer because of its high concentrations of antioxidants, such as monoterpenes, phthalides,
polyacetylenes. Can help detoxify carcinogens and neutralize certain carcinogens in tobacco smoke. Also, has diuretic activity.
Pineapple. Suppresses inflammation. A main constituent, an antibacterial enzyme called bromelain, is anti-inflammatory. Pineapple aids digestion, helps dissolve blood clots and is good for preventing osteoporosis and bone fractures because of its very high manganese content. It is also antibacterial and anti-viral and mildly estrogenic.
Plum. Antibacterial. Anti-viral. Laxative.
Potato (white). Contains anticancer protease inhibitors. High in potassium, thus may help prevent high blood -pressure and strokes. Some estrogenic activity.
Prune. A well known laxative. High in fiber, sorbitol and natural aspirin.
Pumpkin. Extremely high in beta carotene, the antioxidant reputed to help ward off numerous health problems, including heart attacks, cancer, cataracts.

- R ------------------
Raspberry. Anti-viral, anti-cancer activity. High in natural aspirin.
Rice. Anti-diarrheal, anti-cancer activity. Like other seeds, contains anti-cancer protease inhibitors. Of all grains and cereals, it is the least likely to provoke intestinal gas or adverse reactions (intolerances) causing bowel distress such as spastic colon. Rice bran is excellent against constipation, lowers cholesterol and tends to block development of kidney stones.
- S ------------------
Seaweed and Kelp (brown or Laminaria type seaweed). One of the best foods that you can eat in cases of
hypo-thyroid. It is rich in many important minerals. Antibacterial and anti-viral activity in brown Laminaria type seaweed known as kelp. It kills herpes virus, for example. Kelp may also lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Wakame boosts immune functioning. Nori kills bacteria and seems to help heal ulcers. A chemical from wakame seaweed is a clot-buster, in one test twice as powerful as the common drug heparin. Most types of seaweed have anti-cancer activity. Might aggravate acne flare-ups.
Soybean Rich in hormones, it boosts estrogen levels in post-menopausal women. Has anti-cancer activity and is thought to be especially antagonistic to breast cancer, possibly one reason rates of breast and prostate cancers are low among the Japanese. Soybeans are the richest source of potent protease inhibitors which are anti-cancer, anti-viral agents. Soybeans lower blood cholesterol substantially. In animals, soybeans seem to deter and help dissolve kidney stones.
Spinach. Tops the list, along with other green leafy vegetables, as a food most eaten by people who don't get cancer. A super source of antioxidants and cancer antagonists, containing about four times more beta-carotene and three times more lutein than broccoli, for example. Rich in fiber that helps lower blood cholesterol. Some of it's antioxidants are destroyed by cooking. Eat raw or lightly cooked.
Strawberry. Anti-viral, anti-cancer activity. Often eaten by people less likely to develop all types of cancer. Only eat organically grown. Strawberries have the highest amount of pesticide contaminates.
Sugar. Helps heal wounds when applied externally. Like other carbohydrates, sugar helps induce cavities. Also may be related to Crohn's disease. Triggers rise in blood sugar and stimulates insulin production. One teaspoon of sugar is said to set the immune system back 3 � hours. Causes fatigue and adrenal weakness.
Sweet Potato (yams). A source of the antioxidant beta carotene, linked to preventing heart disease, cataracts strokes and numerous cancers. One half cup of mashed sweet potatoes contains about 23,000 international units (lUs) of beta carotene, according to Department of Agriculture figures.
- T ------------------
Tea (including black, oolong and green tea, not herbal teas). Amazing and diverse pharmacological activity,
mainly due to catechins. Tea acts as an anticoagulant, artery protector, antibiotic, anti-ulcer agent, cavity-fighter, anti-diarrheal agent, anti-viral agent, diuretic (caffeine), analgesic (caffeine), mild sedative (decaffeinated). In animals tea and tea compounds are potent blockers of various cancers. Tea drinkers appear to have less atherosclerosis (damaged, clogged arteries) and fewer strokes. Excessive tea drinking because of its caffeine could aggravate anxiety, insomnia and symptoms of PMS. Tea may also promote kidney stones because of its high oxalate content. Green tea, popular in Asian countries, is highest in catechins, followed by oolong and ordinary black tea, common in the United States. Green tea is considered most potent. One human study, however, found no difference in benefits to arteries from green or black tea.
Tomato. A major source of lycopene, an antioxidant and anti-cancer agent that intervenes in devastating chain reactions of oxygen free radical molecules. Tomatoes are linked in particular to lower rates of pancreatic cancer and cervical cancer.
Tumeric. Truly one of the marvelous medicinal spices of the world. Its main active ingredient is curcumin which gives turmeric its intense cadmium yellow color. Curcumin, studies show, is an anti-inflammatory agent on a par with cortisone, and has reduced inflammation in animals and symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis in humans. In other tests, it lowered cholesterol, hindered platelet aggregation (blood clotting), protected the liver from toxins, boosted stomach defenses against acid, lowered blood sugar in diabetics,
and was a powerful antagonist of numerous cancer-causing agents. Anti-cancer activity.
- W ------------------
Watermelon. High amounts of lycopene and glutathione, antioxidant and anti-cancer compounds. Also mild
anti-bacterial, anti-coagulant activity.
Wheat. High-fiber whole wheat, and particularly wheat bran, ranks as the world's greatest preventives of constipation. The bran is potently anti-cancer. Remarkably, in humans, wheat bran can suppress that which can develop into colon cancer. Anti-parasitic. Ranks exceedingly high as a trigger of food intolerances and allergies, resulting in symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome and neurological illnesses.
- Y ------------------
Yogurt. An ancient wonder food, strongly antibacterial and anti-cancer. A cup or two of yogurt a day boosts
immune functioning by stimulating production of gamma interferon. Also spurs activity of natural killer cells that attack viruses and tumors. A daily cup of yogurt reduced colds and other upper respiratory infections in humans. Helps prevent and cure diarrhea. A daily cup of yogurt with acidophilus cultures prevents vaginitis (yeast infections) in women. Helps fight bone problems, such as osteoporosis, because of high available calcium content. Acidophilus yogurt cultures neutralize cancer-causing agents in the intestinal tract. Plain old yogurt with L bulgaricus and S. thermophilus cultures, both live and dead, blocked lung cancers in animals. Yogurt with live cultures is safe for people with lactose intolerance.
- Z ------------------

