Friday, May 19, 2017

After The Storm...

Do you keep a Journal of Events that happen in YOUR OWN LIFE? I had begun this and found Encouragement in my own storm last night. Its so great looking back and seeing all the things Daddy God has brought us through. We so often forget the past (good things) when all the mind reaches for are the bad memories. Think of all the great problems and storms you came through. Count your blessings bcoz they are greater in number than your bad storms...that pass.

Years ago when I bought my land here, God told me 2 Station Angels on Each Corner of my land. I felt it foolish and embarressing, what would the neighbors think seeing me raising my hands in the air, But I obeyed as His urging was extreme and seemed critical 2 my obedience, God can only give an INSTRUCTION, our part in this Partnership is 2 just obey what Father says 4 He KNOWS what is coming in the future days.

I reluctantly obeyed, wish I could say I jumped 2 do it. I could hear my own voice crack as I quietly spoke the words in the air. God said, This is FOR YOUR SAFETY, SPEAK IT like you mean it ! I raised my hands and I SPOKE into the air, half doubting half believing. And I said, From the FOUR Winds, O God I declare You put an Angel on the North Side, on the South side, O Lord please station one on the East side and please on the West side. Since then, I could tell of ALL the Fires, Tornadoes, High Winds and Hail that have protected me.

I have been amazed, and it has taught me critical lessons. That WHO cares what the neighbors think, Our Home is our life, Then a few years ago, On my walk, I stood outside raised my hands in Faith this time, and SPOKE out loud up to the sky praying for those Angels also 2 ALL my surrounding country Neighbors. Its a good feeling 2 know you can do such a simple Instruction and you are safe when you close your eyes in fear of a bad storm. What affects your neighbors also affect you.
YOU stand in the gap 4 others and remember not 2b ashamed of the Gospel but be the EXAMPLE bcoz other people might need 2 learn also. The last thing I learned last night when I was feeling all ALONE and scared, is that God Himself will put it on people's hearts on who will love you at the time of your own need. Im thankful 2b alive today. God reminds me people love me even if I am alone. Truly He has given us a FAMILY in the Body of Christ who will stand with us loving us, Never take 4 granted those daily 'likes' or notes.

They mean so much, Your WORDS have power, use them kindly and never be afraid 2 love, BE the example you want and need from others. TY 4 listening. To whoever is hurting today, and feels scared or alone. This is 4 you little one. God really does love us more than we will understand. Friends are an extended family, no matter where in the world they are.

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