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24 of 31 Reasons People Do Not Receive Their Financial Harvest

=========   ~Ecclesiastes 11:6 ~ "In the morning sow thy SEED, and in the evening withhold not thine hand:  4 thou knowest not whether shall prosper, either this or that, or whether they both shall be alike good."

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     When u sow continuously, your harvest will become continuous.
     When  u sow inconsistently, your harvest will become erratic.  Many years ago I talked 2 a young couple after service.  They were distraught.  Discouraged.  Blaming God 4 everything that happened in their life.  When I approached the subject of Tithing and Sowing, they both jumped in w/indignation
     "We have tried tat already.  It did not work 4 us."
     It is a dangerous thing 2 call God a liar.
     It shows a lack of the fear of God.
     It reveals pride and arrogance.  When u deliberately tell others that u have obeyed the Scriptures, and God's Word did not work 4 u, it is a dangerous and fearful thing.
     "I would like 2 C your check stubs sometime," I countered.  "I would like 2 C the 'consistency' of your Tithing.  This is very important.  If u have Tithed and Sowed SEED continuously 4 several months, thru several SEASONS, this needs 2b validated.  Bcoz the God I serve is not a liar.  He said He would open the Windows of Heaven upon u.  So, if u have missed any weeks of Tithing, your  harvest will become 'erratic and unpredictable.'"
     They stuttered around.  Then, they admitted that they had only "tried Tithing" a few times.  It was not the routine and pattern of their lifestyle.
     Tithing is not an experiment 2b  explored.
     Tithing is a lifestyle of obedience.
     Observe  the SEASONS.  They are predictable.  Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn create such regularity that we build our lives on the Laws of this Earth.
     I sat in a remarkable seminar many years ago in Madrid, Spain.  The scientist was explaining the distance and complications involved in landing a rocket on the Moon.  He stated that landing a rocket on the Moon required such precision that it was the equivalent of a man shooting a mosquito 6 miles away w/a rifle.  Someone asked how would it be possible 2 do such a thing?
     "Laws.  This entire Universe has Specific Laws that can be discovered when u cooperate w/the Laws of the Universe.  U can predict exactly where a rocket can be sent," he explained.
     The ancient writer made it so clear,  "To everything there is A SEASON, and a TIME 2 every purpose under the Heaven:  A TIME 2b born, and a TIME 2 die;  a TIME 2 plant, and a TIME 2 pluck up that which is planted ... A TIME 2 get, and a TIME 2 lose;  a TIME 2 keep, and a TIME 2 cast away...  (Read Ecclesiastes 3:1-8).
     U must learn the power of rhythm, routine and consistency.  It is important 2 establish this in your Sowing and Reaping.  Acknowledge that your life is an endless and continuous Cycle of Sowing and Reaping, giving and Receiving.   Work w/it.  do not work against it.  Nature has a PATTERN.  U can oppose it, hate it and despise it.  But, the only way 2 reap the Benefits and Rewards is 2 observe and 2 cooperate w/it.
     Create a personal schedule 4 Sowing SEEDS into God's work.  The Apostle Paul understood this principle.  "Now concerning the collection 4 the saints, as I have given order  the churches of Galatia, even so do ye.  Upon the first day of the week let every one of u lay by him in store, as God hath prospered him, that there be no gatherings when I come" (I Cornithians 16:1-2).
     Reaping does not follow sowing.  WAITING follows sowing.
     You sow.
     You wait.
     You reap.
     So, 4 u 2 experience a continuous incoming harvest, there must be a continuous sowing of SEED 2 accommodate the SEASONS of WAITING. As long as Earth exists, Seasons will exist.  "While the Earth remaineth, SEED TIME and Harvest, the cold and heat, and Summer and Winter, and day and night shall not cease" (Genesis 8:22).
     Now, there are various reasons people refuse 2 sow consistently.
     Their faith and confidence in God wavers.  When they listen 2 a man of God w/a specific anointing, they become responsive.  As they sit under that anointing, faith comes alive within them.  They get excited.  Their faith is vibrant.  Their confidence in God is renewed.  Faith requires Action.  It is almost impossible 2 sit under a man of God who unlocks the flow of faith and not plant a SEED. In fact, it is a dangerous and tragic condition if u ever come  the place where u can sit under that kind of anointing and close your heart 2 it.  So, it is only natural 2 become responsive 2 the call of faith within u.  some sneer at this.  They have contempt and belittle this.
     They call it "emotional giving."  I do not understand them.  If God puts faith in your heart 2 plant as SEED, it is His nature rising up strong within u.
     That desire 2 give cannot be satanic.
     That desire 2 give cannot be human.
     That desire 2 give is the nature of God Himself.
     Some, a few days after they have been in the presence of God and His anointing, enter into conversion w/those who lack faith.  Critics.  Scorners.  The fearful.