See The Favor Of God Multiplied In Your Life

See The Favor Of God Multiplied In Your Life

2 Peter 1:2Grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord,

If u would like 2 walk in a greater measure of God’s favor, 2 Peter 1:2 says that grace, which is the undeserved favor of God, and peace, can be multiplied 2 u. Peace is the word “shalom” in Hebrew. Its definition includes wholeness, health and prosperity. So when u walk in divine favor and peace, u will walk in blessings in every area of your life!

But how do the undeserved favor and shalom of God increase in your life?

It is not by your laboring or toiling 2 earn it. The Bible says that it comes as your knowledge of Jesus and His finished work increases. It comes as u learn more about and believe that through Jesus’ one sacrifice at the cross, God removed all your sins, gave u His righteousness as a gift and put u in Christ 2 enjoy everything Jesus has. God’s favor is multiplied in your life when u simply believe that the favor of God that is on Christ is also on u bcoz of what Jesus’ work at the cross has accomplished.

Today, u don’t have 2 struggle for favor. Just release it by speaking forth God’s Word in faith. On your way 2 work, say, “God’s favor surrounds me as with a shield.” (Psalm 5:12) As u continue 2 speak God’s favor over your life out of a revelation of Jesus’ finished work, u will see more of it being released.

When I first entered the workforce, I began 2 declare the favor of God in my job. Every time I was given a new assignment, I proclaimed that the divine favor of God was on me. The company began 2 prosper and I was blessed financially. By the time I left the company 2 serve God full-time, my income had increased so that I was in the top 15 per cent of earners in my age group in Singapore.

Today, in your workplace or at home, begin 2 declare the favor of God by faith. Expect 2 receive preferential treatment wherever u are.

Say, “I am surrounded with the favor of God bcoz of Jesus’ finished work. I have favor b4 God and man!” And see God’s favor work for u!

Joseph Prince Ministries

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Year of God's Divine Government

John Mark PoolThe Word for the Year 2012
• God IS government and the government is upon His shoulders.

