Sunday, April 12, 2015

DAY 12 - Cure 4 Loneliness

Psalm Healing 4 Feeding the Soul

=========     A-PSALM-A-DAY keeps the doctor at bay; 4 as the body needs food and water 2 live, so our soul needs the same; food and water 2 grow and gain strength. This is the 'balance' of man.  By reading a Psalm of the day, which only takes a few moments of our time, reaps big rewards 4 our soul realm. We are so desirous of looking good on the outside that most forget there is the rest of us...our inside spiritual man who is starving. Give your soul some food and drink today and watch the Joy of Life return!

 DAY 12 - Man's Treachery and God's Constancy - HELP , LORD, 4 the godly man ceases!  For the faithful disappear from among the sons of men.  

02  They speak idly everyone w/his neighbor;  With flattering lips and a double heart  they speak.

03  May the LORD cut off all flattering lips, And the tongue that speaks proud things, 
 04  Who have said, "With our tongue we will prevail;  Our lips are our own;  Who is lord over us?"

05  "For the oppression of the poor,  4 the sighing of the needy,  Now I will arise," says the LORD; "I will set him in the SAFETY 4 which he yearns." 

06  The words of the LORD are pure words,  Like silver tried in a furnace of earth,  Purified 7 times.

07   You shall keep them, O LORD,  You shall preserve them from this generation forever.

08  The wicked prowl on every side,  When vileness is exalted among the sons of men.

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