Saturday, February 11, 2012

I Move in a Multitude of Ways

Eileen Fisher
 I hear the Lord say, "Hear the mixture of the sounds. Did u not hear the thunder? Did u not hear the horses? Did u not hear them pounding the earth as they are preparing to move about? Did u not hear the rain of refreshment that is about 2 fall upon the Earth? Did you not hear this tingle of hope, hope that causes people 2 look up 2 know redemption is drawing near? Did u not come to an understanding that I move in a multitude of ways? 

Sometimes I come in the thunder, sometimes I come in the whisper, sometimes I come in the stillness, and sometimes I come as a King of Glory on a mighty white steed preparing His people, preparing His people to go forth with the Gospel of power.

"I Am Preparing Runners"
"I am looking for a people who will submit, who will surrender, who will abandon themselves 2 Me, who will take back their will from one another and place their will and allegiance 2 Me and 2 Me alone. My will is about to be revealed. In this will, you will come 2 understand why I have had u lay aside, and why I have had u called out. I have called u aside so u could recognize My whispers. I have called u out from other things that would pull on u, 2b cut away from u, for your good.

"I am preparing runners: runners with My word, runners with My power, runners who are able 2 leap over mountains with Me with hinds' feet. I am causing My own to come apart, 2 come into the bridal chamber where I can whisper to them My will, and they can come forth with authority, knowing who has sent them. For the time you are entering into, the bridal chamber is thrown open. But it will be different, for there will be a party in this bridal chamber. It will be the wedding party that I am preparing for My own. Others will come, and those who are not dressed properly but with their own good works or with all that man has placed upon them, I will take it off of them. I will place My robes of grace, My robes of righteousness, and robes of My power with My works, with My name, for My sake.

"Come now and realize there is going to be a mighty, gigantic move that will come across your land. It will be known not only as a Jesus movement or a King of kings movement – for I alone have stripped away religion, and have stripped away any alliance with the world – it will cause everything that makes you stumble to be stripped away. There will come fire on the feet of My own to spread the Gospel of love, the good news of forgiveness, the good news of healing, the good news that God is for you and not against u. I am going to bring forth a grace message. But it will be a message balanced with grace and righteousness in purity and holiness, and in power, for they cannot go independent, but they must flow in the same river of love, protection, and authority," says the Lord your God.

"Learn to Accept My Glory"
The following corporate prophetic word was given by Eileen Fisher on January 10, 2012 during her weekly Prophetic School of the Holy Spirit meeting in Colorado Springs, Colorado:
The Lord said, "Take off restrictions. Take off the restrictions man has placed upon you. Take off constrictions, that the world has you tied in knots, not allowing u 2 run free. Throw off heaviness. Throw off sin. Throw off depression and discouragement. Stand on My Word. Dwell in My Word. Let My Word dwell in you. You are going to see My hand. When it comes down, you will know it is My hand. Even now My hand is moving. 

"Can u not hear the spirit of mockery rising up in the world? Do you not understand that I was mocked upon the Cross, and My own, too, will be mocked? Know in the mocking, there is also a marking of My glory. Learn 2 accept My glory. I have marked you with the Blood of My Son. I have paid costly for you. I have paid a great price for u. Live abundantly. Live in the Blood of My Son. Have I not said, 'There is life in My Blood?'

"Take life. Let death be defeated. Let depression be defeated. Let hope rise up where despair has become a place 2 lay. Take authority. Stand in the goodness of your God. Stand in My favor. Stand in My understanding. Ask for the mind of Christ to be placed in u, so u will be able 2 comprehend and to think the thoughts of Christ. Pull down vain imaginations. Wherever the enemy comes and takes up residency, u have allowed him 2 take what My Kingdom has come to claim. Declare 'off limits to the demonic.' Let My glory reign," says the Lord your God.

Eileen Fisher
Eileen Fisher Ministries


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