• We must align with God's plans, to view our new level of increase, for the Kingdom of God to be multiplied.

• Those who position themselves and press into the Father will receive their inheritance now on earth as it is in Heaven.

• The King has children who must know who their Father and King is in order to multiply God's Kingdom and theirs.

• There is a new timing and a new territory to possess by those who have pressed into the Kingdom covenant inheritance promises from Father God, the King of kings.

• God has more than enough for those who know the Father as King and Jehovah Jireh. He is our provision, period.

• New land is now available for homesteading in the Kingdom of God. Settle where He leads, and then show others our Father's plan.

• God the Father is now the "Lamp unto our feet and the Light unto our paths" for His Kingdom multiplication.

• Signs and wonders in the heavens will light up our life so that we will be a real torch in the next eight years during the increase of natural darkness and calamities on earth.

• Be ready for a great shift of light and life for the Kingdom of God this year. No human has ever seen the fullness of what is ahead, especially through 2020. For the next eight years we will be positioned for the greatest awakening of God in American history.

• Then, in 2020 we will experience the greatest prophetic move the world has ever known – the 20/20 prophetic vision of God for His Kingdom! (See 2 Chronicles 20:20.)

• Those who live in the Islands will look to the mountains for their salvation. Waves will overflow so many places that it will astound the world. The new waves of the Lord will be a cause for doubters to begin to trust in God and not the soothsayers.

• This is a year for a complete re-creating of places in the world that have placed Israel in contempt. Accept that they will be allowing their land and name to be changed to adjust to God's covenants and promises. God is honor-bound to keep His Word and to lift up His chosen into His directed design which was written before the foundations of the earth.

• The Middle Eastern lands will know that there is a God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel. No human will stop what God is about to do to demonstrate that God keeps His covenants to His own.

• There will be a "changing of the guards" on the USA Capitol Hill. All will know that "God is the DEAL!" American plans will be adjusted abruptly to God's plan, and not another will be consulted. God IS government. There will be a woman that arrives in the White House to surprise this current humanistic view.

• Above all – STAND. Stand firm in a time of worlds "shifting sand!" God's Word is everlasting, and you must stand firm upon HIS Word, not the world's view. Read and meditate upon God's logos (the Word of God) to hear more from the Father's rhema (spoken) word.

• Blessings will overtake those who pursue His heart in 2012. God is our source. Be in the center of His heart and obey His will and way.

• 2012 is the year of divine grace to mountains looming over your life. Years of past problems can be cast into the sea with this year's working of great grace!

• Always keep your hearts tuned in to the Father's. Do not allow other voices and those veiled by the enemy to rob the promises given to you from your loving Father God.

• Expect your miracle, and decree a thing and it will be established for you. You will come through as pure and refined gold for the Father's Kingdom plan.

• Remember, God IS love, and God sent us His only Son, Jesus, as the Light of Life for a very desperate world.

• Be the lighthouse of God for a searching and hurting world.
Always a voice for God,

John Mark Pool
Word to the World Ministries

John Mark Pool, co-founder of Word to the World Ministries, has been used by God to minister as a prophetic voice to the nations. Based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, he is called to take the Apostolic/Prophetic five-fold ministry message to pastors and church leaders across the USA and around the world. He has become a prophetic voice to speak into pastors' and leaders' lives throughout America in preparation for our next revival outpouring. He and his wife, Sandy, are both ordained as a prophet and ministers with Encounters Network Ministries by James Goll, director of Encounters Network Ministries.
John Mark has ministered on radio, TV, Internet streaming broadcast and Web publishing sites, as well as at local churches, conferences and crusade revival outpourings. John Mark is also a nationally recognized and published author, with most recent books including, Love – God's Greatest Gift, and Path of a Prophet: Understanding the Journey (Destiny Image Publishers, 2007).

By Jesus Stripes U R Healed

Isaiah 53:5… The chastisement for our peace was upon Him, and by His stripes we are healed.

You know, one of the biggest outcries against Mel Gibson’s movie, The Passion Of The Christ, was that it was too violent, especially the part where Jesus was scourged.

