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Your Personality TREE

=========     Since this is a huge topic and so much 2 cover, it will take me several months 2 conclude alot of this gleaned information from wonderful Authors like Tim Layhaye and Florence Littauer. But it is worth the time helping those 2 learn more about themselves, as well as those around us that we have 2 deal w/in life in general, and also our loved ones. It is my greatest desire 2 help those who want 2 discover by observation instead of 'word'. So thru some basic information, u 2 will make your own personal discoveries thru your own experiences.
     Let's begin this wonderful FUN journey into the 4 Basic Temperament types. Remembering that the 4 Seasons are what we are made up of. As a Reminder once again 4 those who are new:
     Spring is Red                     Summer is Green
     Winter is Yellow                Autumn is Blue 
Part 1:  Discover The Real U and Aim 2 Heal U
===================================     DISCOVER:  To obtain, 4 the first time, sight or knowledge of a thing existing already but not perceived or known.

     The aim of this, is 2 examine ourselves in a new way, not just on the surface, not just as we appear 2b 2 others, not just as a mother wanted us 2b.  By looking at our inborn desires, our underlying needs, and our repressed emotions, our eyes will be opened and we will obtain, perhaps 4 the first time, some insight about who we really are.  There is no magic  wand 2 transform us into angels, but as we look at ourselves as God created us 2b and come b4 Him in honesty, He will touch us w/His healing power.

"The fruit of the righteous is a Tree of life." -Provers 11:30, NIV

Were u born like this?
================     The Q "Who am I?"  has been around since Adam wondered what dust he had come from and the serpent told Eve 2 eat the fruit of the Tree of life so her eyes would be opened and she would know who she really was.
     Thru-out the centuries people have been searching 4 a sense of identity and a feeling of 'worth.'  As a Nation we went thru the pangs of new birth and the struggle 2 come out an independent personality.  With liberty and justice 4 all, we attracted people from around the globe  2 a land where they would live happily ever after; but somehow in our dream of fairy-tale endings, we lost the sense of who we are as individuals.  As we grew up and began 2 look at ourselves, we did not
 like the confusion we saw.  The 1960's brought an unpopular war and the beginnings of national sense of self-examination.  Who are we and how did we get ourselves into these problems?
     Sociologists named the 70's the Decade of Depression, a discouraging and defeated time when the ME generation realized that in spite of their quest 2 find themselves, 2 do their 'own thing', and 2 search 4 their inner consciousness on a higher plane, they still did not know who in the world they were.  Months of mystical meditation did not seem 2 stir up a life-changing thought, peace marches had not produced peace, and the flower children had lost their petals.  President Carter, looking down-hearted himself, declared we were in a "National malaise" and that announcement depressed the rest of us.
     As the 80's crept in we began 2 wonder if we ever would find ourselves and so we rushed out  sign up 4 courses in self-help, self-improvement, and self-actualization.  We bought life-long memberships in health spas, held hands in sensitivity groups, and gyrted around gypsy gurus.  Surely the ME generation who had dragged thru the Decade of Depression deserved a break today; but in spite of exercise and bean sprouts, we kept getting older, the sensitivity sisters showed little sensitivity beyond themselves, and the gurus were packed up and deported.  What if we never got a grip on ourselves?  What if we could not create heaven on earth?  Fear gripped us, phobias replaced depression as the nation's number one mental health problem, and the decade was dubbed the Age of Anxiety.
     What about u and me?...  The new  thinking of old truths is that we are BORN as unique individuals. If we come prepackaged w/certain blendings of our Parents' personalities, isn't it our duty 2 the Lord 2b as true 2 our basic traits as we possibly can?  Should  not it be our goal 2 find out who we really are and take off any MASKS or pretenses that we may have put on 4 either self-preservation or a desire 2b like someone else?
    Think back 2 your childhood, 2 how u felt about your parents, 2 how u related w/your siblings, 2 how u reacted from the heart b4 u built walls of protection from the HURTS of the World.  Remember, u were made 4 such a time as this..So...

Were u meant 2b a Sanguine? Were u a cheerful, bubbling, happy-go-lucky child?  Did u avoid chores and somehow manage 2 find friends who were willing 2 bail u out? Did u have little buddies who would not go anywhere w/o u and who thought everything u said was funny? Did u have one parent who was always trying 2 get u down 2 serious business or one who could not understand Y u would not practice the violin?  Did u get good marks in everything but conduct and penmanship?  Then u are a Sanguine whose chief aim in life is 2 have "FUN."

Were u created 2b a CholericWere u in control of the family by the time u were 3 years old?  Did u tell ur mother what u would wear and refuse 2 put on what she had in mind?  Were u able 2 observe from a young age that adults were bigger but not necessarily brighter?  Did u get your school work done faster than the others and then wonder what was wrong w/them?  Did u become captain of the teams and president of the clubs?  Then u are a Choleric whose compelling desire in life is 2 have "CONTROL."

