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How to Overcome the Spirits of Infirmity and Trauma

=========     Wow – u all NEED 2 hear this latest word and teaching by Matt Sorger. Just reading it will help set u free. There is so much available in the spirit 2 us and we've got 2 take advantage of the heavenly resources God gives us. Get ready 2b set free. I have included his book 4 those of u who are interested in buying it beyond this reading.

                  How 2 Overcome the Spirits of Infirmity [Disease] and Trauma Angels, the Discerning of Spirits and Overcoming Spiritual Warfare
by Matt Sorger
4-Set Teaching

Matt Sorger
Having the ability 2 discern in the realm of the spirit is crucial 4 true, anointed Spirit-led ministry. When we accurately discern we are able 2 flow in a higher dimension of supernatural power and authority, transforming people's lives all around us.
Overcoming Spirits of Infirmity [Diseases].

                           Overcoming Spirits of Infirmity
Let's look at detecting the influence of the demonic in cases of physical illness. We C very clearly in Scripture that there are times sickness is caused by natural infirmity and at other times it is caused by demonic oppression. Discerning of spirits will reveal when the root of an infirmity is spiritual. Such was the case in Luke 13:10-13:

On a Sabbath Jesus was teaching in one of the synagogues, and a woman was there who had been crippled by a spirit for 18 years. She was bent over and could not straighten up at all. When Jesus saw her, He called her forward and said 2 her, "Woman, u are set free from your infirmity." Then He put His hands on her, and immediately she straightened up and praised God.

We C 2 things operating in this Scripture. First, the woman was bound by a spirit, a demon of infirmity, who afflicted her physical body 4 eighteen years causing her 2b bent over. Jesus was able 2 discern the presence of spiritual affliction thru the power of the Holy Spirit and took authority over it. In this particular case, He didn't even directly confront the demon. He just said, "You are set free from your infirmity." The moment He said that the demon had 2 leave.

Then, the Bible says, after she was released from the spirit of infirmity, Jesus laid His hands on her and healed her deformed body. We can C that she was still in need of physical healing even after the spirit left her bcoz she was still bent over. The effects of the demonic oppression over her back and muscles needed 2b healed. After casting off the spirit of infirmity He ministered healing 2 her body by the laying on of hands.

First Jesus ministered deliverance thou the discerning of spirits and then He ministered divine healing. We C both deliverance and healing operating together here. To have an effective healing ministry u must also operate in a deliverance ministry. Jesus did both, and at times we will need 2 as well.

We also  this principle of deliverance and healing operating together w/the boy who suffered from convulsions. In Luke 9:42 Jesus rebuked the unclean spirit, healed the child and then restored him 2 his father:

Even while the boy was coming, the demon threw him 2 the ground in a convulsion. But Jesus rebuked the impure spirit, healed the boy and gave him back 2 his father.

Jesus did 3 things in His earthly ministry. He preached repentance, healed the sick and cast out demons (Mark 6:12-13). We can also operate in the fullness of His ministry today.

                                                 Dealing with the Spirit of Trauma

I remember a few years ago when I gave an altar call 4 those who needed healing in their bodies. I was praying at the altar in a Spirit-filled Methodist church in Georgia and there was a 93-year-old man that came forward 4 prayer w/his 91-year-old wife. This is an example of where the gift of discernment is crucial in ministering healing 2 an individual. He couldn't stand up too well so he sat in a chair up at the altar. His wife was sitting next 2 him and a person was in front of him praying 4 healing. I looked over and suddenly my spiritual vision opened and I could C what looked like a small black ball on the back of his neck and head. It was a demon.

I walked over 2 him and put my hand on the back of his neck. Instead of screaming, "Come out!" I calmly, but w/authority said, "In the name of Jesus, let him go." As God gave me authority over it, I commanded it 2 loose and instantly this man looked up at me w/wide eyes. He didn't know what was happening. With tears streaming down his face he said, "What's happening 2 me? The pain is all gone!"

I then asked him, "What happened 2 u?" He said, "A year ago I fell over a suitcase in my house and hit my head on the ground. I've had nonstop pain in my head and I haven't been able 2 sleep 4 a whole year."

This situation calls 4 understanding on how the enemy operates thru spirits of trauma, not only in the emotional realm but in the physical realm as well. When there is a traumatic experience the enemy can try 2 take advantage of it. Sometimes when someone experiences a trauma, such as a car accident or injury, a spirit of infirmity can attach itself 2 the point of trauma, extending the period of pain much longer than it should be. This demonic attachment can hinder the natural healing process and prolong sickness in a person's life.

This applies 2 both physical and emotional trauma. I have seen people suffering from the grief over a lost loved one years after the loss occurred. There is a natural grieving process, but eventually healing occurs. When a spirit of grief or trauma attaches 2 the emotional wound the pain is prolonged 4 a much longer period of time. When u discern the spirit of trauma u then have authority 2 cast it away, bringing freedom and healing 2 the person who was afflicted.

How the Spirit of Infirmity Attaches Itself

This is what happened 2 this older gentleman. He got into an accident and a spirit of infirmity took advantage and attached 2 his natural injury. This does not always happen, but in this case it did. He didn't just need a healing prayer. When people were praying 4 his healing, he wasn't being healed. But when I received a spiritual discernment of his affliction, God's power set him free and then healed him. What he needed first was a deliverance prayer thru which the demonic oppression was taken authority over and cast off. The moment it was taken off, he was healed.

