Monday, October 1, 2012

A Blessing in Every Trial

Victoria BoysonThere is an unclean spirit whose sole purpose is 2 convince us that he is God. He comes sounding very much like God and plays on our weaknesses and on our sinful thoughts and desires. It is sent 2 deceive those who have a strong gift of intercession, and it seeks 2 gain access 2 our hearts and minds 2 use our prayers 2 bring harm 2 the Body of Christ. One of its goals is 2 cause our mouths 2 come into agreement with the realms of darkness.

This demon may present himself as a gift of discernment or even a prophetic revelation. It may begin by flattering u and try and convince u that u are one of the few who really hear God's voice and speak for Him. It seeks 2 elevate your opinion of yourself 2 raise u above those who would be your teachers, thereby making u unteachable. These are only a few of the ways this spirit operates.

This demon is known as the religious spirit.
But don't let his name fool u – he is subtle, but destructive. He wants 2 gain access 2 your mouth 2 release Hell's destructive powers on the earth. And he seeks 2 gain access 2 your heart through any areas of your heart and mind that are not yet yielded 2 Christ, or any part of your heart that has been hardened by the presence of cold love.

I have seen this spirit deceive many sincere, godly people and use them 2 divide and destroy the Church. They feel they have been given a "message from God" that others in the Body of Christ are not right spiritually or have "secret sins."

They may have had a disagreement with a church or an individual, but instead of walking in true forgiveness, they become resentful toward them. Instead of praying for them, they begin 2 pray against them, asking God 2 bring judgment on them. They may even feel that they "know" what God's judgment against them will be, and pray according 2 what they feel it should be.

Believing that they are warring against principalities, they war against their brother or sister in the Lord. But in actuality, they are fighting against Christ Himself.

I have heard people say 2 me that "God" has told them that He is going 2 destroy such and such a church, ministry or person. But instead of them being genuinely terrified of that happening and praying against it, I have gotten the sense that they would love nothing better than 2 see that organization or individual destroyed.

Without realizing it, these people have come into agreement with the powers of darkness. Instead of standing in the gap for their brother or sister, they view them as being out of God's reach. They have unconsciously put them in the category of the "unredeemable." They may even feel that these people are standing in God's way of really displaying His power in the Church, and in an attempt 2 "help" God, they pray for their removal.

Instead of believing for God's mercy 2 prevail in their brother's life, they feel that he is not as "spiritual" as he should be, so they determine in their heart that God must want 2 wipe him out. THIS IS NOT THE HEART OF GOD!

Soulish Prayers
Prayers that are prayed outside of God's will and in accordance with the selfish desires of our own hearts are called soulish prayers. And when we pray against others, we cause the powers of darkness 2b released on them. This can cause horrific warfare for them. This is witchcraft, and if we dabble in it, we open up our own lives for these destructive spirits 2 come back on us and wreak havoc in our own lives.

"Do not judge, and u will not be judged. Do not condemn, and u will not be condemned. Forgive and u will be forgiven." Luke 6:37

"...For with the measure you use, it will be measured 2 u." Luke 6:38

It is very dangerous 2 assume that we know God's will for others and then pray for that 2 happen. We may find ourselves fighting against the will of God for their lives. We should always confirm what we feel we have heard in the spirit with the peace of God. If we do not have peace about the word we have received, if it does not come from a heart full of genuine love for our brother, then we should disregard it.

The Religious Spirit
The religious spirit is the same spirit that drove Paul 2 persecute the first Church. As he harassed a small group called the Nazarenes, he honestly felt that he was working for God. He killed and imprisoned hundreds of the followers of Christ and felt right in doing so. He was convinced in his heart that he was fulfilling the will of God.

Paul was positive that he knew what was right and that these Christians were evil. Furthermore, he believed they must be destroyed and felt commissioned by God 2 do so.

But when the Lord revealed Himself 2 Paul on the road 2 Damascus, He showed Paul that he was not fighting for truth, but for the realms of darkness.

What agony Paul must have experienced when he learned the truth of his actions. He did so much want 2 fight for God, and yet he found himself fighting against Him. How he must have agonized over his sin; his grief must have been immeasurable. However, Paul repented and turned from being the greatest persecutor of the early Church 2 being its greatest defender.

We too can turn away from praying for God's punishment 2 come on those we do not approve of, and start praying for God's will and mercy 2b evident in their lives. We can be led by the Spirit of Truth found in God's Word that says, "The wisdom that comes from Heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere. Peacemakers who sow in peace raise a harvest of righteousness" (James 3:17-18).

It is essential that we all seek 2 guard our hearts with the love of God because "love covers over a multitude of sins" (1 Peter 4:8). The Lord has warned us in Matthew 24:12 that the love of many will grow cold because of the increase of lawlessness, "but he who stands firm 2 the end will be saved" (v.13).

The only way of guarding our hearts is for our hearts 2b bound 2 the Lord. Any places in our hearts that are not yielded 2 the Lord are areas of vulnerability 2 the enemy.

We must not pray for others out of a sense of frustration or anger. The greatest and safest prayer we can pray for ourselves and others is "THY will be done!" Not their will or our will, but pray earnestly for God's will 2b accomplished in their life.

God Will Bless You
If u feel u have been the victim of soulish prayers or witchcraft u may at times feel a heaviness or an ominous sense of failure. You may have an increase of strife in your relationships, experience confusion or an overwhelming feeling of self-loathing. But take heart, half the battle is knowing what is attacking u.

Like it or not, u will need 2 pray for those who have prayed against u. Pray that their words against u will be powerless and that they will stop praying out of the will of God. Ask God 2 bless them with His peace, love and mercy.

Above all else, we must forgive them bcoz they really do not realize what they are doing. They are victims of this unclean spirit as much as we are. "We wrestle not against flesh and blood" (Ephesians 6:12), meaning: We do not fight each other, but we "wrestle" satan and his demons. The enemy is our enemy. And we do not wrestle in the natural but in the supernatural realm.

Repent of any unforgiveness u may be harboring against them or others and ask God 2 give u His unconditional love for them. And, if possible, be an encouragement 2 them – it will be very difficult for them 2 continue 2 hate u if u respond 2 them in love. Note: It may take time for the spiritual atmosphere around u to be cleared of all their prayers, so continue 2 cover yourself in prayer often.

Finally, be sure 2 watch how God will bless u through this, bcoz in every trial we face, there is a blessing in it for us if we yield 2 God. If the enemy has targeted u, be encouraged by it bcoz he must know of something very powerful in your future or he wouldn't bother harassing u.

Victoria Boyson
Speaking Life Ministries


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