Monday, September 27, 2010

TIME ... The Basics

=========     Most of us never think about 'Time', we tend 2 consider it in terms of how old someone is, whether young or old. Amazingly a Journey began some years ago, that has me still learning w/o end. So what is TIME then, u might ask?

I had 2 learn step by step like anyone else, only it took me longer since I kept getting things repeatedly messed up. I began 2 Q myself, saying, "Am I normal", or "Why am I not like others?" One day I began 2 just think about my life as I was sipping on a cup of hot coacoa and turning the pages of a favorite book. The thought came 2 me that Life is like a Book! As I continued in this adventure of thought, I considered some events of my past and began 2 match them 2 some years. All of a sudden, the years began 2 unfold a 'Pattern' and an organized set of events. I thought more about this one and that one and soon, it was amazing how my own thoughts were like Chapters which had Pages that led me 2 the strong desire 2 understand if other people felt like I did. Perhaps I thought, they might have the answer I'm seeking. I started with a Q, then another and another, it kept snowballing into so long ago, how this famous person did that and so on.. Finally I found myself asking the Q, So what is TIME then? A wondeful Discovery exploded with such great Understanding in me! And here is what I heard in my spirit-man: An amazing journey awaits u...

TIME as we know it is not big but rather never-ending, much like a calendar, clock, or round ring. For God Himself created everything. If u are like me, I like things as simple as possible so I dont get lost in the Trees! God sees everything, the BIG picture and the smallest details. But us humans, Either see the Big Picture, OR just get lost in Details. When one is an Artist, he thinks of his colors and tools as his brushes and canvas etc. If one is a Designer, they consider something they want 2 make and the tools 4 such a task. So God Himself is this way; He decided 2 create something and He did it thru 'steps', called TIME. Let's begin by saying what time is..

Q:  What is TIME?
A:  Time are 'Portions of a Whole', much like a Calendar is the whole, but it's months are it's portions.

The Portions of TIME

1.  CYCLES      4. MONTHS   7. HOURS       10. Numbers [Math]
2.  SEASONS   5. WEEKS       8. MINUTES   11. Letters [Communication]
3.  YEARS        6. DAYS          9. SECONDS  12. Color [Creativity]

In order 2 understand how all these portions of TIME fit together, we will call them TIME CYCLES. And All of TIME can be summoned into one phrase!..  The Star of David.. Within is hidden everything.

You might think, How does this affect me, or, so what? Usually the greatest miracle is always right b4 our eyes but we do not see it simply bcoz we do not understand. However, if u are like millions of people who have come 2 ask the familar Q, "Who am I", or "Why am I here", or "Why should I even get out of bed today", God has a famous saying, " MY People are destroyed 4 lack of  Knowledge.  Most of us understand Seasons, surely the Farmer does. So 2 keep it as simple as I can so even a child understands, I will break TIME in it's proper 'portions' in respect 2 Creation.  I'm not here 2 debate, just the facts and u alone can come 2 your own conclusion; but it is so simple, like hitting on your head saying, wow, why did I not think of this. In understanding how each portion of TIME fits together, we will explore PEOPLE, SEASONS, FARMERS in Agriculture and other basic examples since most can grasp this nice and quickly.  Finally, I cannot take ANY credit 4 any of this, simply bcoz it was given 2 me step by step...and each step became a miracle! Tho my journey continues...I have found many of my answers thru self-discovery and so can u.

There are also Cycles of Time, these are not in themselves a 'portion' but rather a 'Double-Duty of Time, meaning that they are the pre-requisite of a portion of Time. This has 2 happen in order 4 that 2 happen; much like u have 2 prepare a meal b4 being able 2 eat.  A special note must be made here in order 2 understand that Seasons move in a never-ending circle, much like we consider a wedding ring 2 be or a cord which has parts of a whole. It is without a seam, the beginning is also the ending and starts all over again, so this are the Cycles. Ok, let's move on:

So we think of WINTER as the end of a year, when things comes 2 an almost 'stop', like our night when the moon is out and it is time 4 us 2 sleep. It is the way the body rests in order 2 heal itself. So WINTER also is the last and first Cycle. We cannot have a new Beginning, w/o having had an End and so on..

