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27 of 31 Reasons People Do Not ReceiveTheir Financial Harvest


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     The unlearned are simply untaught.
     Teachers are necessary.  U would not have the ability 2 even read this book, but a teacher entered your life.  U sat at their feet.  U learned the alphabet.  Hour after hour u sat thru boring, agitating and often frustrating moments.  But, it opened the Golden Door 2 Life.
     You can only know something u have heard.  Something u have been taught.  That is why God gives Mentors, Ministers of the Gospel, and Parents 2 impart Knowledge.  "And he gave some, Apostles; and some, Prophets; and some, Evangelists; and some, Pastors and Teachers;  For the perfecting of the saints, 4 the work of the ministry, 4 the edifying of the body of Christ... That we henceforth be no more children, tossed 2 and fro, and carried about w/every wind of doctrine" (Ephesians 4:11,12,14).
     Everyone understands sowing.  Sowing is planting a SEED in soil 4 a desired harvest and return.
     SEED-faith is sowing a specific SEED in Faith that it will grow a harvest thru-out your life.  It is deciding what kind of harvest u want 2 grow and sowing a SEED 2 make it happen.
     SEED-faith is letting go of something u have been given 2 create something else u have been promised.
     SEED-faith is using something u have 2 create something else u want.  When u let go of what is in your hand, God will let go of what is in His Hand.
     Your SEED is what blesses somebody else.  Your HARVEST is anything the blesses u.  So, SEED-faith is sowing something u possess in faith that God will honor it by bringing a harvest where u need it most.
     Now, most people have never understood  the wonderful, glorious part of this Principle of Sowing  and Reaping.  In fact, it is usually a threat.  U will hear a parent tell a rebellious teenager, "Some day, u are going 2 reap what u sow!"  Now, they rarely say that 2 the teenager when he is obedient and doing something wonderful!  They only emphasize that when they are focusing on something wrong that their child did.
     Every minister has used Galatians 6:7 2 motivate their congregation 2 have a healthy fear of God.  "Be not deceived; God is not mocked : 4 whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap."  But, if u keep reading after that verse, it is a wonderful and powerful PROMISE that concludes, "... but he that soweth 2 the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.  And let us not be weary in well-doing:  4 in Due Season we shall reap, if we faint not" (Galatians 6:7-9).
     The Apostle Paul continues emphasizing this incredible and miraculous Principle of SEED-faith.  It is his personal encouragement in using this principle 2 help people do something wonderful 4 others!  "As we have there4 opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith" (Galatians 6:10).
     The principle of sowing and reaping in Scripture isn't a threat.  It is a wonderful and glorious PROMISE 2 believers that patience in sowing SEED will produce a harvest worthy of pursuit.  
     The Principle:  U can decide any harvest u would like 2 Reap and Sow a special SEED, wrapped w/your faith, 4 a desired result.
     This is SEED-FAITH.
     God works this principle continually.  Here is an example:  He had a Son, Jesus.  But, He wanted a Family.  So, He planted His best SEED on a place called Calvary 2 produce a glorious family, the body of Christ.  Here we are!
     Elijah, the remarkable prophet, understood this principle as much as any other person in Scripture.  He looks in the face of an impoverished peasant woman about 2 eat her last meal.  Her son is shriveled and withered, emaciated, laying in the bed.  She is destitute.  This is not simply a widow needing more money 2 make a care note, or pay 4 her house.  Her last piece of bread is the only thing between her and starvation.
     But, God...
     But, our great God smiled on her.  Oh, He did not send her a bag of groceries!  (U C, even a bag of groceries would have an end 2 it.)  Elijah did not hand her a $20 bill.  That would merely delay starvation a few more hours.
     God sent her a man who understood how 2 keep creating harvest after harvest w/a simple SEED.  Oh, it is a marvelous day in your life when God sends someone who can see the Future of your SEED!  U have found favor w/Angels!  U have found favor that will outlst your present trial!  U may be starting at your 'present' w/total discouragement, but that man of God has a picture of your Future.