Let me tell u this: It was not violent enough! The Bible says that at the cross, Jesus’ visage was marred beyond that of any man. (Isaiah 52:14) In the movie, even after all the beatings, the actor James Caviezel, who played Jesus, still looked quite handsome.

But the reality is that when Jesus hung on the cross, He had “no form or comeliness… there is no beauty that we should desire Him”. (Isaiah 53:2) He was beaten 2 a pulp until His face looked like jelly hanging out!

In the movie, when they scourged Him, only a small portion of His bones was exposed, so it was still quite tidy. But the messianic psalms say, “The plowers plowed on my back; they made their furrows long” (Psalm 129:3), and “I can count all My bones. They look and stare at Me”. (Psalm 22:17) All His bones were exposed!

My friend, He was thinking of u when the soldiers tied Him to the scourging post. As they raised their whips, He said, “Let it all come on Me!”

But what came on Him was not just the whip stripping the flesh off His bare back, but your sicknesses and diseases. Each time He was whipped, every form of sickness and disease, including arthritis, cancer, diabetes, bird flu and dengue fever, came upon Him. “The chastisement for our peace was upon Him, and by His stripes we are healed.”

Today, healing is your right because Jesus has paid the price for your healing. So if the devil says, “You cannot be healed,” just declare, “Jesus has paid for my healing. Disease has no right to be in my body. I am healed in Jesus’ name!”

Every curse of sickness that was supposed to fall on u fell on Jesus instead. He bore every one of those stripes, so that u can walk in divine health all the days of your life. The price has been paid so that u can rise up and get out of your bed of affliction!

* Joseph Prince Ministries

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

And Truth shall make u FREE

Facts Change But God’s Word Remains
27MAR/12 - Joseph Prince

John 8:32 - And u shall know the truth, and the truth shall make u free.”

Consider the cold, hard facts that these 3 people faced: The aunt of a lady in our church saw her X-ray which showed that one of her two kidneys was cancerous. A couple in our church read their medical reports which said that they would never be able 2 produce a child. A lady in our church who acted as a guarantor ended up being asked by the finance company 2 pay its $34 million.

When such situations hit us and we allow the facts 2 settle in our hearts, we end up feeling greatly troubled. But when we let the truths of God’s Word settle them all, we will sense the Holy Spirit bearing witness 2 the truths that we are believing. He is the Spirit of truth.   (John 16:13)   He is not the Spirit of facts and does not bear witness 2 facts. 

It may be a fact that u are sick. The doctors say that u are sick. The X-ray film shows that u are sick. But God’s Word says that by Jesus’ stripes u are healed!   (Isaiah 53:5)   That is the truth about your situation. What is the difference between fact and truth? Facts change, but truth — God’s Word — remains!

When God’s people choose 2 defy the facts and walk instead in His truths regarding their situations, the Holy Spirit in them will bear witness 2 the truths that they are believing. 

The lady w/the cancerous kidney underwent an operation 2 remove the organ. But praise God, she received supernatural restoration as later X-rays showed 2 healthy kidneys instead of one! God had formed a new kidney 4 her!

The childless couple received their miracle bundle of joy after seven years. Today, they are proud parents of not one, but four children!

The church member w/the $34 million debt told the finance company that it was not being fair 2 her and that God would protect her. The company’s management miraculously decided 2 cancel her debt!

The next time u are hit by disturbing facts, let God’s Word settle the truth about your situation. And as the Holy Spirit bears witness 2 the truths that u are believing, the facts will change and u will receive your miracle!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

I Will Open Doors that No Man Can Open and ...

A Time of Summing Up!

Our Corporate Prayer on Wednesday at 3 AM was a powerful time of initiating the morning prayer watch in the Tabernacle. The 3 AM watch is when u are ahead of your enemy, and you are standing in an ambushment against your enemy. We are getting in position. This is a season the tide is turning on your enemy because you're in position. You are not frightened at the sound of a leaf in the wind. You are able to move, and keep your head as u are moving.

Below is a portion of what the Spirit of the Lord spoke through me, Janice Swinney, Lisa Lyons, Deborah DeGar and Aci Otxoa:
"I have new horizons that I am forming on your behalf. I have a place I am calling u that u haven't been. I have places that I'm going down into in you and stirring up. The very bowels of compassion in My people will begin to stir, and what they didn't see, and what they couldn't see, now I will extend vision to see. 

