Tuesday, February 7, 2012

This year will be one of restoration and reformation. New revelation and strategies are now available to discover how 2 do things outside the box. Please don't think of this as a "blanket blessing" in which everyone will receive automatically. You will need to press in and ask God for specific steps, and continue 2 clear any accusations you are holding against other people. Our own judgments against others will block the blessings from God.

Restoration: God is Revealing the Plans of the Enemy
The winds of change are blowing away the clouds and smoke that the enemy has placed in front of our eyes. This year we will see how satan has been lying, cheating, and stealing. This will become more evident as dishonest practices that have robbed people will continue to be revealed in business and government.

The Cries of Justice Have Been Heard
A backlog of promotions, repayment, and blessings are now being released from Heaven. In some cases it will start slow and increase steadily. In others, it will be like a deluge of blessings. Continue to ask God to repay you for any losses you have experienced.

Medical and Business Breakthroughs
We are going to see new medical breakthroughs this year. With the onslaught of diseases and viruses, God is offsetting this by initiating radical medical discoveries and cures.
There will be new inventions and business strategies released from Heaven. Some people will be shown how to make a million dollars overnight. Business partnerships will be formed to release finances for Kingdom projects.

God is Giving Key People Keys to Each City
I heard God say that He is giving key people unique understanding on how to reach a city or a region. Each city needs to receive a specific strategy to turn the city around economically and spiritually.

Vault of Heaven Unlocked
In December I had a spiritual experience in which I heard a "tumbler lock" of a big bank-type of vault click into place. I heard God say that the vault door of Heaven is now unlocked and finances for Kingdom projects are now available, including finances for new media and creative business projects.

Reformation: Dying will Bring New Life
Letting old ways go and dying to broken dreams will be a key to succeeding this year. Death always brings new life in the spiritual sense of things. It is a time to embrace our losses and look to God for new plans.

Awakening Begins
God has heard the cries of people who are longing for a new outpouring of His love and power. It is a year of preparation for greater things to happen in 2013–14. It is a year of preparation and realignment from the old to the new.

The Wait Has Been Worth It
We have been in a time in which there has been an abundance of prophetic words and revelation but the fulfillment of them has been quite scarce. The result of not seeing prophecy fulfilled has brought prophetic disappointments. This time has come to an end, as God will begin to answer prayer and fulfill prophetic words much more quickly.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick,[but] a longing fulfilled is a tree of life. Proverbs 13:12
This is a year of longings fulfilled: new marriages, babies, healings, emotional and financial turnarounds.

We Must Operate in High Levels of God's Love and Grace
A new understanding of God's love and grace is being released. It's a time to love people who are different than we are. Jesus said to bless those who curse u and love your enemies. God is rich with love. This is a year to grasp the depth of God's love and grace for ourselves and for the people around us (Ephesians 3:16–19).

New Operating System
On December 31st I had a dream that Microsoft had released a totally new and updated version of their network operating system. In the dream u had 2 pay $5,000 and get a special certification 2 use it. The software was being offered for sale at churches. When I went 2 buy it, all I could find were imitations re-packaging the old operating system called "Windows 98 Enhanced."

God is releasing a new way 2 operate and it will have a higher cost and lots of grace. Five is the number of grace and 5,000 means grace at a high level. We will need 2b retrained 2 move in the greater things of God this year. Beware of people trying 2 dress up the old way and say that it is new.

A Move of God is Coming 2 San Francisco that will Impact the World
I have had numerous dreams, visions, spiritual experiences and angelic visitations about a wave of the Spirit hitting San Francisco. Because there have been people praying and crying out 2 Him, just as God said that He would spare a city if He found one righteous person, He has found many who have literally been crying over San Francisco. Watch the Bay Area begin 2 be much more open 2 God this year.

Healing Hot Buttons
New insight will come from God on how to deal with some major political and social "hot buttons" that have separated people in the past. God is releasing the Spirit of Reconciliation that will bring healing of differences between people groups and nations. It will be important to engage issues from a "Kingdom mindset" and not simply a political one.

Let Disasters Pass Over You
This will be a fun yet challenging year in many ways. It will be important to keep our eyes focused on God's purposes for our lives. Pray that u hear the voice of God and know the steps 2 take 2b blessed through any downturn. Do your best 2 not focus on negative reports as God is going 2 allow disasters 2 pass over people who are looking 2 Him for solutions.
It is an amazing time 2b alive.

Doug Addison
InLight Connection


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