Saturday, June 3, 2017

Introduction:  Sometimes, people only want 2 look at pretty things, and feel good. Noone wants 2
                         hear the Truths that set us free.
                         A Universal Basic statement that is wrong when you hear someone saying: The Truth makes you Free. But that is not correct.
                       If you tell a person 2 stop smoking, or over-eating 4 example, that would indeed be the end result and good. But the HOW-2 is missing, so a person's hears it and than forgets the Instruction.
                      But when we take the time 2 explain WHY, then more is understood, and with the understanding comes the Freedom, Bcoz along side with the 'do not do', comes the WHY which gives the Application of HOW-2.
                      So the correct statement would be: The Truth you UNDERSTAND, makes you Free.
Only then can a person APPLY what they now understand which allows them 2 make new found 'healthy' decisions.  With this being said: Let me record what I am learning in different degrees and levels: I hope it helps someone and does not make them look at it wrong but in the love it is given...

MY sheep KNOW MY VOICE, and another they wont follow. (John 10:5 KJV)

Sheep like innocent children, just do as they are told bcoz they TRUST the VOICE Instructing them. But as adults, we must come 2 the point we ask, WHOSE VOICE is this speaking 2 me, or we remain gullible and easily scammed.

Spiritual adultery is very serious business. The world is the 'other adultery' or the 'they' you often hear a person referring to, which the WORLD believes in and chooses over Gods TRUE Love.

Spiritual adultery is chasing after Money, Smoking (all substances), Drinking, OVEReating, Gambling and ANY other IDOL. People who do these things are BABIES and NOT mature in the Lord. They are still growing. SAME as physical adultery, it hurts, betrays, rejects and damages TRUST. Whoring is wrong in anything we chase after Thinking grass is greener on other side. Many times as many have experienced, when we turn to see the other side we just came from, often looks worse.

BILLIONS will follow satan, but God cries alll these years bcoz people reject His love. They PROMISE God if you take me out of this situation blah blah, when God loves them, they quickly FORGET their promise.... these are called Liars. ONE DAY God will STOP crying. Then His anger will burn, but as long as Jesus came AND the Holy Spirit is still on Earth, His Grace towards all who do not deserve it, Grace is granted. He is patient, but everyone has their patient level.

God is FAIR and JUST. He has said in His Word that He gives ALL people 120 to get right with Him, but MANY die between 50 and 80 years old. Way 2 young, why ???

Bcoz they are gullible and deceived with the world's ways of doing things. Diseases and the consequences of our sin (separating ourself from Gods love) destroy us... so in essence, WE DESTROY ourselves by doing wrong things. It reminds me of History and how History always repeats itself. Noone takes it serious enough 2 find out how the past can benefit us by how others who walked b4 us did it.

God cannot be blamed 4 our own stupidity, THAT is why satan LAUGHS and points the finger on US saying WE are worthless, failers, and comdemn us, when he KNOWS we are Precious and Blessed of God. But if a person does NOT know who they are, they fall 4 satans scams.

We have bought into the lie that much is more and little has no significance. But a shout who can stand, we all want to run away from someone screaming. It detects a crisis or emergency. But WHO sees the value in a WHISPER? Try whispering and everyone around turns 2 hear. The small is the greatest value, bcoz it displays the STEPS 2 take that get you to the end desired result, not the Big Picture.

I have always found it truly amazing that God 'FINISHED' a thing, then backed up and 'BEGAN it.' And so is the small valuable and greatly significant, in it we find the MAP or the Puzzle pieces that get us there.

Example: Imagine a person trying to eat the Whole piece of meat. They would choke bcoz its too large to put it all in the mouth, the chewing process would be wasteful. But a Tiny Bite Size is like the step-by-step value of the small piece of meat compared to the huge steak itself. So our answer are all found in SEED size opportunities.

You will see MUCH MORE Of these things as the days progress. Its in the Bible from 1000s of years ago. Its ALL in there, but WHO reads the Bible 2 grow spritually and be protected under Gods Love? God will NOT FORCE us 2 Read His precious Word. Teaching myself to 'hear' my own thoughts and asking WHO is speaking right now, has changed my life so much.

Love Is A Choice.