"I am beginning to sum up what could not be added up in the past season. I am putting together, summing-up what needs to be summed up, and coming into a whole new place of adding together. I am coming up with a bottom-line figure for your situation. This day the bottom line is forming in a new way in many areas of our life. You are going to see a summing-up occur and a bottom-line be brought about; where things could not have been summed before this hour, now they will be summed-up!
"For My voice is forming a slipstream. You are following in that slipstream of My voice, and My voice is the breaker. And you are moving in the sound and with the sound, and it clears the path and opens the way. 

"For I have come today as a hinge! I'm a hinge today and I will open doors that no man can open and I will close doors that no man can close. I can hinge the destiny of those that you thought were lost, and bring them into their destiny. I can hinge those that are struggling with hearing their spirit rather than their soul. I have come as a hinge today; I am expressing Myself in the earth as it is in Heaven, because I am reconciling and I am hinging those things that have been lost.

"This is the conclusion of the matter. This is the conclusion of the matter concerning My doctrine, My manner of life for you, My purpose as I have set it forth for you, the faith, the long-suffering, the charity, the patience that you must arise in. For this is a season that I have set forth My standard, and you will begin to move in My standard, and you will hear My voice and you will soar in the Spirit. For u have heard that which I have spoken, so come to this new apostolic level I am calling u into. You have the ability, I have given u the doctrine, I have given u the Word, and I have given u the things that are needed. So go forth, and see that u will fulfill all that I have placed in u.

"This a moment that I am drawing the line, and earthly orders are coming from the heavenly realms. Tune your ears to hear the instructions of Heaven, for u are living in a strategic moment when u will see kingdoms that have not been able to come down, come down. New strategies are coming down, and it is a strategy that will pierce the deepest darkness that could not be pierced in the past. Listen to the sounds of Heaven, for in the sounds of Heaven, you will hear your next step!"

Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries

Dr. Charles D. "Chuck" Pierce has been used by God to intercede and mobilize prayer throughout the world. He is an ordained minister and serves as President of Glory of Zion International Ministries in Corinth, Texas. This ministry facilitates the vision of other apostolic ministries worldwide. Chuck is known for his accurate prophetic gifting which helps direct nations, cities, churches and individuals in understanding the times and seasons we live in. He also serves as President of Global Spheres, Inc., an apostolic ministry for apostolic, prophetic and intercessory leaders. Peter and Doris Wagner complete the leadership team of this new apostolic wineskin.

What does the Bible say about Christian Tithing

Question: "What does the Bible say about Christian Tithing?"

Many Christians struggle with the issue of tithing. In some churches tithing is over-emphasized. At the same time, many Christians refuse to submit to the biblical exhortations about making offerings to the Lord. Tithing/giving is intended to be a joy and a blessing. Sadly, that is sometimes not the case in the church today.

Tithing is an Old Testament concept. The tithe was a requirement of the law in which all Israelites were to give 10 percent of everything they earned and grew to the Tabernacle/Temple (Leviticus 27:30; Numbers 18:26; Deuteronomy 14:24; 2 Chronicles 31:5). In fact, the Old Testament Law required multiple tithes which would have pushed the total to around 23.3 percent, not the 10 percent which is generally considered the tithe amount today. Some understand the Old Testament tithe as a method of taxation to provide for the needs of the priests and Levites in the sacrificial system. The New Testament nowhere commands, or even recommends, that Christians submit to a legalistic tithe system. Paul states that believers should set aside a portion of their income in order to support the church (1 Corinthians 16:1-2).

The New Testament nowhere designates a percentage of income a person should set aside, but only says it is to be “in keeping with income” (1 Corinthians 16:2). Some in the Christian church have taken the 10 percent figure from the Old Testament tithe and applied it as a “recommended minimum” for Christians in their giving. The New Testament talks about the importance and benefits of giving. We are to give as we are able. Sometimes that means giving more than 10 percent; sometimes that may mean giving less. It all depends on the ability of the Christian and the needs of the church. Every Christian should diligently pray and seek God’s wisdom in the matter of participating in tithing and/or how much to give (James 1:5). Above all, all tithes and offerings should be given with pure motives and an attitude of worship to God and service to the body of Christ. “Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God lo ves a cheerful giver” (2 Corinthians 9:7).

