Saturday, September 10, 2011

10 of 31 Reasons People Do Not Receive Their Financial Harvest


     Harvests occur daily in your life.
     What is a harvest?  A harvest is any good thing God sends into your life.  It is any person who blesses, encourages, corrects, strengthens or improves u.  It is any idea planted by your Creator that has potential 4 helping others.
    It is  any opportunity 2 increase your finances, maximize your standard of excellence or unlock a gift or skill within u.   It is any opportunity u have 2 solve a problem.  Almost no one recognizes a harvest when it occurs.
     My mother is a harvest 2 me.  I cannot believe she raised 7 of us children and still kept her Joy.  She insisted on 2 family altars every day, 2 times a day.  Every morning and every night.  She forced us 2 memorize a Scripture every day of our life.  She insisted I attend youth camps and sit and hear the Word of God daily.  She refused 2 permit me 2 attend any 'ungodly events."
     She is one who continuously speaks into my ears always saying, "Son, always remember 2 whom much is given, much is going 2b required."  She is a major and wonderful harvest in my life.  Did I recognize that as a teenage boy?  Not at all.  I hated doing dishes.  I thought that mothers had children so they could have "free servants" doing all the work at the house.  I really believed that! (If u will listen 2 teenagers around the kitchen table after a meal, u will rarely find one who has recognized their parents as harvests from God!)
     My father is a powerful golden harvest in my life.  He has prayed 6 to 10 hours every day that I can recall.  He is 80 years old today, still full of Jesus.  He is obsessed w/Scripture.  I have never heard him tell a lie, curse, or say one sentence that could not be placed on the front page of a newspaper anywhere.  He walks w/God.  My greatest and most familiar memory is him on his knees w/his hands uplifted and praying in a heavenly language.
     He  was a strong disciplinarian.  His whippings last in my memory in an unforgettable way.  I never heard him raise his voice once in my lifetime.  He never screamed.  Mother never yelled at any of us.  I am still saying, "Yes sir."  And, "No sir."  U C, he is a gift from God bcoz he warned, disciplined, and kept me in the Presence of God.
     Your harvest(s) are coming toward u every moment.
     I had spoken 4 a major trucking company several times.  Every CHRISTmas, it has been my privilege 2 speak there.  My last visit 2 Ohio, a trucker came up, "Mike, u told us about planting that SEED of $58 the last time u were here.  But, nothing happened.  It did not work 4 me."  "U did not get any harvest at all?"  I asked.  "Nope.  Nothing."
     He kept some small talk going while my mind raced 4 an appropriate question.  U C, I think any man who could look God in the face and say that he has never received anything from the Hand of God has a serious problem.  (Wisdom may not always make u bold, but I am certain ignorance always makes u bold.)  We talked awhile.  In a few minutes, he stated, "U know, something crazy happened a few weeks ago.  I was driving down this freeway over here, and my semi and my trailer jack-knifed.  Practically came off the freeway.  Could have killed me.  Luckily, I got out w/o a scratch.  Crazy, is it not?"
     This is the  same man who told me 5 minutes b4, "It did not work 4 me.  I have never received a harvest from my SEED."
      I will tell u again.  Almost nobody recognizes a harvest WHEN it occurs.  He could have been paralyzed from his neck down.  A leg could have been chopped off.  He could have died leaving his family w/o a provider.  His 'safety' was a Miracle Harvest, but he never recognized it.
     Every night u are permitted the privilege of driving into your garage, look up at that beautifullll moon and stop and say, "Thank You 4 another beautiful harvest today, Father God."
     U c, He kept His Angels around u every moment of the day.  U did not wake up in a hospital w/tubes running from your body.  Sir, listen 2 me,  That IS a Harvest!  Thousands never made it back Home today, but u did.
     When u wake up in the morning breathing, alive and well, look out your window.  If u can C a sun rising in the morning, beautiful and glowing, u have just received another harvest.   Thousands have never seen a sunrise in their lifetime, but u do!
     When u sit down tonight at supper, look carefully at the bowls full of food.  U can eat until u are stuffed and overflowing.  That IS a Harvest!  I can take u 2 parts of the world such as Calcutta, India, where children die every single night bcoz they could not find enough crumbs in the trash 2 survive another day.  When u swallow your food and digest it, u have just received another harvest.  Thousands are in hospitals this very moment who cannot feed themselves. 