     "U were crazy 2 give an offering 2 that preacher.  Do u not realize he will just buy a nice car and fancy clothes w/your Tithe and Offering?" snears the ungodly family of the faith-filled believer.
     This kind of statement can poison your mind.  Your heart becomes confused.  Spiritual frustration sets in.  U will leave the Arena of Faith and enter into the sewage of human debate.
     It is the quickest way 2 lose your harvest.  U C, your harvest requires Faith, not merely a SEED.
     Your SEED is what u sow.
     Your FAITH is why it multiplies.
     God responds 2 your SEED bcoz it is wrapped w/Faith.  he wants 2b believed.  He responds 2 faith anywhere He finds it.  Even a sinner will get a miracle when he believes!  This happened continuously in the Kathryn Kuhlman meetings.  I have watched people get miracle after miracle.  She would ask, "Are u a Christian?"
     "No," came the hesitant replies.
     Why would God heal a sinner?  FAITH.  "Faith was reckoned 2 Abraham 4 righteousness." (Romans 4:9b).  "The word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thine heart: that is, the word of faith, which we preach:" (Romans 10:8).
     So, do not expect an unsaved, rebellious and ungodly loved one 2b excited when u plant a SEED into the work of God.  They do not even appreciate Calvary yet.  Jesus is unimportant 2 them.  They sneer at the Scriptures.  They are entangled in the tentacles of hell, like an octopus.  They can purchase their liquor, cigarettes and gamble in the Casinos.  But, when they find out their widowed mother gave money 2 a preacher, their fury will erupt like a volcano.
     Refuse their intimidation and scorn.
     The opinions of your friends will influence u.  It matters.  This is normal.  However, do not expect someone unresponsive 2 the Holy Spirit and rebellious toward the Principles of the Word of God 2 understand your sowing SEEDS 2 spread the glorious gospel.
     DOUBT is not the only reason many refuse 2 sow w/regularity.  I have known of many people who get angry at a preacher and hold their Tithe back.
    "When my pastor does something 2 upset me, I simply stop paying my Tithe, " one lady said w/fervor and anger.  "God understand!"
     You better know He understands.  He understands your scorn, ingratitude and immaturity.  U have not hurt your pastor when u withhold your Tithe.  U have not stopped the militant and victorious march of the church toward victory by withholding your Tithe.
     You have destroyed the supply line 4 your own family.  
     You have created SEASONS of DEVASTATION in your FUTURE.  U have played the part of a fool.  Satan fed u a lie.  He baited the hook and like an ignorant fish, u fell 4 it.
     Some stop sowing bcoz they want 2 use the money 4 something special they want 2 purchase.  They intend 2 pay it back.  The car payment comes due.  They see a refrigerator they want 2 buy.   So, they talk themselves into using the Tithe that week 4 a personal use.  It is the quickest way 2 financial suicide.
     You cannot afford 2 touch what belongs 2 God.
     You cannot afford 2 keep what belongs 2 God.
     It is a lie from satan designed 2 maneuver u 2 a place of financial wipeout and devastation.  Satan hates u.  He despises u.  He despises the flow of blessing in your life.  That is why He was so angry about the blessings of Job.
     Anything God loves is something satan hates.
     Anything God blesses is something satan curses.
     Others do not sow w/regularity simply bcoz they wait until they 'feel' like it.  If I only gave when I felt it, I probably would not give very often.  U C, my own needs often overwhelm me.  When I look at a stack of TV and Radio bills, I can easily lose the "feeling" 2 go bless the work of God.  In fact, I just saw an estimate 2 repair my roof this week.  My house has been leaking 4 several weeks, and I have been 2 busy 2 get it repaired.  (Or, maybe I just do not want 2 pay 4 it!)  At any rate, as I look at the incredible cost of a new roof on my flat topped house, I lose every feeling and desire 2 write a check 4 the work of God!!  It is the last thing I "feel" like doing."  U cannot afford 2 sow only as u are feeling it.
     You must focus on regularity.  "In the morning sow thy SEED, and in the evening withhold not thine hand:  4 thou knowest not whether shall prosper, either this or that, or whether they both shall be alike good" (Ecclesiastes 11:6).  Learn 2 sow into many ministries, not just one.  "Give generously, 4 your gifts will return 2 u later.  Divide your gifts among many, 4 in the days ahead u yourself may need much help" (Ecclesiastes 11:1-2 Living Bible).
     I like the King James version of this, too.  "Cast thy bread upon the waters:  4 thou shalt find it after many days.  Give a portion to 7, and also to 8; 4 thou knowest not what evil shall be upon the Earth" (Ecclesiastes 11:1-2).
     Some do not sow w/regularity bcoz they live in continuous crisis.   When crisis comes, they quit giving.  When blessing occurs, then they sow.  If u sow according 2 your circumstances only, u will sow inconsistently.  "He that observeth the wind shall not sow; and he that regardeth the clouds shall not reap" (Ecclesiastes 11:4).
     Millions will stay in poverty bcoz they refuse 2 enter the miracle of CONSISTENT sowing.

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