     Elijah did not say, "I will tell the church about your problem and C if anyone can help u."  He did not criticize her.  He did not ask her if she had been tithing.  He pointed 2something she already had and told her how 2 use it as a bridge out of trouble.
     You C, your SEED is the ONLY EXIT from your present.  Your SEED is the ONLY DOOR into your Future.
     Your SEED is the BRIDGE of BLESSING into the world u have dreamed about your entire life.
     Elijah did something glorious and wonderful.  Something I wish every man of God would do when he stands behind his pulpit and talks 2 people about an offering 4 the work of God.  He explained that what she already had in her hand contained the solution 2 her life.
     SEED-FAITH is bringing people beyond the porch of their problem and bringing them into the House of Wisdom, and showing them that every solution 2 their life is right there in their own hand!
     The unconverted can feel empty and hopeless;  But, God teaches that the SEED 4 their salvation is already in their MOUTH.  "The Word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart: that is, the word of faith, which we preach;  That if thou shalt confess w/thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised Him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.  For w/the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and w/the mouth confession is made unto salvation" (Romans 10:8).
     Think about it!  U may be backslidden, broken, tormented and burdened down.  Your sins number into the 100s.  Yet, right where u sit this very moment, u can plant a SEED.  What is the SEED?  Your confession of Christ.  In a single second, millions have moved from a life of emptines and hopelessness into light and joy.  A single SEED of confession can bring a man out of trouble 4 the rest of his life.
     That is SEED-FAITH.  The glorious principle of Seed-Faith.  Everybody believes in sowing.  FEW have embraced the promise of the Harvest!
     Some have not taught it bcoz they fear criticism.  U C, when u begin 2 talk about money, u are focusing on the core of people's lives.  Money is the god of this world.  Everything revolves around it.  Powerful ministries avoid this topic like the plague.  Yet, in the privacy of their leadership sessions, they weep and intercede 4 God 2 provide more finances so they can reach this generation.
     Some, refusing 2 discuss the Principle of sowing and reaping often approach the wealthy in the privacy of their homes.  There, they request and ask 4 large donations 4 their ministry.  Thru this means, they deflect any criticism that could come from public emphasis.
     Some feel that it is unbalanced 2 talk about money in a church service.  Yet, nobody considers a dentist unbalanced bcoz he works only on teeth.  Nobody considers a lawyer unbalanced bcoz he only discusses legal matters.
     Nobody becomes angry at an evangelist 4 preaching salvation.  Few become furious w/a pastor teaching on the Principles of loving relationships.  Everyone gets excited when 1000s receive their healing in a miracle service.  But, the moment money is discussed, another spirit enters the arena.  The atmosphere changes.  The climate is different.
     Some do not teach on the principles of prosperity bcoz their own supply is sufficient.  Recently, I walked into a million dollar home.  It was the residence of a minister friend.  He never preaches on financial prosperity.  Souls are his focus.  He is brilliant at building homes 4 a profit.  He has friends who build a home.  He moves in.  Later, when he sells it, he makes a generous profit.  Over the years, he has made a tremendous amount of money.  He has no financial problems whatsoever bcoz of his gift of building.  He understands contracting, and everything that goes alone w/it.
     Many do not have this knowledge and background.  So, while he enjoys the beautiful luxury of his million dollar home, 1000s sit under his ministry who can hardly make their car payment.  Their homes are tiny, cramped, and uncomfortable.  U C, supply is not his focus any more.  So, it has never dawned on him that others have a problem he does not have.
     Some do not teach about sowing 4 a harvest bcoz of the anger, retaliation and fierce attack that it attracts 2 their ministry.  Nobody who wants 2b productive has time 4 battle.  Several years ago a powerful minister ministered 2 millions on TV.  When the media began 2 set a trap and strategy 2 destroy him, it cost him millions in lawyer fees.  His staff became so fragmented.  Their FOCUS was broken.  Instead of writing books that helped people, he had 2 meet w/lawyers for 100s of hours.  His tax records were analyzed.  Investigators searched thru garbage containers 2 find financial documents and letters from partners.
