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Chuck D. PierceDuring our Head of the Year Celebration, the Spirit of the Lord began to speak about containers and I began to prophesy: "This will be known as the year of the CONTAINER. You will either be contained or u will shout with Me and break out of your containment. Your house can become your captor or your house can become My glory. This is the time 4 structures that contain and stop the flow of My plan 2b broken, so allow the shout of the King 2 rise up through your mouth. When you release that shout, walls and confinements will break."

I have shared several times since then about the need to watch our ports and the containers coming into our nation. Wednesday, November 2, 2011 news reports began 2 emerge regarding the safety of containers processed in Vietnam. FoxNews reported:
Exploding Shipping Containers Processed in Vietnam Raise Public Safety Concerns in U.S.
Multiple international shipping agencies are conducting a comprehensive review of refrigerated containers processed at a Vietnam port, the Pacific Maritime Association said in a statement, after some units exploded, reportedly killing two mechanics in Vietnam and one in Brazil... The Coast Guard said it is working closely with shippers and port officials around the nation to identify any potentially faulty containers, isolate them, and ensure they are rendered safe. – by Edmund DeMarche
In this watchman season, continue 2 pray 4 the containers that come into our ports, and that anything unsafe or hostile 2 this nation would be exposed and rendered harmless.

Worship and Harvest: An Apostolic Perspective
We have entered a new worship season in the earth. I call this "The Season of Harvest Songs!" This is an apostolic season.

An apostolic season is where we receive our call and are sent into the fields that have been prepared for harvest. We have a mentality of celebration, work, war, and triumph all expressed through worship. The harvest is a picture of God's judgment. Jesus used this as a metaphor to make us realize that there will come a time when He gathers those who believe.

The harvest has already begun. It began when Jesus first came and now is maturing rapidly. Yet there is a "tug-of-war" in heavenly places over who will control the harvest and bring the resources into the storehouse. Luke 10:2 says, "Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest." (NKJV)

Worshipping in Spirit and Truth is necessary to enter the war in the earth realm for a Kingdom Harvest. There are many fields and all are being prepared for the harvesters, the WORSHIPPERS, to enter. Storehouses are being prepared. The final theater of war will be the War of Harvest. Harvest time is when we are at the end of a season, the crops have matured, and there must be a gathering.
Revelation 14:15-16 says, "And another angel came out of the temple, crying with a loud voice to Him who sat on the cloud, 'Thrust in Your sickle and reap, for the time has come for You to reap, for the harvest of the earth is ripe.' So He who sat on the cloud thrust in His sickle on the earth, and the earth was reaped."
The Weight of His Glory

In God's Unfolding Battle Plan (Regal Books, 2007), I share the following: We face a multitude of wars in various dimensions and from every front. In the next 20 years, all nations will reconcile around Israel, while some will arise to become dominant on the world scene. The United States of America will attempt to find its voice new and fresh but will not be heard as loudly as in the past. Mammon will be the greatest influencing force of rule in the world. Bloodlines will continue to conflict with other bloodlines simply because nations are comprised of people with unredeemed blood. The carnal mind will continue, as always, to be in enmity with God and resist His knowledge. Antichrist will continue to have a plan to rule the earth. However, the earth – again, as always – will still be the Lord's and the fullness thereof!

Because the Earth is the Lord's and He has a plan of fullness, He has a plan of Harvest. Harvest is a process. The grain must be cut with a sickle. What has been cut is then gathered into sheaves and taken to the threshing floor where tools or animals are used for the threshing. The grain is winnowed and tossed into the air, where the wind separates and blows away the chaff from the heavier kernels of the harvest.
The last phase of harvest is the storage finale. This occurs when the kernels are shaken in a sieve so that the harvest can be stored. The war dynamic of harvest is maturing at this time over this point of the process. We are in a shaking process. What can be shaken will be shaken. The Lord is shaking away the iniquities in our lives, corporate gatherings, cities and nations that would make us less "marketable."

