Saturday, December 1, 2012

God Hears Your Prayers

Romans 4:7–8 - 7“Blessed are those whose lawless deeds are forgiven, and whose sins are covered; 8blessed is the man 2 whom the Lord shall not impute sin.”

Some people think that if they were more “right” with God, then He would hear their prayers. For example, they sometimes believe that if they had not quarreled with their wives or had those bad thoughts earlier in the day, then God would answer their prayers. 

God is not like that. He wants u 2 know beyond any doubt that u can always come 2 His throne of grace with boldness and have every confidence that u will receive His mercy and grace. (Hebrews 4:16) You see, bcoz of Jesus’ finished work on the cross, u are already right with God. You don’t need 2 do anything 2 make yourself more right with God. 

In fact, by faith in Jesus, u have received the righteousness of God Himself! (2 Corinthians 5:21) And no matter how many mistakes u make, u will never lose that righteousness bcoz in the first place, God gave it 2 u apart from your works. (Romans 4:5–6) In other words, God did not impute righteousness 2 u bcoz u were good, but bcoz u believed in Jesus. 

Because of what Jesus has done 4 u at the cross, all your sins — past, present and future — are forgiven. God will by no means ever remember your sins or count them against u! (Hebrews 8:12, 10:17

My friend, bcoz Jesus has been punished 4 your sins, today, God is not counting your sins against u. This means that your sins won’t stop Him from hearing and responding 2 your prayers. So u can always run into His presence knowing that u can boldly stand in and enjoy His presence and His love. 

When u know this truth, it is going 2 set u free in your relationship with God. You can talk 2 Him without fear or any sense of condemnation. You can practice His presence and trust that He always hears u. Should something happen at home or at work, u don’t always have 2 call for your church leaders — u pray and God hears u! 

Beloved, u are righteous in Christ and God hears your prayers — all bcoz of Jesus!

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