Thursday, April 23, 2015

2 of 31 Reasons People Do Not Receive Their Financial Harvest

                                                                                         Deck The Trail
     Some people consider mere survival a success.
     Five dollars an hour is enough 4 them.  They have no great dreams.  Their long-term plans are 2 attend a movie next week.  They lack Vision.  They do not dream of creating an Orphanage for 1,000 children; printing one million Bibles 4 China, or building a television station in a great city.  Many people do not even care that their child ever attends college or not.  They simply want enough money 2 go down 2 Denny's and buy 3 pancakes and 2 eggs.  That is their idea of a grand slam in the game of life.
     Their goal is 2 get thru the day.  Most people never taste the surging, powerful and revolutionary Spirit life.  They remind me of the singer drawing his last breath in life, "One day at a time, sweet Jesus!  That is all I'm asking U 4."  Sadly, that is the condition of millions today.
     Common people set common goals.
     Uncommon achievers set uncommon goals.
     This cancer of indifference is contagious.  It will destroy every ounce of passion surging thru your veins.  Maybe this has happened 2 u.  There is nothing big you are trying 2 do any more w/your life.  U are not trying 2 feed the hungry.  U are not trying 2 reach 1 million people in China w/Bibles.  U feel nothing when your pastor tells u the vision he sees 4 the Church and your involvement.  Nothing is driving u.  Nothing is forcing u away from your present situation.  U have adapted 2 the common life...while the uncommon achiever within is screaming 4 attention.
     One of the most extraordinary achievers in my generation has been Oral Roberts.  I will never 4get a statement he once made, "The most dangerous time in your life is when u do not have a need."  That is when self sufficiency, like a cancerous growth, begins 2 form on your life.  Smugness seeps into your system.  U think God is unnecessary.  Your faith becomes unused.
     Oh my friend,  listen 2 me today!  If this is happening 2 u, run 4 your life.
     Get a  future so big that today looks tiny.  U see, when God gives u a dream, it will be bigger than your present paycheck.  it will require a miracle.
     If your dream does not require God, it is not really a God-given dream.  If God gets involved w/your dream, He becomes the only means 2 achieve it.
     You are commanded 2 become more.  Increase is expected of u.  Read the unforgettable story of the wicked and slothful servant that Jesus discussed in Matthew 25.  When he refused 2 use his talent and gifts, a curse came upon him bcoz he did not multiply.  "Take therefore the talent from him" cast ye the unprofitable servant into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth" (Matthew 25:30).
     Listen 2 the incredible first chapter of the holy ancient writings, "And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it." (Genesis 1:28).
     When I talk 2 u about a financial harvest, I am seeing something bigger than going out 2 eat at a restaurant twice a week.  I am talking about the supernatural abundant life...I am talking about living in the center of your faith, not the edges.
     I had an experience at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport many years ago.  As I spoke 2 the waitress about her finances, she tossed her hair and said, "I do not like all that preaching about money."
     "Would u not like 2 have more money?" I asked.
     "No!" she replied angrily, "that is what is wrong w/the world today.  Everybody is wanting more and more and more.  I have enough 4 me and my son.  That is all I need, and I am happy!"
     I paused.  Then, I looked right into her eyes and said,   "Have u ever seen any children on TV starving 2 death bcoz of a famine in their country?"  "Yes," she said.
     "Have u ever really wished u could help them in a significant way?"  She said impulsively and quickly, "Oh, many times I have wished..." and then her voice trailed off.  She stopped.  It hit her.
     That is what a financial harvest is all about.  Not merely being blessed, but becoming an instrument of blessing the hurting around u.
     Financial harvest is much bigger than simply being able 2 write out a check 4 your car payment on time.  It is much more powerful than being able 2 order and extra bag of french fries 4 your children at McDonald's.
     God is looking 4 Golden Connections on earth.  He wants somebody willing 2 use their faith 4 super natural events on this planet.
     Get a dream big enough 2 require the supernatural intervention of God.  Get a dream big enough 2 require every ounce of faith present in your system.  If u fail 2 birth the dream God has planted in u like a Seed, u will become angry and bitter.  U will lash out at others who are taking giant steps in a small world.  U will start talking like a victim instead of a Victor.
     Faith is confidence in God.  it requires an INSTRUCTION.  Faith is activated by needs.  When u really do not have a great need in your life, that is a dangerous Season.  U will be tempted 2 live life w/o knowing God.  When u fail 2 reach 4 God, u become cut off from all supply, the Source.
      "Without faith it is impossible 2 please Him: 4 He that cometh 2 God must believe that He is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him" (Hebrews 11:6).
      Always remember this:  the day that u say, "I have enough,"  the extra wave of blessing goes elsewhere 2 someone who is standing w/arms outstretched toward Heaven shouting, "I am expecting a supernatural wave of blessing."
      That is one of the reasons 1000's are not receiving a significant and supernatural financial harvest in their daily life.
      Double The Dream You have Been Nurturing and Your Financial Harvest Will Double!

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