     The ungodly will invest millions 2 shut the mouth of one man of God.  So, many men of God will avoid this teaching so they can retain their focus on people instead of defending their ministry.  It is costly.  It is devastating, physically and spiritually.
     Consequently, their people plunge into poverty and loss bcoz they remain untaught.
     Something intrigues me.  When the discussion of money and giving 2 the work of God emerges, the ungodly find a common ground w/many religious leaders.  They join together -- like Pontius Pilate did w/the Pharisees of his day 4 the common goal of crucifying Jesus of Nazareth.
     Why is there anger over the message of Sowing SEED 2 create a financial harvest in your personal life?  Do these people despise giving?  I do not think so.  U C, our entire Earth is a giving Earth.  Thousands give 2 the March of Dimes, Muscular Dystrophy TV, the Red Cross and the Salvation Army.  Nobody is angry about your giving... 2 other people.   Their anger involves giving 2 the work of God.
     Are they angry bcoz teaching on prosperity is unnecessary and wasted time?  Of course not.  Most people do not have enough money 2 pay their present bills.  Most do not even have a car that is paid for.  Someone has said 60 percent of Americans would be bankrupt within 90 days if their job were stopped or terminated.  No, the anger is not bcoz everyone has too much money.  Everyone is needy.
     Is the anger directed toward all the ministers of the gospel 4 receiving offerings?  I do not believe so.  I C many ministers on TV who are not criticized when they simply announce that there is a need 4 and offering so they can build a cathedral.  The greatest evangelist of our generation receives offerings in every crusade.  He has never been criticized, bcoz his offerings are very low key.  No, the anger is not over receiving offerings.  That has gone on 4 hundreds of years.  The anger is not over a church that needs help or widows who need assistance.
     Do those who fight the SEED-faith message of prosperity despise money and hate the subject of money?  Not at all.  I watched a talk show host recently blast his anger fiercely at others who talked about sowing 2 get prosperity.  Yet he offered his own video at the end of his program for $40.  So, he does not hate money.  He certainly is not against making a profit.
     Those who become infuriated over sowing toward prosperity are angry that a minister promised a 100-fold return from God 4 their SEED.  They  hate the teaching that u can 'give something u have and get something back in return from God."  
     The battle is over EXPECTATION of a HARVEST.  Let's analyze this.  Are they angry bcoz they believe God can not give a harvest?  Most people believe God can do anything.
     Do these believe that God should not produce a harvest from our SEED?  I do not think so.  Every TV reporter searches 4 impoverished ghetto areas 2 stir up the  consciousness of America toward the poor.  Thousands even get angry at God 4 not doing something 4 them.  Most every human believes God should prosper him.  Do they believe that God will not really prosper people who sow into is work?  Now, there is a lot of controversy over this.
     Here is one of the greatest discoveries of my life.  The anger over sowing SEED into the work of God 2 get a Harvest arises bcoz many believe it is wrong 2 EXPECT something BACK from God.
     The hated word is 'EXPECTATION.'
     "When I give 2 God, I expect nothing in return!" bragged one religious leader recently.  "I give bcoz I love Him.  I give bcoz of obedience.  It is greedy 2 expect something back in return."  Yet, this same religious leader expects a paycheck every single week of his life-- in return 4 his spiritual leadership.
     It is  only expecting money back from God that produces the point of contention.
     Is it wrong 2 give your heart 2 God and expect forgiveness, mercy, and a home in Heaven?  Oh, No!  That is all right 2 expect an eternal home in return.  Is it wrong 2 bring your sick body 2 God and expect Divine Healing in return?  Few disagree w/that.
     It is only money that bothers them.  Money given 2 God and His work.
     Why is it wrong 2 expect God 2 give a 100-fold return?  This is not even logical.  Think of the 100s of doctrines taught in the Scriptures.  The doctrine of the blood, the Holy Spirit, Angels and demons.  Think of the horrifying consequences of sin, rebellion, and witchcraft.  If there should be rebellion 2 something taught in Scripture, why have we chosen 2 hate the Principle of Prosperity?  It is against every part of our logic 2 hate something that brings Blessing, Provision, and Ability 2 Bless others.
