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09 of 31 Reasons People Do Not Receive Their Financial Harvest


     A SEED is a tiny beginning w/a huge Future.
     It is anything that can become more.   It is the Beginning.  It is anything u can do, know or possess that can improve the life of another.  

     What can u 'do' that can improve someone's life?  What do u 'know' that can improve someone's life?  What do u possess that can improve someone's life?

     Your Thoughts are SEEDS 4 desired behavior, conduct and creativity.
     Your Love is a SEED 4 relationships.
     Your TIME is a SEED.
     Your Patience is a SEED.
     Your Money is a SEED.
     Your Kindness is a SEED 2 others.
     Your Prayers are SEEDS.
     Stopping slander is a SEED.
     Thankfulness is a SEED.
     Your SEED is anything u have received from God that can be traded 4 something else.
     U are a walking warehouse of SEEDS.  Most people do not even know this.  They have no idea how many SEEDS they contain that can be planted into the lives of others.

     > Anything that improves another is a SEED.
     > Anything that makes another smile is a SEED.
     > Anything that makes someone's life easier is a SEED.

     Millions are so busy studying what they do not have they usually overlook something they have already received.
     Certainly u must inventory your own 'needs.'  But it is more important 2 inventory your SEEDS.  Stop focusing on what u do not have, and look closer at something u already have been given.
     Moses did.  He complained that he could not talk.  God Instructed him 2 shut up an acknowledge the rod in his hand.  That was his SEED.  His 'tool' 2 create his Future.
     David complained that he could not use the armor of Saul.  God Instructed him 2 look back at the slingshot he possessed.  God always gives u something that can begin your Future.
     Something u have been 'given' will create anything else u have been 'promised.'  Little things birth big things.  Acorns become oak trees.
     One of my associate evangelists has some remarkable qualities that will make him succeed w/his life.  He is willing 2b corrected.  He never pouts, never sulks, never withdraws.  When he makes a mistake, he is swift 2 admit it.  he does not have a lazy bone 2 him.  His golden attitude is a golden SEED.
     So, when God provided some extra finances 4 my ministry, the first thing I wanted 2 do is purchase him a suit.  Why?  His SEEDS of kindness, faithfulness and love were working.  His harvest was inevitable.
     Most people have no idea what a SEED really is.