The key to our harvest is the weight of His glory. In the winnowing stage, the weightier kernels do not blow away. In the season ahead there will be many issues that cause us to be tossed to and fro. Without the weight of His glory resting upon us, we will be blown away and not complete the harvesting process that God has released into the earth. We can only receive this key to harvest if we learn to worship in Spirit and Truth.

We Are the Harvesters
Not only are we being harvested, but we are the harvesters for the future! Dr. Robert Heidler, the incredible teacher that I serve with, recently wrote me the following: "Two nights ago I had a dream. In the dream Linda had been out shopping and came home with a cardboard box. In the box was a rattlesnake. She said, 'The Lord told me if we would bring this rattlesnake into our house and keep it there for three weeks that we would enter into a season of endless harvest.' So we did. We put the poisonous snake in the garage and kept the door closed to make sure it couldn't get in to the main house. We were very careful how we went into the garage because we knew we had a rattlesnake in the house. I awakened and remembered that when we were commissioned and sent, we were given authority over serpents and scorpions.

The problem is the Church has been so frightened of the world that we won't let ourselves get anywhere near its contamination. But if we will put aside our fear and bring the world into our homes, not to become 'of it' but to convert and sanctify all the culture for God's purposes, we will see that we do have authority over the power of the enemy."

I heard the Lord say: "Some of u are resisting bringing the enemy under your feet. That's what is keeping your next level of portion from being unlocked. The harvest is yours. Do not fear the enemy when I give u the enemy. Ask Me 4 your desire on your enemy. If you'll ask Me 4 your desire on your enemies, what I will do is bring that enemy in and within 3 weeks everything that the enemy has held up, confiscated, or taken from u, I will give u. The storehouse the enemy was guarding, u will now own the key!

"There is a time that harvest comes! Even if your harvest season was once captured, in My plan and in My season I can cause a harvest season to come back around again. Open your eyes. Open your eyes of faith. Open your eyes of expectation! I am a God that is able to bring harvest back to you. If you are willing to seek Me, if you are willing to set your face like flint, I can bring the windows of Heaven back over you so what you've lost, what has been walled up and stored away from your use in one season, can be released now! You can see the harvest come in and secured for this day.

"Worship Me in Spirit and Truth and I can cause cities and cultures that knew Me not to be transformed in a day. Hear My songs of Heaven. New songs break old cycles. Harvest songs are being released. Sing with Heaven and I will send hosts to assist you in the Harvest."

Newsletter dated November 9, 2011:
I believe it's very important that the Body of Christ understand that we are in a monumental time of shifting. I believe if we shift spiritually and grab hold of the keys of revelation that the Spirit of God has for us today, we will be victorious as we move forward in this season ahead. Here are seven keys to advancing:

1. New Synchronized Moves in a New Administration! Dream!
As the Body of Christ, we have entered a season of new vision. With new vision comes new administration. How will we "add and cooperate" with the ministry of Holy Spirit in the future? We are going through many changes here at Glory of Zion International and with the Global Spheres Center. I felt before the Lord allowed us 2 move us into our new offices there would be changes He wanted 2 accomplish. 

I had a dream last night. In the dream, Rose Flieger, the administrator for our Schools, and I were learning synchronized swimming. They were new, complicated moves. We were in a group of five people and the instructor was teaching us how to move before we went into our next season of demonstration. Rose decided she did not want 2 learn new moves. When she did that, the swimming pool filled with sewage. What is the Lord saying 2 us in this? Don't refuse what He is trying to teach you, or else the living water you have been swimming in will become sewage.