With this said, WINTER 'ends' and SPRING begins, giving surrender to Summer which in turn submits 2 Autumn once again. Let's further at the beauty of our seasons in terms of people as well. Since we know already that WINTER is slow and thorough, we understand it from the FARMER's point of view as the time 2 PREPARE the soil 4 sowing the seed. We cannot just dig a hole and throw in the seed and hope it will produce, no; we must FIRST PREPARE the soil, by removing the rocks, debree and make it as soft and ready 2 ensure that the newborn seed has a chance against the enemy called 'Weeds.'  Much like we have eaten dinner, but now it's time once more 2 do the dishes in order 2 use them again next meal.   After the Farmer prepares the soil, which is the most difficult part but also the most needed, as most of us who hate 2 sleep can testify lol, now it is time 2 surrender 2 the next Season; 

SPRING is like the SEED being planted, and when all Life comes alive, the birds begin 2 sing their songs and once again we see the snow melted and new buds opening on the trees with their brilliant yellow hue of cheerful sun after a long and cold wintery isolation of being indoors. Have u ever noticed how one day u look and bright beautiful lime green leaves are filling the empty branches of a tree, only 2 discover just how fast things change? So it is with SPRING, it comes as quickly as as must now surrender 2 it's next Season;

SUMMER is the maintenance of what is growing, it is also the most difficult like Winter but in terms of physical development rather than Winter's 'under-ground' activities, that is why Blue people are shy and do not like the lime light, but Spring wants the opposite, alot of attention saying I'M HERE at last! Tho SUMMER is nothing but serious work, work, work, that overtime that has 2b put in or so busy no time 2 rest time. It is hot like the desert and has little or no time 4 fun. It is when things get done! Imagine if u are a driver, the yellow, red and green lights at a stop light. The Yellow would be Spring saying slow down but driving as fast as it can thru the light lol!, The green says, it's clear let's go, but the Red says, STOP! If u dont, u take the risk of an accident occuring since the other driver's on the other lanes have their own color directing them. So it is with SUMMER, So Red people appear 2b very bossy and know it all, but they have the most responsibility in life from having 2 work so hard getting the things done other cycles dont have 2 do.

Last comes AUTUMN and the cooling down with the trees sheding their leaves once more, and the winds of change again as Summer had 2 finally surrender w/o wanting 2 to AUTUMN, that is why Green people are considered the easy-going types who are calm and cool and collected no matter what is going on.

As we consider our examples, and details about the 4 Seasons, we can happily begin 2 recognize the people around us. And also understand that TIME has it's portions with each one doing it's own gifted task.  WINTER [the Cold] cannot tell SUMMER [the Hot], I'm more important than u, nor can SUMMER tell Autumn, hey I'm more important bcoz I get things done. Each Season has it's part 2 do in order 2 get ready 4 the next one, much like a Kingergardener climbs up the ladder of education until they reach time 4 Graduation. It is step by step, and each step of a miracle. So God created everything 2 NEED each other as well as being a whole in itself full of worth with beauty.

Just like each Season must surrender 2 the next, so the seconds turn 2 minutes and minutes turn 2 hours, the hours give way 2 the Day and the Days become our Week and so on...You could say we all have all 4 of the Seasons in our personality, but 'where it falls in our 4-square example of a clock, depends on how it makes us differrent from one another in terms of Seasons.  Consider meeting a person, immediately u begin 2 search how much u have 'in common' with them, only 2 marry that person, and they 'appear' 2 have 'changed.'  They did not change, they simply have their parts like the seasons play their task in life they were created 2 do.  There is much 2 discover in our Journey, I hope u have enjoyed a quick reference of the Basics of TIME.

In Part Two, we will begin 2 examine each cycle of TIME; but keeping our Key focus of the FARMER, A CLOCK and the 4 SEASONS of color will help us understand quickly what has been in front of us all along. We must give credit 2 our Creator who, w/o asking 4 admiration, but 'waiting' 4 us 2 discover all He has provided 4 us, freely 4 the taking.  THREE things will happen as we journey together in TIME:

1. You will discover who God is.
2. You will discover who you are.
3. You will discover who all your loved ones and people in your world also are,  in order 2 appreciate all our differences. Then at long last, forgiveness and tolerance can give birth, and Healing can begin 2 unfold in your life as it has in mine. Until next session, grasp Hope and Faith and do not let go if u are looking 4 answers, I promise u as one who never thought there was a reason 2 get up another day, that there is Encouragement and Hope 4 your life or the one u love that is searching also..In Baby Steps, and each step will be a miracle as u look back one day.

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