Recommended Resource: Giving and Tithing by Larry Burkett. seeks to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ by providing biblical answers to spiritually-related questions. To continue in this mission, we need your support! For more information, please visit our Support Page

God of Hope Who Keeps His Promises

Bob HartleyThe Promise Keeper Face of God 
In recent encounters, I find myself seated at the Counsel Table of the Lord with various leaders from the Body of Christ. The Lord begins to share His heart regarding the challenges and the advancement in 2011. He speaks of the hope-filled 2012 that He is walking us into. In this place He reveals His face as the Promise Keeper to me, proclaiming that this is the face, the part of His nature that He desires to reveal to the Body of Christ in 2012. He stands at His table, calling us to press through to engage Him as God, to believe in Him again as the God of all life, to believe both His heart and His strength to accomplish the hope-filled promises that He has spoken over our lives this year.

Looking Back at 2011 Together
He begins to tenderly look back at 2011 with us, speaking about how 2011 was a year of great challenge. It was a year of transition where arrows to the mind and perplexities created a high level of exhaustion in us all. It was a year of transition that required unique hope. Isaiah 58:11 speaks of this transition of unique hope and divine guidance in the midst of perplexities.

Isaiah 58:11 The Lord will guide you always; He will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail.

We felt this across the Body of Christ. We felt sun scorched, like burnt living stones in many ways, but despite our experience of challenge and perplexity, the Lord reassured us that there was GREAT ADVANCEMENT in 2011!

The Deeper Revealing of the Promise Keeper Face of God
When we look deeper at this Promise Keeper face of God that He is making known to us in 2012, we see that it is a face of patriarchal love. This is not a face that is stern or harsh or full of expectations we can never fulfill. This is the face of patriarchal love that we see in Luke 15 where the father loves the son more than the wounds of his own soul. The Luke 15 father loves his son so much that he doesn't just receive him back, he doesn't greet him with eyes of disappointment or words of correction, when he sees him "far off" he runs to embrace him and meets him with eyes of love. This is the heart and face of the Promise Keeper God.

An Inheritance of Hope
As the Patriarchal God of Hope, He gives us an inheritance of hope and promises over our lives, and however we treat them and Him, He will remain the love-filled Luke 15 father in our lives. We can know that despite all failings and weakness, if we return to Him, He will always run to receive us back into His arms with eyes full, not of disappointment, but of love for us. The Promise Keeper has bound Himself to us in FAITH, HOPE, and LOVE above all else, and He has the strength to keep His hope-filled promises even when our strength fails. It is not our strength that secures the is HIS!

He is the Promise and the Promise Keeper
In Proverbs 13:12 it says, "Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life." When we truly see His face as the Promise Keeper, the deep love in His eyes as He proclaims and keeps His hope-filled promises, then we will have our tree of life. The Promise Keeper Himself is our hope, our promise, and our great reward.

Receiving Our Inheritance
When we are secured in His love, when we are fixed on His face, then we will not easily give away our inheritance for convenience or the day's bread like Esau did. We will be like the 2 Kings 4 woman who pursued the return of her inheritance, her son, from God through the prophet Elijah. She believed in the God of the trump card, the God who – when it seems like all the aces are stacked up against us – steps in with the trump card, the thing we can't see, and takes the day for us. When we know this face of God we will, like Abraham, receive our inheritance through faith. Abraham knew God as the Promise Keeper, so much so that he believed God would keep His promise, even if it meant resurrecting that promise, his son, from the dead. Abraham knew the face and heart of the Promise Keeper, Himself, the Promise Keeper who would later give everything in His own Son, to keep His promises to those He loved.

Wise Counsel from the Lord for 2012
The Promise Keeper God now speaks wise counsel to us, showing us how we might walk this out in 2012. He speaks of "double adoration" – where we focus on His face as the Promise Keeper, and on His heart as the Patriarchal God of Hope. He speaks of "acceleration by association," where we walk into the promises together. He speaks of 2012 as a year of communities of hope, healthy hope centers where people are encouraged by living close to one another in true community.

