Saturday, June 4, 2011

Plant Your Love 2Day and Watch Your Love Grow

Sometimes.. we have 'willing' hearts,...but simply do not know 'where' 2 plant LOVE SEEDS of HOPE whether u give of your TIME, TALENTS u possess, or MONEY-seeds, in order 2 help those in need. God
is so kind, He does not just take from us like the World system does. But He GIVES IT BACK 2 us, whatever we give. He does not have 2 extend that kind of sweetness, but does bcoz...Here is one of His many promises:

Ephesians 6:6-8 says so beautifully: ..not with eye service, as men-pleasers, but as servants of Christ, doing the Will of God from your Heart,  with good will doing service, as 2 the Lord, and not 2 men, knowing that WHATEVER good ANYONE does, he will receive the SAME from the Lord, whether he is slave or free.

                                                                        GOD IS LOVE
Not what the world THINKS of Him or says He is. The PROOF of Love should be MORE than just words, but Love in ACTION. One of many ways 2 GIVE 2 those that truly need it, is by Spiritual SEED Planting; bcoz God says it is BETTER 2 give than 2 receive. WHY? MOST people think it is a 'loss' to give. But God says it is a 'gain.' What people have not learned or understand is the 'lined secret' behind Gods Heart 4 His people!  Whatever we do or give 2 another makes us feel so warm and fuzzy inside, WHY? Bcoz we were Created 2 give and love. And we never know when we ourselves will need help also in the coming future. Today, here is one 'GOOD GROUND' 2 plant your seeds of love in. I love their pictures of progress, and Y we should reach out and touch someone today.
1. It 'educates' us about the rest of the world, so we don't live in self-pity about our own problems. It helps us see how blessed and rich we are in resources and luxuries we take 4 granted.
2. It shows us the REAL Heart of God, not what u might have heard or worse, never taught. It shows us their needs and how we in our smallness can be a blessing to others who have less than us. They dont have a job to go from paycheck to paycheck, they simply have NOTHING, and when a Hurricane comes through or some weather disaster, people forget after the news goes off the air, but those people are left in 'real' life 2 pick up the pieces of their broken worlds. We can make a difference in the world and feel better about ourselves, if we give from our own resources, and together my and your 'little bit' becomes much in the hand of God...but ...
3. God does not forget our love towards others. He sees our hearts' motivation and intent of our minds. He sees how we give from our own limited resources and wants 2 bless us order that we may give again and again. When we get anything, if we only give a small 10th from our surplus, we still have the 90% remaining, AND a 10th portion 2 help others in need also. Then what little we put in Gods hands, gives Him a new opportunity 2 give back 2 us again and again. A wonderful partnership is born from Love. We give, God gives back 2 us, we give again, God gives us again and so on. We will never OutLove God. So that we become a channel of blessing 2 a dying and hurting world around us. What makes love LOVE? It is when we reach out 2 others. They cannot pay us back, but are so happy and appreciative, bcoz we gave without thought of cost or price. And God is the One that gives back 2 us. That is GOOD ground.

The farmer KNOWS that seed needs a GOOD soil to plant his crops in, 2 have a successful harvest of crops. The farmer never just grabs any seed without thought and 'throws' it 'anywhere' and hopes something good will grow there... No...He 'plans' on what he will sow, he picks the 'best seed' available and then he sows it in GOOD GROUND.  When our hearts are towards others, that is the Soil, our hearts. When we plan on giving 2 someone in 'need.' That is our SEED, whatever we give. Then our seed has an excellent condition 2 grow successful harvest bcoz we planted in GOOD GROUND, into people's lives that would have NO hope without our love reaching out 2 them. Only when we close our hands do we invite poverty or lack 2 come into our lives, OR when we stop giving and only give 'once-in-a-while.' It takes a continual giving for a continual Harvest. Like needing sleep everyday, or food. Imagine our Farmer example. He does NOT plant only one seed, one time, but he sows many different kind of seeds and more, so that his harvest never ends. Imagine the world only living on ONE food item. We are so rich and can buy pizza or anything we desire. These people have nothing and on top of that lost the little they had.  So giving is a blessing bcoz it blesses US! The more we help someone else, the more God helps us and our Harvest never ends. Today when u go 2 the market 2 buy a 'few things', remember how rich u are in resources and love, and how many people in the world only survive on ONE food item and do not even know what a pizza is.

You are the one that gets blessed more 4 your Giving bcoz the Harvest comes 2 YOU! The receiver only gets what u give, but u get more SEED. There is nothing more important on Earth than SEED. And our God gave us a promise that as long as the Earth remains, Summer and Winter, Spring and Autumn which brings our former and latter rains that grows our foods and more, we will always have a Harvest of blessing.  This teaches us that we ourselves are not alone! But that God LOVES u and watches over u, in order that your hand extended can reach 2 someone else.

Please do not feel today that u have nothing 2 give in your life. If u have a Pitcher of water and u take one glass and fill it and give it 2 someone, u still have the 90% Pitcher 4 yourself. But the glass of water u gave 2 someone in need and thirsty from life, and that man took a portion from the same glass and gave 2 say his wife, and she in turn gives some of that Living Water 2 her child, your love gift has now helped 3 people and multiplied! But the best part is that u are more blessed bcoz their harvest was the glass of water, your blessing is the multiplication of God's Harvest back in your life, 2 have more 2 give again. And if the man gave from his portion he too will be blessed again, and if the lady also gave 2 her child, she too will be given 'a measure' from what she gave. It never ends as our God is so efficient and wise

So today, on behalf of Loving Haiti, Truly, it is more blessed 2 GIVE than 2 receive! Reach out and touch someone today ...with your love!; and watch that Love grow... God bless you.

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