2. Creating an Environment for Miracles!
I believe that the Lord is asking us to create an environment for miracles. What does that mean? Most people get frustrated because they have a difficult situation, ask God for a miracle, and then do not see what they were asking for manifested. We are seeing miracles begin to happen. In the past, I have seen miracles manifest, but I believe that we are going to a new level. We are creating an environment for miracles. The Body of Christ must not only take a turn toward healing, but press in for the release of miracles!
We have entered into a season where the gift of miracles will be activated in the Body in a new way. Ask the Lord, "What is a miracle?" We must see a faith activation! The Issachar anointing and miracles work together! Worship and praise lead us into miracles! The Mashach (anointing for miracles) is here today! The more Glory in a place, the more miracles can be conceived. This is why no miracles could be activated and seen in Nazareth! We want to break the Nazareth Syndrome and enter into miracles!

3. Overcoming Religious and Familiar Spirits!
This is a season to overcome religious and familiar spirits. What are religious spirits and how do they work? They are deceptive forces that have labored to stop the progress of the Church throughout the ages. Religion should not be a bad thing if we adhere to the literal meaning, which is to consider "divine" things. Religion has three meanings in the Word of God: outward religious service, the feeling of absolute dependence, and the observance of moral law as a divine institution.

James 1:26-27 defines religion from the Christian point of view: "If anyone among you thinks he is religious, and does not bridle his tongue but deceives his own heart, this one's religion is useless. Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world."

Religion is linked with worship. Religion, when pure, is powerful. However, religion is also defined as an organized system of doctrine with an approved pattern of behavior. Behavior has to demonstrate a proper form of worship. This is where we move from pure and undefiled religion to ritual. Demons of doctrines take something that should be pure, and develop dark, spiritual forces, robbing individuals of their freedom to worship a Holy God, leaving them, instead, with only rules and regulations.

I have always been a creative thinker and an expressive worshipper. I have been known throughout the Body of Christ as a modern-day Prophet that expresses the heart and mind of God. I have always had to maneuver past spirits of religion that would resist the gift of God. Demons hate revelation from God. They resist those gifts in the Body that bring revelatory freedom to the members of the Body. Religion attempts to stone the revelation of apostles and prophets because this revealed Word establishes God's foundation in the Church for this age. First Corinthians 12:28 sets an order of governmental gifts in the Church for victory in the world. That order is "first apostles, second prophets." Religious spirits defy God's order.

Religious spirits can also just deny change! That can make individuals get so routinized, or in a "rut," that they do not want to shift into today's methods for victory. The carnal mind is in enmity with God. Therefore, religious spirits attempt to block strategic thinking for the future. Our mind and process of thought aid the Spirit of God to produce change in the earth.

The Lord's disciples had to have revelation of who He was, who they were, and who their enemy was. This is still relevant today. The Pharisees had a choice to either deny the divine nature of God or realign with the expression of His Son. They either had to keep rules in place that prevented any behavioral change in worship, or begin to worship in Spirit and Truth. Most failed in making the choice that could have changed their lives, their families, and their society. Therefore, in Matthew 16 we find Jesus taking the keys from the scribes and Pharisees of that day and giving them to the future leaders who would defy religion and lead the Church into its future.

4. Going Beyond the Footmen!
Anne Tate came to me this morning and shared the following: When dressing for work, I felt the Lord was asking me to wear my running horse necklace. Jeremiah 12:5 immediately came to mind: "If you have raced with men on foot and they have tired you out, then how can you compete with horses? And if [you take to flight] in a land of peace where you feel secure, then what will you do [when you tread the tangled maze of jungle haunted by lions] in the swelling and flooding of the Jordan?" (AMP)
The Lord is communicating to us that we are past the place and the time of our enemies being footmen. Our enemies are different in this new season and will require new things of us. In the last season we contended with enemies that were organized and ordered with a certain similarity. However, this season our enemies have the ability to give the illusion of flight and carry the reality of solid weight. Running horses look like they are flying. They occupy a place higher than men.
In this season we are not contending with forces that we can physically overpower. It is a physical impossibility for us, as men, to run with horses or compete with them in a race. Just so, it is not possible for us to pick our own path through tangled situations that threaten to overwhelm us circumstantially and devour us. In the season we have just entered, to overcome we will have to learn to gain authority over the wild things that infest our new territory by seeing from a new perspective over them and riding everything that can be captured and submitted for the purposes of God.

