Thursday, September 22, 2011

22 of 31 Reasons People Do Not Receive Financial Harvest


Acorns can become oak trees!
     But, most people keep waiting 4 their 'ship  come in' b4 they begin the sowing cycle.  U must start w/what u have.
     This Principle of Beginning is Powerful.  Every long journey starts w/the first small step.  Millionaires started w/their first nickel.  Great companies have humble beginnings.  U can go any where u want 2 go...if u are willing  take enough small steps.
     Look at Mary Kay Ash.  She had just a few thousand dollars and a couple of shelves of products.  But, she started her business.  She focused on her future.  Today, she is worth over 300 million dollars, and her business is worth 2 billion.
     Look at McDonalds's hamburger chain.  From a humble beginning, it has become the most successful hamburger chain on the earth.  It started w/a little hamburger that became popular in a town.
      If u keep holding on 2 the SEED u have today, it will never become a harvest.  U must be willing 2 start your harvest w/whatever God has already placed in your hand.  I sat in a banquet many years ago frustrated.  The speaker stirred me.  I desperately wanted 2 plant a SEED of $1,000 check," I whispered 2 the LORD.  "U have $10 in your pocket.  Plant it."  "Oh, I need my $10 tonight.  But, if You would give me $1,000, I promise 2 sow it," was my answer.
     My mind started churning.  How could I get more money 2 sow?  I thought about my little office.  It was in my tiny garage in Houston, Texas.  That is where I studied, prayed, and also where I had a row of shelves that contained the only product I had in my ministry--one long-play album of music.  500 of those albums were on the shelves.  That was approximately 6 to 8 months of sales 4 me.  Then it hit me.  "Start w/what u already have."
     Little hinges can swing huge doors.  I could give him those 500 albums.  If he sold them for $6.00 each, he would make $3,000 for his ministry.  I made the decision.  "Brother, I wish I had a lot 2 give u.  I wanted 2b able 2 write a check for $1,000, but my ministry is just beginning.  I do have 500 record albums.   If u would receive them from me, u can sell them in your crusades,  If u sell them for $6.00, u wold have $3,000 for your ministry." (I thought I had 2 3xplain this 2 him!)
     Twelve months passed.  One day, while sitting in Nairobi, Kenya, at a missionary's home, the mail came.  It contained a scribbled hand-written note from a major television minister.  "Mike, I heard your record album.  I want 2 purchase 40,000 of them 2 sell thru my television program.  Please rush me 40,000 albums.  I will send u a check 4 them next week."  I shouted all over that room.  
     The profit enable me 2 purchase a beautiful white Lincoln Town Car 4 cash!  It launched an entire different Season 4 my life and ministry.  I was on air every time I drove up 2 a church 4 a crusade.  Why?  I started w/whatever was already in my hand.
     Last week, a lady wrote me a check for $5.00.  She was embarrassed.  She said, "I'm so ashamed 2 send u such a small check, but it is all that I have."  I was reading her letter about 2:00 in the morning after coming in from a major meeting.  My heart was so stirred.  U C, what she was planting was enough 2 impress God.
     He knows how much u have.
     He knows how little u have.
     Your obedience always secures His attention.  U do not have 2 write God a huge check 4 $100,000 2 move His hand toward u.  U simply have 2 obey the inner voice of the Holy Spirit w/whatever u presently possess.
     Remember the incredible scenario of the widow?  "And Jesus sat over against the treasury, and beheld how the people cast money into the treasury:  and many that were rich cast in much.  And there came a certain poor widow, and she threw in 2 mites, which make a farthing.  And He called unto him his disciples, and saith unto them, Verily I say unto u, That this poor widow hath cast more in, than all they which have cast into the treasury:  For all they did cast in of their abundance; but she of her want did cast in all that she had, even all her living" (Mark 12:41-44).
      She started her harvest w/what she had.

      have sowed jewelry, cars, clothes into other lives.  I have planted 100s of 1,000s of books and tapes as special SEEDS.  U C, everything u have is a SEED.
     If u keep it today, that is your Harvest.  But if u release it, it becomes a SEED.  What u presently possess is only a SEED of u sow t into soil.  When u keep it in your hand, it becomes the only harvest u will ever have.  Look around u.  Is there a piece of furniture that a widow needs at her house?  Could u volunteer 2 hours a week at your home church?  That is a SEED.  Start with what u have.
     Are u good at repairing automobiles?  Discuss w/your pastor your desire 2 repair the automobile of any widow in your congregation, as a SEED of Love.
     U are a walking Warehouse of SEEDS.  U have more inside of u than u could ever imagine.  But, u must take the time 2 inventory everything God has given u.
     Do not permit pride 2 rob u of an opportunity 2 plant a SEED.  When the offering plate is passed, even if u only possess $2.00 in your pocket--plant it.
     Get your harvest started.
     As a parent, teach your child the importance of sowing something consistently in the work of God.  It may only be a dime or a quarter.  But, they will create a flow and river of harvest that will outlast every attack against their life.
     Millions are waiting 4 more.  They refuse 2 start their harvest w/a small SEED.  it is one of the reasons they will never receive everything God wants 2 send 2 them.  "Though thy beginning was small, yet thy latter end should greatly increase" (Job 8:7).
     What u have will create anything else u want...if u sow it.
     Let's pray:
     "Father, show me the SEEDS  You have already given  me.  I make a decision 2 sow any SEED You desire regardless of how small it now appears.  You will multiply it back when I need it the most today.  In Jesus name.  Amen." 

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