Sunday, September 11, 2011

11 of 31 Reasons People Do Not Receive Their Financial Harvest

=========     Faith moments are miracle moments


    Observe Elijah.  He looked into the anguished face of a tormented widow of Zarephath.  Can u possibly imagine the depths of sorrow her soul had plunged?  She had watched her emaciated son wither and shrivel up b4 her very eyes.  She had taken a long, slow march 2 a tragedy.  Her problem was not a mere broken down automobile.  Her problem was not paying her house note on time.  Her financial dream was not 'new clothes."
     She was one meal away from death.
     Is this the kind of crisis that inspires giving?  Hardly.  It is the kind of moment that inspires hoarding.  You are angry.  You are sad.  You are hurting.  U do not want 2 hear any preacher discuss 'sowing SEED."  In fact, any talk about offerings would infuriate and anger anyone in this kind of crisis.  it would be 'normal' 4 her 2 say 2 Elijah, "If u had the Heart of God, u would be giving 2 the poor instead of asking 4 money from me.  If u really knew God, u would have brought me a meal, instead of an offering envelope."
     She had every reason 2 question his validity as a man of God.  Where was his sensitivity?  Where was his compassion, the proof that he cared?
     The proof that he cared was his refusal 2 bog down and wallow w/her in sympathy and self-pity.  He fueled her faith, not her self-pity.  She had every reason 2 question him, but , she did not.  She had something that few have-- the ability 2 recognize a man of God when he came along.  She had the ability 2 listen 2 a challenge instead of criticize it.
     When God loves u enough 2 assign a man of God 2 unlock your faith, u must recognize it as the moment of your miracle.
     I had a puzzling and troubling experience several years ago.  It was at one of my World Wisdom Conferences.  I will never 4get it as long as I live.  Someone handed me a note and said, "A minister here feels led 2 receive an offering 4 your ministry."
     "No, I have already received one.   This is not the time,"  I replied.  One of my closest friends, Nancy Harmon, came and stood beside me and whispered.
     "Mike, this man really wants 2 receive an offering.  He feels that God has spoken 2 him specifically at this point 2 receive an offering."
     "No, Nancy.  I'm the host here, and I really do not feel God in this at all."
     Within a few moments, our evangelist friend came 2 me.  Tears were in his eyes and on his face.  He was shaking his head.  "Brother, I am supposed 2 receive an offering 4 your ministry."
     It bothered me.  It almost agitated and angered me.  Nobody wants 2b led by the Holy Spirit more than Mike Murdock.  I am more sensitive than anybody could imagine.  (Anyone who has written over 5,000 songs is sensitive!)  I simply did not 'feel' the "wind of God" blowing in that service 4 finances.  I had a different plan 4 a special offering later that night and I had already received an offering earlier.  But, I could not doubt he was a man of God.
     His life  proved it.  Proven men of God embraced him as a credible evangelist.  Thousands had come 2 Christ thru him.  He was dynamic.  Articulate.  He obviously carried the Mantle of financial blessing on his life.
     So, I handed him the microphone.  I felt as cold as Alaska, but stood quietly nearby.  He cried.  Everybody else cried.  The offering was received.  Many people rushed 2 the front.  They were carrying checks for $1000 and many others came 4 faith promises.  I never did feel God in it.  Even 2 this day, as I remember those moments,  I never 'felt' God in the entire offering.  However, everyone else received incredible blessing and happiness.  Testimonies have come from that service.  Over $100,000 was promised or given 2 our ministry 2 buy television time.  Yet, I stood in the presence of the man of God and did not feel anything.  But, God required me 2 trust His man, whether I felt it or not.  Had I refused 2 trust the challenge of a man of God, my partners would have lost all their harvests.  My ministry would have lost $100,000 2 purchase television airtime.  Bills would have been unpaid.  Oh, I wonder how much has been lost thru our unwillingness 2 accept the man God sends 2 us.
     If u could C how much financial blessing has been lost bcoz of the moments u decided 2 go by 'your feelings," it would sicken your heart.  If God was 2 replay the Voice of every man of God He had sent 2 u, and remind u of your response of UNBELIEF, u would be unable 2 sleep tonight.
     Your heart would be broken.
     I was in Tulsa during the month of June, 1994.  After a board meeting, I went into a major service.  A wonderful minister friend of mine took the microphone and proceeded 2 receive an offering.  Now, I had already given this ministry several thousand dollars.  So, I sat calmly as others prepared their offerings.  My checkbook was at home (I do not usually like 2 give cash).  I had no intention of giving whatsoever.
     Suddenly, the minister Instructed, "I want everyone 2 plant a SEED of $200, every minister here."  If I remember correctly, he told us 2 focus our SEED 4 a double portion of the Presence of God, and a real visitation of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  Of course, nothing was even implied taht u could buy a miracle from God.  Any fool knows u cannot purchase a miracle from God w/money.  Certainly u cannot buy the Holy Spirit.
     Suddenly my minister friend announced, "While the Holy Spirit is hovering over this place, while the soil is moist, plant your SEED.  Do it now."
     I had no interest in sowing another SEED.  None.  I give and give and give.  Sometimes, I am simply tired of giving.  Especially 2 a ministry that had received much from me already.
     Now, I have healthy fear of God in my life.  It operates strongly.  The thought of 'missing the will of God" is terrifying 2 me.
     Something touched my spirit.  I knew it was important 4 me 2 plant this SEED of $200.  So, I reached reluctantly, but obediently, and pulled out two $100 bills.  I sowed the SEED.  And, walked out of the conference and never thought about my SEED again.  But, the Holy Spirit remembered.
     Oh, I am so thankful 4 the precious Holy Spirit in my life!  He has salvaged me from so many crises!  He has opened so many golden doors of opportunity!  He has created the Golden Connection w/so many precious friends!  He is your precious Source of Blessing too!
     My harvest came in less than 30 days.  I went 2 bed at 5:00am on a Wednesday morning, July 13, 1994.  Two hours later, I was awakened by the Holy Spirit.  That day was the greatest day in my lifetime of memories.  I had indescribable, an unforgettable encounter w/the Holy Spirit on July 13.  I would trade every other discovery of my lifetime 4 what I had discovered about the Holy Spirit on that day.  Less than 30 days after my SEED of $200... in obedience 2 a man of God.  Since then, I have written 100s of songs 2 the Holy Spirit, held scores of Schools of the Holy Spirit and watched 1000s enter into the greatest SEASON of their spiritual life.  The answer was simple.  I had obeyed the INSTRUCTION of a man of God.  
     At some point in your life, God will place His servant b4 u.  His servant will look u in the eye and challenge u 2 plant a SEED of obedience.  It will be an illogical SEED.  it will be a challenging SEED.
     It will require every ounce of your faith.  If u choose 2 reject his challenge, u will miss the most glorious Season-of-Harvest u could have ever tasted.
     If u choose 2 obey the man of God, the Golden Door of Blessing will swing wide and u will step out of famine into the  Season-of-Prosperity u have desired your entire life.
     Let us pray:
     "Oh, Father, 4give us 4 staying in the arena of self-righteousness, logic and human ability.  When u bring your servant into our life, it is 2 bless and empower us.  You are a Good God, a Wonderful God.  A Giving God.  One of the Greatest things You do is inspire us 2 let go of something in our hand so You will let go of what is in Your hand 4 us.  In Jesus Name.  Amen."

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