Friday, August 31, 2012

Taken Your Love Break Today?

John 15:9 - “As the Father loved Me, I also have loved u; abide in My love.

In your workplace, u probably take coffee breaks, lunch breaks, tea breaks & definitely toilet breaks. Why not do the same in your spiritual life — take time out 4 breaks, especially love breaks?

What is a love break? It is the time u take 2 enjoy & feed on the love of Jesus 4 u. At any time during the day, wherever u are, find a quiet spot & feed on the love of Jesus. Just sit down & talk 2 Him. Say 2 Him, “Thank You, Jesus, 4 loving me. Nothing is going 2 happen 2 me that You don’t already know about. Jesus, when I could not save myself, You died 4 me. You gave up Your life 4 me. What else will You not do 4 me!”

Such love breaks are typified in the Old Testament by Aaron the high priest & his sons eating the breast of the animal sacrificed. (Leviticus 7:31) The breast of the animal speaks of the love of Jesus. Today, u are a priest 2 God. (Revelation 1:6) So spend time feeding on the love of Jesus 4 u, & see yourself nourished, strengthened & sustained by His love. Jesus is our High Priest today. This means that His food is in loving us. He enjoys loving us & is also “nourished” by His love 4 us.

But do not forget that the breast was roasted by fire (Leviticus 7:35), which speaks of God’s judgment on

Jesus as He hung on the cross bcoz He was carrying our sins. So as u feed on Jesus’ love 4 u, see Him loving u at the cross. When things around u are not going well, do not allow the devil 2 say 2 u, “If God loves u, how come these things are happening 2 u?” My friend, interpret God’s love 4 u based on the cross, not on your present circumstances.

During the day, when u are hard at work, when busyness sets in, when problems pile up or when discouragement comes, just stop everything & take a love break with Jesus! Let Jesus love u. Let yourself enjoy being loved by Him. Lean on His bosom, abide in His love & be nourished by His love 4 u!

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