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8 of 31 Reasons People Do Not Receive Their Financial Harvest


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     Look at the young pianist practicing at the piano.  He has a small gift.  It is a SEED.  It  will become his harvest.  He becomes renown around the world as millions buy his  albums.  He is worth millions bcoz of the impact of his music.  Something he had in his present became much bigger in his Future.
     Think about the brilliant mind of Albert Einstein.  He had a SEED of  curiosity.  It became the Bridge 2 brilliance.  He understood some scientific principles like no human who had ever lived b4 him.  Something in his present became much bigger in his Future.  David walks into an army camp w/a slingshot in his  back pocket.  It was  something in his present that became much bigger in his Future.  It brought him into the kingship of Israel as 1000s of women danced in the streets honoring him after the death of Goliath.
     A small boy hands 5 loaves and 2 fishes into the hands of Jesus.  It was his Seed.   It contained something much bigger when the hands of Jesus touched it.  Most people never grasp this.
     What u presently possess that looks 'tiny', small and insignificant is incredibly huge, powerful and overwhelming when it arrives in your Future.  Most never even grasp the power of their Seed!  So, how can they understand the power of their harvest?
     I was in Kansas City.  I shared the testimony about my Seed of $58 and the results that had occurred in many lives bcoz of it.  After my message, a little boy walked up 2 me.   I had no idea what his name was or anything.  The Spirit nudged my heart.  "Give him a $100 bill."  I was a little shocked.  "He is too little.  I could give him a dollar and he would not know the difference," I responded.  The Holy Spirit insisted.  So I reached inside my pocket, rather reluctantly, and handed him the $100 bill.  A few minutes later, a little girl walks up.  It turns out that she is his sister.  The Holy Spirit said, "Give her a $100 bill also."  I did not know her name, and still do not know her name.  But, I understood the Voice of the precious Holy Spirit.  I handed her a $100 bill from my wallet.  Then a woman walked up.  It turned out that she was their mother.  She was shocked when she saw her 2 children holding  $100 bills in their hands.  She blurted out, "What is this 4?"  "The Holy Spirit just told me 2 give it 2 them, "I explained.
     The began 2 cry.  She explained, "Tonight u told everyone of us 2 plant a SEED of $58 2 represent the 58 kinds of Blessings of the Bible.  When I went thru my purse w/tears in my eyes, I was so disheartened.  U C, my husband left me 3 weeks ago.  He has refused 2 help us financially at all.  When the children and I came 2 church tonight, we did not have a can of food in our pantry.  No milk in the refrigerator.  No food at all.  We are broke.  When I emptied my purse during the offering, I looked 4 every penny I could find, every nicket, 2 find the $58 dollars.  I did not have it.  But, the total amount of money that I found in my purse was .58 cents.  So, I said, Lord, I am planting this .58 cents as a memorial that I want You 2 remember me.  I have confidence You are going 2 bless me w/all 58 blessings."  She kept crying.  she said,   "Now, my children and I can go 2 an all-night grocery store and buy $200 worth of groceries 4 our family."  I cannot tell u how much that blessed and lifted my heart.
     U C, my $200 was my harvest God had provided 4 me.  I had no idea that I could create a 4ever memory in a small family who lacked food and desperately needed a demonstration of God 4 their life.  U cannot believe how powerful your harvest can be until u concentrate on the good it can do.
     Someone complained, "I do not believe in all this prosperity teaching."  How sad!  Are u shrinking your goals 2 accommodate your financial lack?  Are u willing 2 forfeit your dreams 2 accommodate your small harvest?  Or, are u determined 2b used by God 2 make your harvest an incredible tool 4 good?
     Not everybody is pursuing their harvest so they can stay at the shopping center a little longer.  Millions of Christians ache 2 help a minister in India, build a family life center 4 their pastor, walk thru a Christian bookstore and buy $500 worth of books 4 their children's library.  Yes, it is true.  Thousands sneer, ridicule and scorn ministers of the gospel attempting 2 unlock their flow of faith 4 a financial turnaround.  They sneer, "Money, money, money.  That is all he talks about is more money. "  They have missed the point.  Satan dreads your harvest.  He knows it's Future.  Do u ?  Can u grasp the amount of incredible things u can make happen 4 others ... after your harvest arrives?  Many never think beyond the moment of their Seed sowing.
     They cannot imagine or grasp the unbelievable impact they could make 4 good ... after their harvest arrives.  So, they never plant big Seed.  they never make big plans.  they never use great faith.  They cannot fully grasp the potential impact their one-100 fold harvest will have on the Earth, so they never reach.
     It explains one of the major reasons people never receive a financial harvest.
     Her name was Sister Maxwell.  She was an old lady attending my father's church.  Every few weeks she would shove a $5.00 bill and a $10.00 bill in my mother's hand saying, "I want 2 help send little Michael Dean 2 Bible school."  I was 17 years old.  My family had no money 2 send me.  I did not have enough money 2 buy a plane ticket 2 go.  But, she took her supply, her personal financial harvest, and began 2 sow into my life 2 send me 2 Bible school.   I went.
     While attending, an old missionary preached a sermon one day at chapel that changed my life 4ever.  He called the message, "Burn your plow."  He Instructed us students 2 do like Elisha did and burn the plow of self-sufficiency and give our lives 2 follow our ministries.  I laid on the floor of the auditorium 4 the entire day.  I skipped classes.  I cried like a baby.  I made up my mind that God could have every part of me unreservedly.  I was willing 2 give up anything 2 preach this gospel 4 Him the rest of my life.
     That was 12,000 services ago, 31 years ago, and 36 countries ago.
     Thousands have accepted Christ.  Several thousand have accepted the call into the ministry.  I could not begin 2 count the many miracles that have occurred... bcoz a little woman named Sister Maxwell took part of her harvest and helped inspire me 2 go into Bible school.  Her harvest was my bridge into my ministry.
     It is possible that I might not have gone 2 Bible school, nor heard that sermon, had she not used part of her harvest as an exit from my present into my future.  Every dollar in your hand can become a DOOR 4 someone in prison somewhere.
     Somebody will be delivered bcoz of your harvest.  Grasp that.  C it.  Shout over it and get happy.
     When u really realize the incredible Potential Impact u can make when your financial harvest arrives, your FAITH will leap.  That faith is the magnet that attracts the Supernatural Financial Harvest u long 2 experience.

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