Friday, September 7, 2012

God Favors U Because He Loves U

1 John 4:19 - We love Him because He first loved us.

Have u ever found yourself receiving such exceeding favor that u wonder why? My friend, it is bcoz God is lavishing His grace — unearned, undeserved, unmerited favor — on u. And He does it bcoz He loves u.

I love reading the Old Testament story of Ruth, a young Moabite widow, bcoz it speaks of God’s amazing grace. The moment Ruth depended on God’s grace or favor, she had full access 2 His blessings. Of all the fields in Bethlehem, His grace led her 2 the field that belonged 2 Boaz, who was not only a wealthy bachelor, but also a relative of her father-in-law. (Ruth 2:3) Boaz was therefore her potential kinsman-redeemer — someone who could redeem her from her plight as a poor & childless widow.

Boaz favored Ruth from the moment he laid eyes on her. Ruth was not even a Jew, yet he cared for her safety by telling her not 2 glean in another field & 2 stay close 2 his young women. He even commanded the young men working for him not 2 touch her & 2 allow her 2 drink the water which they had drawn.

During mealtimes, he sat her beside the reapers although she was just a lowly gleaner who picked up what they had missed or dropped. On top of that, he gave her parched grain, making sure that she ate & was satisfied, & that she had leftovers 2 bring back 2 her mother-in-law. (Ruth 2:1–18).

Ruth simply believed that she would find favor in the field & God placed her at the right place at the right time, so that He could open a big door of blessings 2 her. Do u know that Boaz is a beautiful picture of our Lord Jesus? The Bible says that “He first loved us”. Jesus saw u & loved u first, long b4 u knew Him or loved Him. And He favors whom He loves.

Beloved, there is no need 2 fight or strive 2 qualify for God’s favor & blessings. His favor is all over u bcoz He first loved u. Just trust in His love for u & u will see His favor bringing an abundance of blessings into your life!

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