    This is a satanic thing.  Oh, my friend, if u could C satan 4 what he really is, u would despise w/every ounce of your being.  He is slimy, slick, and deceptive.  He truly is a serpent.
     Why isn't there a great anger and hatred over the preaching on hell?  If I were going 2 refuse TRUTH it would be the belief in a hell.  U C, it is not even natural 2b anti-money.
     Suppose u and I were shopping.  As we walked thru the mall, I saw a man huddled in the corner.  "Oh, there is a man who needs help.  He looks hungry.   His clothes look tattered.  Let us do something good 4 him."   U and I walk over 2 him.  "Sir, are u all right?"
     "No, he mutters.  "I have not eaten in 4 days.  I am out of work, and unemployed.  I am homeless.   Can u help me in any way?"
     You and I rejoice.  Here is our chance 2 bless this man.  "Here, sir.  Here is $20.  Please buy yourself a good meal at the cafeteria."
     Now suppose this happened.  He takes the $20 bill.  He tears it in pieces.  He looks up at us angrily, "Why are u trying 2 give me a $20 bill?"   You would call this insanity.  I would agree.  I would say,  "Here is a very sick man.  He threw away something that could change his pain into pleasure.  I handed him an answer, a solution, some money.  He acts like it is a trap, a trick, poison."
     Yet, the great Provider of this Universe hands us the PRINCIPLE of PROSPERITY that will rewrite our financial Future, and we erupt w/anger at the thought that we could sow a SEED and Reap a Harvest!
     This is insanity!
     It is not insanity of the mind, it is insanity of the will, the chosen path of rebellion.
     Are we against money?  Of course not.  When we find a quarter on the pavement, we tell every friend on the telephone that day.  When we discover a $20 bill forgotten in the pocket of our old clothes in the corner of our closet, we shout!  It brings fresh motivation into us.  Maybe is does not take a lot 2 excite us these days --  just the unexpected.
     The entire warfare over the SEED-Faith message and the Principle of Prosperity is over this --  Expectation of a financial harvest back from God.
     Now, here is the most incredible truth:  Expectation is the only pleasure man can generate in the heart of God.
     Expectation is the evidence of your Faith.
     God said that it is impossible 2 pleasure Him unless u expect something from Him.  "But w/o Faith it is impossible 2 please Him: 4 He that cometh 2 God must believe that He is, and that He is a REWARDER of them that diligently seek Him" (Hebrews 11:6).
     You cannot even be saved unless u expect Him 2 receive u.  U cannot be healed unless u expect Him 2 heal u.  U cannot be changed unless u expect Him 2 change u.
     His only pleasure is 2b believed.
     His only pain is 2b doubted.
     I will say it again, the essence of the entire B.I.B.L.E is Numbers 23:19:  "God is not a man, that He should lie;  neither the son of man, that He should repent:  hath He said, and shall He not do it?  or hath He spoken, and shall He not make it good?"
     God is not a man.
     Man lies.  God does not.
     Think about this!  God is not pleasured by streets of gold, clouds of Angels.  He is only happy when somebody is expecting Him 2 do what He what He said.  What is believingExpecting God 2 do something He PROMISED.
     This huge controversy is not even about u or your home. Your poverty is not the goal of satan.  U are not the real enemy  him.  God is the enemy of satan.
     Satan knows what pleasures God --  4 a human 2 Trust Him, Believe Him, depend on Him.  Satan remembers the presence of God.  He is a former employee.
     He is an angel who refused 2 believe God and is tasting the eternal consequences.
     The goal of satan is 2 ROB God of every moment of pleasure received from humans.
     How can he rob God?  When he stops your expectation of a miracle, he has paralyzed and stopped the only pleasure God experiences.  Every time u expect a miracle, u create a river of pleasure thru the heart of God.  Every time u doubt, u create waves of pain.  God has FEELINGS too.
     That is what is behind the anti-prosperity cult on Earth.  They are not anti-money.  They are not against your having money.  They are against u expecting any money from God.