Then I looked and saw hearing aids in his ears. I said, "Take out those hearing aids." I laid my hands on his ears and took authority over the deafness. Some deafness is a natural loss of hearing and needs healing while other deafness is caused by a spirit of deafness. In this case it happened 2b a spirit of deafness. I took authority over the spirit and commanded it 2 leave.

His eyes got really wide again as he looked at me and said, "I feel something being pulled out of my ears!" And pop! Both of his ears instantly opened. The spirit of deafness was pulled right out of his ears. At 93-years-old both ears popped open. Some people say, "Oh, you're just getting old. You lose your hearing and sight. It just happens." No. You can be healthy and strong until the day God takes you home 2b w/Jesus.

This 93-year-old man received healing in his head and both of his deaf ears popped open. Then I turned 2 his wife and I noticed she had a hearing aid. I said, "Take that hearing aid out." Her ear popped open and she leaned over 2 her husband and said, "Well honey, I guess we're not going 2 have 2 scream at each other anymore. We can actually hear each other now." They had 2 scream at each other their entire married life. But they were newlyweds married only one year!  It's never too late 4 anyone.
Matt Sorger
Matt Sorger Ministries


About Matt Sorger: Matt Sorger, host of the TV program Power for Life, which airs each week on God TV, carries a strong healing and miracle anointing with many instantly healed in his meetings. Matt's ministry is also used to ignite a fresh passion in the hearts of Believers to go deeper in their relationship with God. He places great emphasis on the practical preaching and teaching of God's Word, bringing a great balance between authentic, supernatural encounter and solid Biblical truth.

Healing Foods

========    Have you ever wondered about the foods God created? It's more than wanting 2 loose weight. It's a wonderful discovery into a world that is new and exciting. In my search I want 2 do a mini list of what foods do that are healing 4 our bodies.   Today I discovered that Parsley is the all time natural duraretic, ok so I dont have my dictionary at bay, but I will correct that word later. I also found out that dark grapes when we feel shaky or our blood sugar is low is a great natural sugar pick-me-up. If you have Diabetes, you understand about the shakes.   So here we go, I have 2 items for my list today. Doing a Biblical Food Study is more exciting than I figured.

So Summer is more than BBQing and swimming outfits, it's learning about growing older and keeping in shape the B.I.B.L.E way. Our God is so awesome! EVERYTHING He created not only was beautiful in it's color, and delicious 4 eating, but it also has a specific 'reason' towards our health. For someone like me who wants 2 learn, this will surely be an exciting new Journey indeed..

Alpha List:
Food                                 What It Does
Grapes -                            Sugar Stabilizer
Kale,Collards Greens;
Spinach, Turnips              Eye health,youthfulness
Orange Juice -                  Squeeky Clean Arteries
Parsley -                           A natural Duriretic

Special Note on Eyes: 7 Foods 4 Better Eye Health

Apricots:  Trouble seeing at night? Maybe some apricots are in order. Apricots are rich in beta carotene, a carotenoid that the body converts 2 vitamin A. And research shows beta carotene may help w/night vision -- and possibly even play a part in preventing cataracts. Carrots, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe, and winter squash are other great sources of beta carotene.

Cooked kale, spinach, collards, and turnip greens (along w/broccoli and eggs) are crammed full of lutein and zeaxanthin -- 2 powerful antioxidants that may help protect against retinal damage and the onset of cataracts and age-related macular degeneration.

Kidney Beans: Your eyes do love a cup of red kidney beans straight out of the can. Why? Because they are a good source of zinc, a mineral that is vital to eye health. It helps get vitamin A from the liver 2 the retina 4 eye-protective melanin production, and proper amounts of zinc help w/night vision and cataract prevention, too. Oysters are another good source, along w/beef, seafood, poultry, and pumpkin seeds.

Oranges: Vitamin C-rich fruits and veggies -- like oranges, peaches, strawberries, tomatoes, and red bell peppers -- help support blood vessels in the eye and may reduce the risk of cataracts.
Peanuts are a good source of vitamin E, a nutrient known 4 protecting eyes from free-radical damage. Vitamin E may also hinder the progression of cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. Almonds, sunflower seeds, and hazelnuts are other good sources of vitamin E.
Salmon has two types of omega-3 fatty acids -- docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) -- both of which may be important in preventing or slowing down eye diseases. A lack of omega-3s may also contribute 2 dry eye syndrome. Other omega-3 sources include tuna, sardines, walnuts, and flaxseeds.
Whole Grains: A recent study suggests that a low-glycemic-index (GI) diet may reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) by almost 8%. One way 2 quickly lower the GI of a meal? Use high-fiber whole grains instead of refined carbs. Think quinoa, brown rice, whole oats, and whole-wheat breads and pasta rather than products made from refined grains or refined, enriched flour.
Special Note on Arteries:  Good Sources of Vitamin C

Many fruits and vegetables are naturally high in vitamin C, make sure  including plenty of these in your diet:

Peaches, frozen and sweetened (1 cup) 235 mg
Red bell pepper, raw (1 medium) 152 mg
Broccoli florets, cooked (1 cup) 101 mg
Strawberries (1 cup) 97 mg
Green bell pepper, raw (1 medium) 96 mg
Papaya (1 cup) 86 mg
Kiwifruit (1 medium) 70 mg
Orange (1 medium) 70 mg
Cantaloupe (1 cup) 59 mg
Mango (1 medium) 57 mg
Brussels sprouts, cooked (4 medium) 52 mg