Thursday, June 21, 2012

6 Satanic Deceptions Concerning Increase

6 Satanic Deceptions Concerning Increase:

1.   Our enemy, satan, creates 'doubt' that God wants u 2 experience increase.

2.  He creates 'guilt' 4 even desiring increase. [1000s of diligent workers are accused of being greedy and materialistic bcoz of their constant pursuit of excellence.]

3.  He creates an attitude of 'self-sufficiency.'  Many attempt uncommon success without the counsel and assistance of God.

4.  He creates 'jealousy' toward others who enjoy uncommon blessing.  Envy is deadly.

5.  He creates an 'inordinate desire' 4 something u have not yet earned or deserved.
     "Withhold not good from them '2 whom it is due', when it is in the power of thine hand 2 do it" (Proverbs 3:27).

6.  He tempts u 2 pursue increase 'unlawfully or unethically.'  Resenting your potential
     increase, satan crafts brilliant strategies 2 paralyze the Promise of 1000 MORE.
     Yes, it is impossible 4 satan 2 expel your desire 4 increase.  Even bvabies reach 4
     something more.  He can only distort, pervert and twist this principle in your life.
     Through guilt, doubt and envy, he weaves a web of deceit that robs u of the 1000
      MORE God said u deserved.

    Poverty is so unnecessary.
    Loss is so painful.
    Ignorance is so deadly.
    Wisdom is so rewarding.

    [I have fallen in love w/the Holy Spirit.]  He is the Spirit of Wisdom.  (C Isaiah 1:2).  He is the Source of every good gift u receive from God.  (Read I Corinthians 2:9,10).

    1000 times more Peace.
    1000 times more Joy.
    1000 times more Love.
    1000 times more Finances.
    1000 times more Wisdom.
    1000 times more Miracles.
    1000 times more Victories.
    1000 times more Favor.
    1000 times more Ideas.
    I know your 'need' 4 increase, your 'desire' 4 increase, your 'Source' 4 increase.

    I hate pain.
    I want u completely 'healed.'
    That is why I wrote this book.    

Mike Murdock

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