Sunday, August 12, 2012

PSALM Healing 12th

 Psalm 12

LORD!  HELP!  GODLY men are fast disappearing.  Where in all the world can dependable men be found?  Everyone deceives and flatters and lies.  There is no sincerity left.

But the Lord will not deal gently with people who act like that; He will destroy those proud liars who say, "We will lie 2 our hearts' content.  Our lips are our own; who can stop us?"  The replies, "I will arise and defend the oppressed, the poor, the needy.  I will rescue them as they have longed 4 Me 2 do." 

The Lord's PROMISE is sure.   He speaks no careless word; all He says is purest Truth, like silver seven times refined.  O LORD, we know that You will forever perseve Your own from the reach of evil men, although they prowl on every side and vileness is praised through-out the land.

What Do U See?

Mark 11:24 - Therefore I say 2 u, whatever things u ask when u pray, believe that u receive them, & u will have them.
A blind lady was led 2 a great healing evangelist for prayer. After he had prayed for her, he asked her, “Now, tell me what u see.” She opened her eyes only 2b told, “Close your eyes. Tell me what u see.” She opened her eyes again only 2b told, “I didn’t say 2 open your eyes. I asked u what u saw. Close your eyes! Now, tell me what u see.”
This went on for a while, until the lady realized that the evangelist was asking her what she saw on the inside. Did she see herself seeing? When she understood that, she said, “I see myself with sight.” Then, the evangelist told her, “Now, slowly open your eyes.” That moment, she opened her eyes 2 perfect vision!
When u prayed just now, what did u see inside u? Were u praying for someone’s healing, but seeing that person in a coffin? Were u praying for a financial breakthrough, but seeing the banks pursuing u till u were bankrupt?
You see, u don’t get what u pray for. You get what u believe u receive when u pray. Jesus said, “Therefore I say to u, whatever things u ask when u pray, believe that u receive them, and u will have them.”
Beloved, “whatever things” covers your every need. And believing that u receive them comes b4 having them. Jesus once told a centurion, “Go your way; and as u have believed, so let it be done for u.” The centurion’s servant was healed that same hour. (Matthew 8:13) The centurion believed that he received his miracle even b4 he saw it in the natural.
So when u pray, what do u really believe and see on the inside?

“Well, Pastor Prince, I really can’t see it.”
Then don’t pray yet. Change your vision on the inside first. Start seeing yourself with the answer. See yourself healed. See yourself living in the bigger house that u need. See yourself enjoying more than enough. When u can see it and believe it, then pray in faith, and u will have whatever u ask for!