     Oh, my precious friend, listen 2 my heart today.  Why would men waste time, precious expensive TV time, smearing, sneering and destroying other men of God who are praying 4 people 2 get out of poverty?  This world is impoverished.  Somebody said that 40 percent of bankruptcies involve born-again Christians.  This world is experiencing a financial crush every day.  U would think that everyone would praise, admire and encourage any man of God who wanted 2 C them blessed, pay their bills, and send their children thru college.  Why are we not thanking God aloud and often 4 the wonderful teaching that our Jehovah is a miracle God of Provision?
     It is not the teaching that u can have money that is bothering them.  It is the teaching that God will supply u a harvest when u release your SEED 2 Him.
     When u involve "the expectation of a return" w/an offering, u arouse every devil in hell who despises their former boss who is pleasured by your expectation.
     They hate the God u love.
     They are obsessed w/depriving Him of every possible moment of pleasure u are creating in the heart of God.
     Your Father simply wants 2b believed.  That is all.  He just wants 2b believed.  In fact, He promised that if u would just put Him above everything else in your life, He would keep providing anything u needed 4 the rest of your life (Matthew 6:33).  He wants 2b believed.  He invited u 2 prove His Word 2 u (Malachi 3:9-11).
     Here is the argument of the anti-prosperity cult.  "What about greed?  That is materialism.  When u offer some money back 4 giving 2 God, they think,  that is satanic.  That is ungodly!  That is poisonous and deceptive 2 offer something back when u give 2 God, they think." 
      Then, why did God offer  us something back in return 4 SEED, if that is greed?  Do u feel that it is greedy 2 work 4 a salary?  U are getting something in return!
     God anticipated greed.  He knew our need and desire 4 increase could be deceptive, distorted, and easily used by satan 2 manipulate us.  So, He built in a 'corrective."  He put something in the system of increase that would completely remedy and cure any problem w/greed -- GIVING.
     It is impossible 4 u 2 give 2 God and stay greedy.
    That is why He established the Tithing system of returning 10 percent back 2 Him.
    That is why He promised Peter a 100-fold return 4 giving up everything 2 follow Christ (Mark 10:28-30).
     Every person who sows their SEED has just conquered greed.  Greed hoards.  God gives.
     It is impossible 2 give your way 2 greed.
     Now, inside of each of us is an invisible command 2 become more, 2 multiply and increase.  The first commandment ever given by God in the Book of Genesis was 2 multiply and replenish and become more.
     God is a God of increase.  It is normal 2 become more, desire more and produce more.  Remember the story regarding the man w/one talent?  he was punished eternally.  Why?  He did not do anything w/his gifts and skills 2 increase his life.  In fact, what he had was given 2 another person who had multiplied, used his gifts, and become productive.
     God is not cruel.  He is not a liar and deceptive.  If He gives u a desire 4 increase and prosperity, He will place something inside u that can correct the problem it produces.  GIVING.
     All the preaching against greed and materialism is only necessary 4 Non-Tithers and Non-Givers.  Any discussion w/the GIVER becoming greedy is totally unnecessary. His SEED is PROOF he has conquered it.  His SEED is the corrective 2 potential greed.
     What u can walk away from is something u have Mastered.  What u cannot walk away from is something that has Mastered u.
     Weeping will not correct greed.
     Screaming will not correct it.
     Confession will not stop greed.
     Sowing is the ONLY KNOWN cure 4 greed.
     Obedience.  Just returning the Tithe.  Just replanting the SEED He put in your hand.
     The entire warfare and controversy over Prosperity is 2 stop God from feelings of pleasure and feeling good about creating humans.  U are not the only target.  This whole battle does not revolve around u and your family.  The controversy is between satan and God.  U are only caught in the crossfire.
     Your SEED is the only proof u are expecting something in return.  The only evidence that a FARMER is looking 4 a Harvest is when u C him sowing his SEED.  Your SEED is the PROOF u are expecting.
     Your WORDS are not the proof.  U can talk about many things and still not really be expecting a harvest.
