Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Year of God's Divine Government

John Mark PoolThe Word for the Year 2012
• God IS government and the government is upon His shoulders.

• We must align with God's plans, to view our new level of increase, for the Kingdom of God to be multiplied.

• Those who position themselves and press into the Father will receive their inheritance now on earth as it is in Heaven.

• The King has children who must know who their Father and King is in order to multiply God's Kingdom and theirs.

• There is a new timing and a new territory to possess by those who have pressed into the Kingdom covenant inheritance promises from Father God, the King of kings.

• God has more than enough for those who know the Father as King and Jehovah Jireh. He is our provision, period.

• New land is now available for homesteading in the Kingdom of God. Settle where He leads, and then show others our Father's plan.

• God the Father is now the "Lamp unto our feet and the Light unto our paths" for His Kingdom multiplication.

• Signs and wonders in the heavens will light up our life so that we will be a real torch in the next eight years during the increase of natural darkness and calamities on earth.

• Be ready for a great shift of light and life for the Kingdom of God this year. No human has ever seen the fullness of what is ahead, especially through 2020. For the next eight years we will be positioned for the greatest awakening of God in American history.

• Then, in 2020 we will experience the greatest prophetic move the world has ever known – the 20/20 prophetic vision of God for His Kingdom! (See 2 Chronicles 20:20.)

• Those who live in the Islands will look to the mountains for their salvation. Waves will overflow so many places that it will astound the world. The new waves of the Lord will be a cause for doubters to begin to trust in God and not the soothsayers.

• This is a year for a complete re-creating of places in the world that have placed Israel in contempt. Accept that they will be allowing their land and name to be changed to adjust to God's covenants and promises. God is honor-bound to keep His Word and to lift up His chosen into His directed design which was written before the foundations of the earth.

• The Middle Eastern lands will know that there is a God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel. No human will stop what God is about to do to demonstrate that God keeps His covenants to His own.

• There will be a "changing of the guards" on the USA Capitol Hill. All will know that "God is the DEAL!" American plans will be adjusted abruptly to God's plan, and not another will be consulted. God IS government. There will be a woman that arrives in the White House to surprise this current humanistic view.

• Above all – STAND. Stand firm in a time of worlds "shifting sand!" God's Word is everlasting, and you must stand firm upon HIS Word, not the world's view. Read and meditate upon God's logos (the Word of God) to hear more from the Father's rhema (spoken) word.

• Blessings will overtake those who pursue His heart in 2012. God is our source. Be in the center of His heart and obey His will and way.

• 2012 is the year of divine grace to mountains looming over your life. Years of past problems can be cast into the sea with this year's working of great grace!

• Always keep your hearts tuned in to the Father's. Do not allow other voices and those veiled by the enemy to rob the promises given to you from your loving Father God.

• Expect your miracle, and decree a thing and it will be established for you. You will come through as pure and refined gold for the Father's Kingdom plan.

• Remember, God IS love, and God sent us His only Son, Jesus, as the Light of Life for a very desperate world.

• Be the lighthouse of God for a searching and hurting world.
Always a voice for God,

John Mark Pool
Word to the World Ministries

John Mark Pool, co-founder of Word to the World Ministries, has been used by God to minister as a prophetic voice to the nations. Based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, he is called to take the Apostolic/Prophetic five-fold ministry message to pastors and church leaders across the USA and around the world. He has become a prophetic voice to speak into pastors' and leaders' lives throughout America in preparation for our next revival outpouring. He and his wife, Sandy, are both ordained as a prophet and ministers with Encounters Network Ministries by James Goll, director of Encounters Network Ministries.
John Mark has ministered on radio, TV, Internet streaming broadcast and Web publishing sites, as well as at local churches, conferences and crusade revival outpourings. John Mark is also a nationally recognized and published author, with most recent books including, Love – God's Greatest Gift, and Path of a Prophet: Understanding the Journey (Destiny Image Publishers, 2007).

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