Were u designed 2b a Melancholy Were u sensitive  2 your surroundings and easily moved 2 tears?  Did u line up your toys in rows and go around shutting drawers that no one else seemed 2w notice were open?  Did u do your homework on time and even enjoy research projects?  Did u practice your piano pece until it was perfect,but not want 2 play in the recital?  Did u feel sorry 4 "poor children" and want 2 support  the underdog in any situation?  Did u get discouraged when things did not work out the way u had in mind and no one else seemed 2q care?  Then u are a Melancholy whose hope is 2 someday have "PERFECTION" even though that may be an impossible dream.

Were u born, 2b a Phlegmatic Were u passive in your playpen and understanding if your bottle was overdue?  Did your mother brag that u were a good baby and never gave her any trouble?  Did u like naps?  Did u do your school work on time but not look 4 extra projects?  Did u get nominated 4 vice-president but not really care whether u were elected?  Did u try 2 keep everyone happy and avoid getting into trouble?  Then u are a Phlegmatic whose desire is 2 have "PEACE" at any cost.

     The concept of the FOUR Basic Temperaments is so easy 2 understand and quick 2 grasp that even a child can learn it.

Personality Roles:
Sanguine     = The Star                     Choleric      = The Director     
Melancholy =The Producer              Phlegmatic = The Audience  

Occasionally  I will use abbreviations 4 the sake of typing and quick reference so those who wish 2 learn this fascinating subject can grasp it quick. So a S/C is a Sanguine/Choleric personality. Or a C/M is a Choleric/Melancholy personality. By remembering our 4 SEASONS, we can grasp this quite simply. There are only 4 SEASONS and 16 Personality types in the World. 4x4=16. Here however, we are only dealing with the Basic Four.

A Quick Quiz of Temperament Traits 4 those interested:
Sanguine Personality   Choleric Power
The Talker                   The Worker
Fun-Loving                   Controlling
Optimistic                     Dynamic
Animated/Excited        Decisive
Life-of-the-Party         Goal-Oriented
Undisciplined               Outspoken
Forgetful                      Bossy
Too Talkative              Impatient
Eager 4 Credit             Domineering
Phlegmatic Peace        Melancholy Perfectiom
The Mediator              The Thinker
Easy-Going                  Deep/Purposeful
Calm/relaxed               Sensitive 2Others 
Patient/Inoffensive      Talented/Creative
Quiet yet Witty            Analytical/Orderly
Unmotivated                Moody/Negative
Unenthusiastic             Too introspective
Indecisive                     Socially Insecure
Eager 2 Rest                Easily Depressed

Total up and see how u  tested. Remember we all have two parents, a  Father and Mother from our DNA , so it is easy 2 remember our Family members and discover who we are like 2 help us learn.

Personality Goals:
Sanguine      = Have Fun                      Choleric      = Have Control
Melancholy = Have Perfection            Phlegmatic = Have Peace

From what u have read so far, do u think u were born 2 be . . .

* A Sanguine who wants 2 have fun?
* A Choleric who wants 2 be in control?
* A Phlegmatic who wants 2 keep out of trouble and have peace? 
* A Melancholy who wants everything 2b perfect?

Personality Directions:
Sanguine     = The Happy Way           Choleric     = My Way
Melancholy = The Right Way            Phlegmatic = The Easy Way

Part 2:  What Are Your Desires:
========================     Without an understanding of the basic temperaments and the desires and needs of each, we tend 2 spend much of our time trying 2 get from other people responses that they just cannot give.  Many marriages, 4 example, come 2 a grinding halt bcoz neither partner knows what the other WANTS or NEEDS.  With no simple tool 2 use, success s an accident.  Once we begin 2 understand the basic desire of each nature, however, the veil is lifted and we have the Key 2 getting along w/others.

The Sanguine desires from the beginning 2 have FUN. Accepting this fact will keep us from false expectations that 'some' day he/she will 'grow up' and get down 2 business.

The Sanguine NEEDS Attention and Approval 

Heaviness in the heart of man makes it stoop; but a good word makes it glad. [See Proverbs 12:25].

The Choleric wants 2 have CONTROL, and is only comfortable when he/she has choreographed the cast of his world and has it completely under his inspired direction.  Knowing this fact will prevent us from staging a struggle 4 power which we would probably lose.

The Choleric NEEDS Achievement and Appreciation.

Sink the heathen into the pit. Catch their feet in your net. Execute proper judgment. [See Psalms 915-16].

The Melancholy's desire is 2 have PERFECTION.  To know what that is, we have 2 enter into his perfectly organized and categorized mind and see the situation with his eyes.  When we realize he cannot 'relax' until life is in order, we can make a conscious effort 2 meet his standards.

The Melancholy NEEDS Order and Sensitivity.

I am weary of groaning; I make my bed 2 swim; I water my couch w/tears. I cry w/grief. [See Psalms 6:6-7].

The Phlegmatic's aim in life is 2 stay out of trouble and keep PEACE.  He will not become enthusiastic about anything or take chances, so do not push him and think you can alter his personality.  All that badgering him will do is increase his resistance to change.

The Phlegmatic NEEDS Respect and a Feeling of Worth.

Lay me down in peace 2 sleep. Make me dwell in safety. [See Psalms 4:8].

When we see and accept that each temperament has a different desire in life, we can function out of Knowledge and not ignorance.  "Be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless like doves" [Matthew 10:16, KJV].

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