     When u drove in the traffic this morning, en route 2 a full day's work, u just received another harvest.  Millions would give anything today if they knew their 'reason' 2 wake up.  But, they are unemployed.  They are looking 4 a place of significance.
     U have just received another harvest.
     Can u hear the incredible music coming across the wind, or from your stereo?  Thousands of people cannot hear a sound.  But u have just received another harvest.  As u lay your head on your soft pillow tonight, stare at the ceiling a few moments.  It may rain, but u will not be disturbed.  The winds may blow hard, but u will not sense it.  Lightning may flash, but u are safe.  U have a shelter over your head.  U are cozy.  God has again given u another harvest 2b 'thankful 4."
     When your child comes running up 2 u saying , "Daddy, Daddy," u throw your arms out and welcome that child.  U C, 1000s of parents have lost their children.  disease, accidents, irreversible situations have created a great vacuum within them.  Their house is silent, screaming w/the loneliness.  That mother would give anything in the world 2 hear her child cry in the middle of the night.  The father would trade every penny in his savings account 2C his little boy run across t he yard just one more time.  Your children are around u today. 
     You have just received another harvest from the Papa-God who loves u!
      As I awakened this morning, I swung my legs 2 the side of the bed.  I sat there, then moved into the bathroom where I punched "play" on my cassette player.  I began 2 hear the deep, powerful rich voice speaking the Scriptures aloud on the cassette.  My heart begins 2 throb.  Something in me begins 2 feel the energy of the supernatural God I serve.  U C, I have just received another harvest.
     I have found the incredible healing oil, the Word of God, that heals the wounds of my life.  Yet, millions are unsaved, unchanged, and untaught.  I have learned.  I have discovered.  I have Jesus.  he has changed my life.  I have just received another harvest.
     As u sit in your beautiful car today, air conditioned and safe, replay in your mind the 1000s of refuges who are crawling across the desert tonight looking 4 a tent where they can take their family and drink a cup of water.  A slice of bread is celebrated by them.  They have lost their home due 2 the war and conflicts in their country.  U will C it on the news every night of your life.  Yet, u will pull up at a restaurant in a few hours, purchase a hamburger, and complain bcoz something has been left off the sandwich.  Perhaps the pickles or u received mustard instead of mayonnaise.  But, u will find something 2 complain about.  By the way, do not 4get your harvest.  Oh, my friend, Count your blessings, others have so much less!  Unthankfulness was the First Sin, and God has not forgotten.
     your life has been a parade of harvest.
     See, u must learn 2 recognize your harvest.  Your harvest is any person or anything that can bless or benefit u.  It maybe someone who can contribute something u need--information, favor, finances, an explosive idea or encouragement when u need it most.  A harvest is when somebody recommends u 2 another person.  This creates the flow of favor and acceptance toward your life.  Access 2 someone who believes u is a harvest.  Your harvest already exists.
     It is walking around u!  Just as your eyes had 2b opened 2 recognize Jesus, your eyes also must 2b opened 2 recognize your harvests as they come.  The entire World missed the Harvest of Jesus"He was in the World, and the World was MADE BY HIM, and the World knew Him not!  He came unto His own, and His own received Him not" (John 1:10-11).  How tragic!  Spiritual leaders, such as teh Pharisees, failed 2 recognize Him!  Politicians of His day failed 2 C Him as their harvest.
     That is why I am baffled, bewildered and angered at the vicious, malicious, unexplainable attach on the message of sowing SEED 4 a harvest.  Recently, I wept b4 a large group of ministers and cried out, "Will somebody explain 2 me why Offering Time is so painful 4 u?  Please tell me why u can spend 2 hours on Friday night sponsoring a basketball game 4 your teenagers, but u think 15 minutes in a service discussing the SEED and the harvest is too long?  Please explain that!  Somebody tell me why it is permissible 2 sit for 90 minutes at a 24 hour restaurant 4 pancakes after church, but a 90 minute message on prosperity from the hand of the Multiplier and Provider aggravates, agitates and infuriates us?  Please explain 2 me.  Tell me why an offering turns u off!"
     "Somebody please tell me why it was all right 4 Jesus 2 die like a dog on Calvary;  8 inches of thorns crushed into His brow; a spear in His side and spikes in His hands and His feet; 400 soldiers spitting on His body; 39 stripes tearing His back 2 shreds 4 'OUR Healing'; His beard ripped off His sweet face.  Yet talking about bringing a dime out of each dollar back  the House of God infuriates those who claim 2b obsessed w/Him and His will.  Will somebody please explain that?"