5. A New Big Wave Ahead! Can You Ride the Wave?
There is a new wave of God's Spirit coming. This wave is bigger than any that we have known. Carol Boren shared the following: I had a dream where Bill and I were in a boat and all of a sudden a huge wave, like a wall of water, rose up. The boat began 2 go straight up the wave. Bill was holding tightly 2 something so he would not fall out of the boat. He kept thinking that we would get 2 the top of this wave and then come slamming down. He looked at me and I was just calmly sitting in the seat of the boat taking it all in and enjoying the thrill and wonder of what was happening. Then suddenly we were back in calm water. He looked at me and I said, "You shouldn't have been so freaked out. I knew this was the Lord doing this!"

What God is saying: Many will be frightened by the swell of the Spirit of God that is coming. However, the Lord says, "Stay in the Boat and Ride the Next Wave of My Spirit!"

6. The Last Push into Victory!
There is breakthrough and then there is ultimate victory! Remember, David overcame the Philistines, but they regrouped and came against him again. The Lord said, "Here is a new strategy, 'Come from behind! But wait until you hear the sound in the tops of the mulberry trees!'" After many years of war with the Philistines, he finally took the Mother Bridle City in 2 Samuel 8. Don't stop until you overcome all!

Many of us have warred to enter, occupy and experience the fullness of our promise. We have warred against unrighteous structures that resist the righteousness of God and us, His people. The time has come to pursue and finish off our enemies so they can no longer raise their hand against us. This is what Gideon did in order to destroy the ravaging grip of the Midianites over them.

7. A New Power to Overcome! Stay Steadfast in Who You Are!
There is a new power being released. The Body is becoming less gullible and learning to discern in new ways! We have a power greater than the world structure that attempts to mold and conform us! Heidi DeHart shared the following dream: I worked in some kind of corporate job. I was working on a project 4 a specific company. I got a letter asking for private information about that company. When I looked closely at the letter, I realized it was a forgery, so I didn't send the information the forgers wanted.
That night, I was sleeping in my parent's house. It didn't look like their house, but it was. I was awakened by two men breaking into my room. One was armed with a sniper type rifle, the other wasn't armed. As soon as I saw them in my room, I began yelling loudly for my parents, telling them there were men in my room. They came in, but just stood there. I felt safer because I wasn't alone.
The unarmed man began 2 talk w/me. He was not threatening; just trying 2 convince me that I was too "conservative" 4 the job position I was doing. By conservative, he meant "Christian." He wanted me 2 move into a different position because I wouldn't compromise the privacy of the company I was working with.

I said 2 him, "But this is America! Our freedom of belief is protected here!" He chuckled, and said something like, "That's what you think, but that's not really true." Occasionally, the man with the rifle would shoot me with a green laser. It didn't hurt, but it made me feel numb all over, and I'd sort of fall asleep and wake back up again. I think it was supposed to make me easier to convince.

While he was talking, I realized that the night was full of activity. People's lawns were being peeled back, and huge shipping containers were being dumped into holes under the lawns, and then the grass put back so that everything looked the same in the morning. It was a huge government conspiracy-type event, where everything was happening while the people slept, and it all looked normal in the morning.

The unarmed man kept trying to convince me, but I refused to agree to his plan. I began to explain to him that he was going to have a hard time convincing people when the Kingdom of God was inside of them. It was not a mindset and an attempt to change our identity.

I said 2 him, "Look, you're going 2 have trouble changing people's minds, and here is why: God is in Heaven. People and satan are here on Earth. God sent Jesus down 2 Earth, and Jesus is called 'Emmanuel,' which means 'God with us.'"

Suddenly my left hand moved like a magnet and the palm connected to the side of his left hand. I heard a sound like a triangle being rung over and over again, and power came from inside of me, down my arm and hand, and into him. All I could say was, "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!" and then I woke up.

Use these seven keys 2 unlock your future ahead!

Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries


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