"You can have a mandate, but not an agenda in 2012," He says. In 2012 we are not to operate out of a Nimrod spirit, which extends our own platform and agenda. The Lord says, "My way is not the CEO way where you build more and more divisions and try to control it while building your own name vs. My name."

In John 7:18 it says, "He who speaks of himself seeks his own glory..." In 2012 we are to build not upon who we are but upon who Jesus really is, and we are to focus on building other people's houses this year. This year there will be kings that help other kings, giving preference to the vision of another. It is the Jonathan and David spirit coming alive on the Earth. The Lord also says, regarding disagreements over doctrines, "Don't worry about it, it will all be clear very soon," meaning who's right and who's not. As we put aside our differences and come together at the table of the Lord, we will be strengthened and there will be a revamping of the seven mountains and arenas of influence in society.

The Promise of Isaiah 58:12
In 2012 we will see the Isaiah 58:12 ancient ruins, which is the knowledge of God, restored. He has shown me that the ancient ruins of Isaiah 58:12 are God, not that He has been ruined, but rather that our perceptions of Him have been ruined. The word "ruins" literally means "drought." We have been in a sun-scorched land without the true knowledge of Him. God wants to remove the drought, to clear away these ruins of the misunderstanding of His nature that create doubt and unbelief.

This Isaiah 58:12 "rebuilding the ancient ruins" is rebuilding the knowledge of God on another level, where adoration is established. The Hope Reformation is a restoration and rebuilding of the true knowledge of God in our day. In 2012 He is revealing Himself again as the Promise Keeper with the heart of the Patriarchal father of Luke 15; for when we truly know that we are a son or daughter, we will not become a slave to anything. The Promise Keeper face of God and the other faces of God that have been forgotten through the generations WILL BE RESTORED once again.

The Age of Restoration
The Body of Christ coming to know His Promise Keeper face will usher in an age of restoration where there will be houses like Bethel, houses of God where the gates of Heaven are open and you can see into other dimensions. There will be a restoration of lost inheritances in this time. The "poorest of the poor" will be remembered. The oppressed of Leviticus 26:12-13 will be set free in every way. Part of this transition to freedom is the new hope-filled operating system based in rest that He has given us for 2012. In this, He is showing us how to enter into His promises in rest vs. striving.

Advancing Through the Door of Hope Together
In 2012 we will advance through the "door of hope" together! We will raise up the "age old foundations" as we decree hope together, for to decree is literally to "raise up!" We will remember the hopes and promises fulfilled in 2011, both in Him as our "great reward," and in our lives! We will remember all the faces of Himself that He has revealed to us again and again, of His face as the Builder, Supplier, Redeemer, and Wise God in our lives! We will remember that we have encountered Him again and again as the Patriarchal God of Hope who sees a long way out for us and who speaks hope over our lives as a Patriarchal Father, who teaches us how to live, not as orphans, but as sons and daughters every day! As we remember these things together, we are raising up the "age old foundations." Rising up to decree these hopes and promises together is bringing forth the commanded blessings for 2012!

The Call: Decreeing His Heart of Hope Together
The Lord is calling us to stop and appreciate this season that He is taking us into in 2012. He is calling us to stop and focus on His face, the face of the Promise Keeper. He has been underestimated and misperceived and He wants us to take time to see what He is doing instead of what He isn't doing. We do this by remembering the hopes and promises that He has already fulfilled in our lives. We do this by stepping forth together to decree the hope that is to come for us in 2012: the promises of Isaiah 58:12, the building of healthy hope centers across the Earth, and the transformation of the seven mountains of influence in society. From a place of rest, take time, with us, to pray as we enter into this new season. See that He is the Promise Keeper and Patriarchal Father of Luke 15 and decree the promises yet to be fulfilled as you look into His heart.

Bob Hartley
Deeper Waters Ministry

About Bob Hartley: Bob Hartley is the founder of Hartley Institute/Deeper Waters Ministry in Kansas City, Missouri. Bob served as a pastor at Metro Christian Fellowship with Mike Bickle before entering the marketplace in 1983, with a vision to see the marketplace redeemed and cities established that value and love the person of Jesus. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of the Hartley Group, a "Hope Center" for the marketplace, consisting of Hartley's Executive Cleaning, Swift Chemicals & Supply, Prize Properties and H&H Management in Kansas City, Missouri. Bob is a frequent speaker to youth, churches, businesses and national leaders throughout America and the world. His quest has been to bring the Kingdom of God into every arena of life and give spiritual tools and equipping to those seeking to know and love God in the midst of their everyday lives. Currently, Bob resides in Kansas City with his wife and four children.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Jesus Took Your Place That U Can Take His

Jesus Took Your Place So That U Can Take His
Matthew 27:46
And about the ninth hour Jesus cried out with a loud voice, saying, “Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?” that is, “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?”