       Showing up at work on time... is a SEED.  Showing up ahead of time is another SEED.  U C, anything that u can do 2 make life easier 4 your boss or anyone else... is a SEED.
     Millions have never used 10 percent of the SEED stored within them.  U C, mowing the grass 4 your church is a SEED.  Baby-sitting 4 a struggling single parent is a SEED.
     U are a Living collection of SEEDS, a warehouse of powerful, tiny golden passionate beginnings.
    U must recognize the SEEDS God has 'already' stored within uYour SEED is 'any' gift, skill, or talent that God has provided 4 u 2 sow into the lives of others around u.  Do not hide it.  Use your SEED.  Celebrate the existence of SEEDS in your life... that are carving the road 2 your Future.  Even Joseph recognized his ability 2 interpret dreams.  He wanted 2 help others.  When Pharaoh became troubled, Joseph had a SEED 2 sow toward his life.  "A man's gift maketh room 4 him and bringeth him b4 great men" (Proverbs 18:16).
     One of the greatest stories in ancient writings is in I Kings 17.  Elijah was being fed by ravens at the brook, Cherith.  When the brook dried up and the raven failed 2 show, God gave him a new Instruction 2 go 2 Zarephath, a small village in Zidon.  There, a widow would receive an Instruction 2 provide food 4 him.  When he arrived at the widow's, the scene was dismal and tragic.  She was out gathering 2 sticks (I will call them 2 pancakes).  Her son lay emaciated on his deathbed in her little house.
     Yet, the man of God spoke boldly 2 her 2 plant a SEED and give him some of her food.
     Her supply had run out.  She had no Faith 4 survival.  She had no faith 4 provision.  she was looking at her last meal on Earth 4 her and her son.
     Now, imagine the Instructions from the man of God.  "Take one of those pancakes and give it 2 me."  She  could have easily said, "Every one of u preachers have been trying 2 get my pancakes.  I received 10 letters this week from TV preachers wanting 2 share this pancake." lol
     But, Elijah starts giving Instructions that are Scriptural.  His Instructions were SEEDS.  He was sowing them toward the widow.  "Would u get some water 4 me?  While u are at it, would u bring me a little meal?"
     "I cannot do that.  I do not have enough 4 all of us.  Just enough 4 me and my son."  Elijah explained patiently,  "I understand that.  U are wise 2 take care of your son.  I want u 2 do that.  But, first bring something 2 me  as a man of God.  Sow it as a beginning, a SEED."
     Then, he suddenly gives her a 'REASON' 4 sowing.  No, he does not pull out his newsletter and show her a photograph of a dead bird lol who never showed back up 2 feed him.   He made no reference 2 the brook drying up.  He never told her that his ministry was over and he would starve if she did not cook him a meal.
     Rather he showed her a picture of a Future.  Something that she had not noticed b4.  He revealed 2 her that something she already had in her possession [oil, flour] was the golden KEY 2 getting into her Future.  He gave her a 'picture' of the potential supply, the harvest. (I Kings 17:14).
     U need somebody help u sow the SEED u already possess.  U need someone 2 show u a 'picture' of the Future within it.
  Develop an appreciation 4 the man of God who helps u discover your SEED, and provides a photograph of the harvest u can expect.
     Elijah did it.  It turned a poor woman into a miracle woman.  From poverty 2 plenty.  From famine 2 supply.
     U C, most people have not even noticed something they already have that can create their Future.  Your TME is a SEED.
     It will produce what money cannot.  A friend of mine was brokenhearted.  His teenage son had received a car, world travel tickets, and still hated his father.
     "Change the SEED if u do not like the harvest u are producing," I said.  "Stop the money flow.  Provide him 2 hours a day for 14 days of nonjudgmental time.  Give him what he cannot find anywhere else and he will return 2 u.  Create a non-critical climate.  Permit him 2 talk and discuss anything w/u for 2 hours a day.  Document what occurs."  Two weeks later they became best buddies, going fishing in the morning.  The crisis was over.  He found a SEED that would produce the desired result.
     TIME is a precious thing.  Wherever u sow it, something incredible will 'grow.'
     Think of huge space called eternity.  God reached into it and took a chunk of it and placed it on Earth, calling it TIME.  Imagine Him saying, "Here is Time.  U can trade it 4 anything else u want on Earth."  He did not give u friends.  He gave u TIME.  U sowed Time into others and created strong friendships.  God has never "handed" u any money.  He gave u TIME.  U went 2 someone w/money and exchanged your Time 4 their money.  Your boss has money, and u have "TIME" in the way of work 2 trade with.
     TIME is the currency on Earth.
     France has the franc,  Germany has the marc.  Japan has the yen.  England has the pound.  Mexico has the peso.  America has the dollar.
     Your currency on Earth is TIME.  God gave u TIME 2 exchange 4 anything else that was important 2 u.
     I have never met a poor person who was really conscious of the importance of Time.  I have never met a wealthy person who was not aware of the importance of Time.  U C, your TIME is a precious gift from God.
     TIME is your SEED that can produce what money cannot buy.
Imagine this scenario w/me 4 a moment.  U happen 2b in the office when your boss leans back in his chair and sighs,   "I sure wish I had a good glass of carrot juice."  Let me show u a few responses that usually occur:

     1.  $5.00  an hour employee:  "I would like 2 have a glass of carrot juice too!"

     2.  $6.00 an hour employee:  "U like carrot juice!   I like cokes myself."

     3.  $7.00 an hour employee:  "If I had some carrots, I would make u some."

     4.   $8.00 an hour employee:  "Would u like 4 me 2 find someone 2 make u some?"

     5.  Employee who can decide his own salary:  "I will be right back, sir, within 20 minutes."  He returns w/a glass of carrot juice requesting more information.  "Would u like this daily at a specific time?  It can happen, sir."  That is SEED sowing.
     Every time your boss is disappointed, u have a chance 2 prove your uniqueness and significance.  Every time u C him unhappy, it is a potential 2 a promotion.  Look, look and look again 4 opportunities 2 plant a SEED.  They surround u every day.  Hundreds of them.
     Every SEED is a Golden Door from your present into your Future.
     If u do not recognize a SEED, how could u ever recognize the harvest from it?   If a farmer has never seen what a kernel of corn looks like, do u think he would recognize a field of stalks of corn on the side of the road?  Of course not.  U cannot begin 2 recognize a harvest until  recognize a SEED-- something precious within  u God has enabled u 2 know, do or possess and sow.
     U are a Walking Warehouse of SEEDS.  Invest TIME  in the Secret Place--  your personal place of prayer.  Ask the Holy Spirit 2 show u what u have been given, supernaturally and naturally 2 plant into the lives of others.  Your Future is in your own hands.

     >  U can see something nobody else can see.
     >  Y already know something others do not know.
     >  U can solve problems others cannot solve.  Solving them is your SEED that brings any kind of harvest u desire.

     Millions have no idea what a SEED really is, so they never receive the harvest from it bcoz it goes unplanted and unsown.
     Discover the SEEDS u have already received from God and your Future can be anything u desire.

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