Monday, May 24, 2010

Wisdom Corner...Tid-Bits of help

Whatever day it is, reach for a Spiritual Snack:

Day 01  Every problem in your life is simply a Wisdom problem.
Day 04  The secret of your Future is 'hidden' in your Daily routine.
Day 08  The Word of God is the Wisdom of God.
Day 10  Your Focus decides your Feelings.
Day 13  Your decisions decide your wealth.
Day 17  Your Success is decided by what u are willing 2 ignore.
Day 19  The size of your Enemy determines the size of your Rewards.
Day 22  Your Future is decided by who u choose 2 believe.
Day 26  Anything that keeps your Attention, has been your Master.
Day 28  When u want something u have never had, u have 2 do something u
              have never done.

Day 02  When your Heart decides the destination, your Mind will Design the
               map 2 reach it.
Day 05  Your rewards in life are determined by the problems u are willing 2
              solve 4 others.
Day 09  The clearer your Goal, the greater your Faith.
Day 11  Your self-portrait decides your self-conduct.
Day 14  The Instructions u follow, determine the Future u create.
Day 18  The Atmosphere u create determines the product u produce.
Day 20  Your assignment is always the problem God has designed u 2 solve 4
Day 23  Changes in your life will always be proportionate 2 your Knowledge.
Day 27  Your life is, Whatever u choose, 2 Remember.

Day 03  What u respect, u will attract.
Day 06  What u make happen 4 others, God will make happen 4 u.
              [Eph 6:8 promise]
Day 12  Your respect 4 TIME is a prediction of your Financial future.
Day 15  God's only pain is 2b doubted; God's only pleasure is 2b believed.
Day 21  What u are willing 2 walk away from determines what God will
              bring 2u.
Day 24  The Reward of Pain is the willingness 2 change.

Day 07  An uncommon Seed always creates an uncommon Harvest.
Day 16  Your Goals choose your Mentors.
Day 25  Anything Permitted Increases!

~ Mike Murdock ~

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