Do you know that it was at the cross that Jesus addressed His Father as “God” for the first time? He had always addressed His Father as “Father”. But at Calvary’s tree, He addressed His Father as “God”.

Jesus lost that Father-Son relationship when He was representing you and carrying your sins at the cross so that today, you can call God “Abba! Father!” (Romans 8:15) and have a loving father-son relationship with God forever. Jesus was forsaken by God and His world became very dark on that lonely hill so that in your darkest hour, God will always say to you, “I will never leave you nor forsake you!” (Hebrews 13:5)

At the time when Jesus needed God most, God turned His back on Him. God had to turn His back on His Son because His eyes are too holy to behold all the sin that was in His Son’s body. And because God turned His back on Jesus, He will never turn His back on you. Instead, you will see God’s face of favor shining on you all the time!

Jesus also took your place of no protection at the cross. For the first time, He gave up divine protection so that you can have it every day of your life! And because He became sin, He took your curse at the cross so that today, as you take His gift of righteousness, you receive only blessings from God.

Jesus received the full brunt of God’s wrath in His body once and for all when He carried your sins. All of God’s anger and condemnation fell on Him, consuming all your sins until God’s wrath was exhausted.

Today, God is not angry with you. The body of Jesus absorbed everything — your sins, curses, and God’s anger and condemnation. So live life expecting to see not the judgment, but the goodness and blessings of God!

Welcome to 2012... a New Year that has already begun unfolding before us! Twelve is a significant number. It is the number of government and it
symbolizes divine accomplishment and governmental perfection.
The year 2012 is about the government of God arising. If we want 2 see the government of God arise in the earth, we must first allow it 2 arise in us, His people, in a greater way.

Because God's work is always a continuum, the new didn't begin with the midnight stroke of a clock on December 31st.  What God has been building in our lives is ongoing and eternal. It is line upon line, truth upon truth, and experience upon experience. Therefore, we have not started something new in 2012, but we are continuing in the path He has set before us.

We must remember that our starting point is the Resurrection.  We arose with Christ 2 a new life. Now, THAT was a new beginning! We begin with who Christ is in us and for us! We are alive to Him and to all that He wants 2 do in establishing His government and His righteousness in us. He is helping us learn 2 live and abide in our new identity.

The Increase
This year, as God continues His work in us, let us allow the increase of His government in these areas:
  • Receiving and then expressing His goodness daily. You cannot give away what you have not first experienced for yourself. So, expect and receive His goodness every day and then show someone else that aspect of His government.

  • Living in a limitless way... not measured, showing God's abundant heart toward all.

  • Being more astonished at who God is for us rather than feeling overwhelmed by circumstances.

  • Processing everything through God's majesty.
This is a year to live with excitement and expectation! Expect God's divine work 2 manifest through u on a daily basis. His work in us is part of establishing His government in the earth.

Romans 12:2 urges us to, not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of our mind.
Give up old mindsets and let them be replaced with a renewed mind.

Jane Hansen, President/CEO
AGLOW International

Jane Hansen Hoyt serves as president/CEO of Aglow International, a global network of more than 200,000 women and men from nearly 170 nations who serve 17 million people a year. As an international leader and mentor, Jane works to empower women to embrace the truth of Genesis 3:15 and the role God has given them. She believes they were created with an innate strength and voice to influence the family, church, and community.
An ordained minister, Jane serves on the America for Jesus executive board, the Eagles Vision Apostolic Team, the Christians for Israel advisory board, and the board of the International Reconciliation Coalition. She is the author of several books including Journey of a Woman, Master Plan, and the newly released The View from Above. Jane is married to Tony Hoyt, former National Director of Leadership of the Future Farmers of America. The couple resides in Washington state.