Wednesday, December 19, 2012

You Are Next


Psalm 50:10 - For every beast of the forest is Mine, and the cattle on a thousand hills.

Suppose u have just heard of someone whose financial debts have been miraculously cleared. Or your elated friend has just told u that despite being an average student in school, he scored straight As in all his subjects.

Perhaps on Sunday, u heard a couple share about how they had become proud owners of a condominium which was the grand prize in a supermarket lucky draw, or how a once-childless couple is now expecting their miracle child.

When u see or hear of others being blessed, do u ever wonder when it will be your turn? Or do u even find yourself saying, “Oh, he got blessed with the very thing that I have been praying for. There goes my blessing.”

Now, just because man’s economy operates on the principle of shortage, it does not mean that God operates in the same manner. So the next time somebody gets blessed, tell yourself, “I won’t be disheartened. I won’t be jealous. I am the next one 2b blessed!”

Always remember that God does not have 2 bless anyone at your expense. Nor does He have 2 bless u at anyone’s expense. We don’t have 2b jealous of each other. There is a portion that God gives 2 u which no man can touch bcoz it has your name on it — “A man can receive nothing unless it has been given 2 him from heaven”. (John 3:27)

Our God is a rich God. He owns the whole universe. He has contacts and blessings u do not know of and which are reserved just 4 u! There is more than enough 4 everybody with plenty of leftovers. In fact, u will not be able 2 take it all bcoz when the blessings start coming in, they will come in a net-breaking, boat-sinking style. You will have 2 call 4 your friends in the other boats 2 come and help u! (Luke 5:1–7) That is the kind of blessings that our God gives. So get ready 4 your blessings and overflowing abundance!

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