     Now, EXPECTATION is only possible when a SEED has been planted.
     When u withhold from God, it is impossible 4 your Faith 2 work and expectation 2 occur.  So, when God speaks 2 your heart 2 sow a SEED, u cannot even begin 2 expect a harvest until u have obeyed His INSTRUCTION.  Your obedience in sowing immediately positions u 2b able 2 expect.
     Now, your sowing does not create expectation.  It makes it possible 4 u 2 expect.
     You C, many people sow but they have not been TAUGHT the Principle of SEED-FAITH -- that u should expect something in return.  So, millions give 2 churches and never C a huge return on their SEED.  They give 2 pay the bills of the church.  They give bcoz of guilt over withholding after all the blessings they have experienced.  They give bcoz a pastor meets w/them privately and insists on them making "a donation 2 the cause."  They give 4 many reasons.
     Few  really sow their SEED 2 produce a  Harvest.  Few sow w/expectation of a real return from God.
     How do u know that most do not expect a return?  They become angry over sowing.  If u believed something was coming back 2 u a 100 times--u would be more excited in that moment then any other time of your life.
     Example:  Have u ever received a sweepstakes letter in the mail that u have "won a million dollars?"  Of course, u have.  Now, when u are young and inexperienced, u get very excited.  You tear the envelope open.  U can just imagine yourself w/a yacht, a beautiful Rolls Royce, and a vacation 2 Spain.  What is happening?  EXPECTATION excites u, it energizes u, it creates a flurry of enthusiasm around u.
     After u tear the envelope open, u suddenly realize there was part of the letter u could not C when it was closed.  The part that says, "You could be one of those who win a million dollars."  After u open the letter, u realize that they did not really promise that u had won it.  But, u may have been one of the winners.  Your expectation wanes and dies; And withers.
     You make a telephone call and realize that u were not really one of the winners.  Expectations dies.  Disappointment sets in.
     Any disappointment u are experiencing today reveals your lack of expectation of a  Harvest.
     So, watch and sense the atmosphere that fills a church when an offering is being received.  If there is expectation of a harvest, Joy will fill that house.  If expectation is present, Joy is present.
     JOY is the PROOF of expectation.
     Depression and disappointment are evidences of the presence of fear.  The fear of loss.  The fear of less.
     Expectation is an impossibility until u Sow a SEED.
     You can have a need and still not expect an answer.
     You can have a great dream and still not expect it 2 come 2 pass.
     Expectation is produced by Obedience.
     Obedience is the PROOF of Faith.
     Faith is CONFIDENCE in God.
     Peter declared that he had given up everything 2 follow Christ.  What was the reaction of Jesus?  Well, He did not commend him 4 discipleship.  He did not commend him 4 his willingness 2 suffer.  He did not brag on him 4 being a martyr.  Jesus looked at him and promised that he would get everything back that he gave up, 100 times over (Mark 10:28-30).
     Jesus constantly promoted expectation.
     When the woman at the well of Samaria listened 2 Him, He promised her water that she would never thirst again.  When the weary came 2 Him, He said, "I will give u REST."  When the sinful approached Him w/humility and confession, He promised them that they were FORGIVEN.
     Jesus always responded 2 those w/ great expectation.  When the blind man cried out and was instructed 2b silent by the crowds, Jesus reacted.  Many were blind.  But ONE had great expectations of Jesus.
     Jesus healed them.
     Impossible things happen 2 those who expect them 2 happen.  "For verily I say unto u, that whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall NOT DOUBT in his heart, but shall BELIEVE that those THINGS which he SAITH shall come 2 pass;  he SHALL have WHATSOEVER HE SAYS  (Mark 11:23).
     Anything good is going 2 find u.
     Anything from God is going 2 search u out.
     Anything excellent is going 2 become obvious 2 u.
     That is the Principle of SEED-FAITH.
     You have been given something by God that has a Future.  When u discover your SEED, wrap your Faith around it w/great expectation.  This will empower u 2 produce the financial harvest u have desired 4 your lifetime.

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