     What do u have that God did not give u?
     It is He that keeps breathing His Breath into u.  U could not breath another minute if God did not breath into u.
      U could not walk another step if God were not there.  U could not live another day if His Presence were withheld from u.  Everything u possess came from Him.  Everything u will 'ever' own in your Future must come from Him.
     I looked at 100s of pastors in Washington, DC, and cried out, "Please explain why u are embarrassed 2 celebrate sowing a SEED into the work of Jesus Christ!  Why?  Why?  WHY?  Why is that so humiliating 2 u?  Why are u so bold and audacious and brash enough 2 ask God 4 a continuous stream of miracles 4 everybody in your church, yet u do not have enough boldness 2 look in the face of your people and Instruct them 2 bring an offering 2 the front and place it openly and Joyfully in His hand?  Why?  Is it a reward 4 a boxer 2 receive $14 millions dollars for 90 SECONDS of boxing?  Another athlete receives $40 MILLION for bouncing a basketball.  yet, why is bringing 10 CENTS 2 God so burdensome 2 us?
     Why is it painful 4 us 2 ask some one for $20 2 spread the Name of Jesus, the Greatest Name on Earth that brings men,  women and children out of hell into Heaven?
      O, Listen 2 me.  Hear my Heart today!  When your pastor receives an offering, he has just opened the door 4 YOU 2 change the SEASONS of your life.  U can whine about it.  Complain about it.  Sneer and ridicule.  U may even say idiotic things like, "I am so glad our pastor never talks about Money."  Frankly, I would never attend a church twice that did not discuss money often.  U C, I think about supply every day of my life.  The last thing I need is someone who ignores the greatest  needs in my life!
     Some board members recently discussed the salary of their pastor w/me.  They were concerned.  They felt his income might be a little larger than necessary.
     "Is your family ready 4 Heaven should they die?"  I asked.  "Whose teaching has sustained them and kept them close 2 God?"
     As we talked, their eyes widened.  They understood.  They were actually considering lowering his salary, yet he was the man who was the Prayer Covering over their lives, driving back the darkness of error, smashing the locks on their mental prisons, and bringing them into the Presence of God whose Peace and Joy was multiplied in their lives.  Their pastor had changed them 4ever.  But they did not recognize him as their harvest.
     It is possible that your miracle harvest is going past u every day.
     U are failing 2 C it.  Failing 2 appropriate it.  Failing 2b thankful 4 it.
     U must stop how busy u are, long enough 2 C what is happening around u.
     U are moving toward something wonderful.  Something marvelous is also moving toward u. Can u slow down long enough 2 discern it?  Nobody else an do it 4 u.  Nobody.  Nobody else should do it 4 u.  U are responsible 4 your life, your SEED, and your harvest(s).
     "Oh, I wish I could try one more time," a woman cried.  "I made a huge mistake w/my husband.  it was my fault.  he was the greatest man I ever knew, but I managed 2 find flaws and things I did not like about him.  I want 2 go back Home, but I cannot."
     It was 2 late.  Her harvest had gone thru her fingers.  It was over.
     Often I hear, "Dr. Mike, I give and give and give, but God never gives it back 2 me.  I never receive the harvest.  What should I do?"
      That question haunts me.  How could any person who had any discerning at all of the blessings of God stand boldly and unashamedly and say, "God never blesses me?"  It is explainable... That individual has no idea what a harvest even looks like.
     Do u?
     Oh, friend, recognize any ingratitude on your part and repent immediately.
     Let us pray 4 one moment:
     "Father God, 4give us 4 ingratitude, unthankfulness and any blindness toward the harvest You have provided.  It is true that our complaining spirit has robbed us and aborted many miracles You had scheduled 4 us.  In the Name of Jesus, I release myself 2 You.  I give all of me 2 You, knowing that You will reveal wonderful and powerful thing(s) 2 me.
     Thank You Lord 4 my health, my eyesight, and ability 2 walk today.  Thank You 4 the Mind that You have given me, and the doors of favor that have opened into my life.  You are a marvelous, powerful and Giving God!  I am thankful.  I am grateful.  And I shall not forget Your Hand of blessing in my life.
     Show me what 2 do.  I will obey You.  I will Listen 2 Your Voice, and I will be swift 2 give You the Glory and Praise 4 every good thing You do 4 me.  You will receive 10 percent of everything You bless me with, and even more as You provide.  I thank You 4 every blessing in the Name of Jesus.  Amen."

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