Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Sleeping Partner Who Benefits

Genesis 15:12 - Now when the sun was going down, a deep sleep fell upon Abram… 

In business, sleeping or silent partners don’t work but still take home huge profits. They are like the wife of the boxing champion. He gets badly beaten up 2 win the prize money. But when he gets home, his wife takes it from him and says, “Thank u very much, darling!"

Do u know that in your covenant with God, u are like the boxer’s wife or the sleeping partner? 

When Abraham asked God how he would know for sure that he would inherit the land that God had promised him, God made a covenant with him. (Genesis 15:8–21) But instead of cutting the covenant with Abraham by walking in between the animal pieces with him, God put Abraham into a deep sleep and cut the covenant with Jesus instead. 

Jesus, the light of the world, appeared as the pillar of fire and cut the covenant with God the Father who appeared as the pillar of cloud. In other words, Jesus took Abraham’s place. He was perfect Man representing Abraham when He cut the covenant with His Father. 

By substituting Abraham with Jesus, God was being gracious bcoz if Abraham had done it, he would also have been responsible for keeping the covenant. And Abraham, being a mere man, would fail. But God the Son can never fail! Abraham’s blessings were therefore guaranteed bcoz they did not depend on his performance but Jesus’ performance. Abraham was literally a sleeping partner, a beneficiary of the covenant.

Today, God has also made a covenant with u, called the new covenant. And like Abraham, u are a sleeping partner bcoz the new covenant was also cut between God the Father and God the Son at Calvary. You are simply a beneficiary of the new covenant. You enjoy all its benefits without having 2 work at keeping it.

Jesus, your representative, has already fulfilled all the conditions on your behalf. And bcoz His obedience is perfect and His work is perfectly finished, the covenant blessings 4 u are guaranteed!  My friend, there is nothing left 4 u 2 do, but everything 4 u 2 believe. Don’t try 2 work for your covenant blessings. Rest in the Son’s finished work and receive them by faith!

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