Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Matthew 6:33 - … seek first the kingdom of God & His righteousness, & all these things shall be added 2 u.

God doesn’t want u grabbing the newspaper first thing in the morning & reading all the bad news in the world. He knows that if u do that, your heart will be full of cares, anxieties & even fears.

This happened 2 a mother who read in the newspaper that children from China studying in our local schools were becoming top students. She wrote 2 the press, voicing her concerns about the stiff competition her child would face from these students, even for the top jobs in Singapore in the future.

When are reading the newspapers, magazines, medical journals, economic reports, watching movies or surfing the Internet all the time, then u are getting your “nourishment” from these sources instead of God’s Word. Now, I am not against these things. But if u constantly feed only on earthly things which cannot satisfy, u will fill your heart & mind with cares &  worries.

Jesus doesn’t want u 2 end up worrying about your life — what u will eat, drink or wear — as these are the things that the Gentiles (people of the world) seek. He says that your heavenly Father knows very well that u need these things. (Matthew 6:31–32)

That is why He promises u that if u would seek first His kingdom & His righteousness, all these things that the world seeks after will be added 2 u. It will not just be given but added, which means greater in quantity & quality!

If u are broke, don’t pursue money. Pursue God your prosperity. If u are faced w/lack, don’t pursue material goods. Pursue God your provider. If u are sick, don’t pursue the “cure”. Pursue God your healer.
My friend, don’t grab the newspaper or call your friend first thing in the morning 2 talk about the latest bad news. Instead, grab your Bible & read all the good news God has 4 u for the day. And as u seek first the kingdom of God & His righteousness, all the things that the world is running after will be added 2 u!

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