Sunday, August 14, 2011

Heart Confessions

========   Have u ever found yourself feeling bored? Nothing really interesting on TV, Internet or just don't feel like talking 2 anyone? A deep loneliness that there is no explanation for? Then it is a sure sign that you need 2 escape 2 your favorite get-away spot and have a heart-2-heart talk from your Heart with your own Soul. Every person is made up of parts, and our soul is the most underdeveloped part of us. We wear a Mask 2 the world and are so busy, we forget who we are with all the things we have 2 do all day long, at the end of the evening, another day has gone...

     Sometimes we do not need advice from a close friend, a self-help book, or even a family member or counselor...sometimes we just need 2 sit quiet and speak 2 ourself. That's right; just speak 2 our own heart 2 find answers we seek from our own soul. The Soul holds all our life's answers within, but it takes Mr/Miss Heart 2 help us enter there.
     When we are happy and all is going well, we do not realize the danger of our being so busy that we rob our 'moment's in life of what means the most 2 us. But when the Mr/Miss Heart cannot find answers from any outside source, very few people look inward. There is a quiet place within ourself that we hardly journey to; until we are so numb from pain, that even tears cannot speak a message. At these times, our own heart needs 2 confess 2 our own soul; All it's secrets we cannot share with any other person. It can be anything u feel and any degree, at any given time. It might be only 3 minutes at a stop sign while we wait 4 the light 2 turn green again, or that secret private moment in the bathroom.. anywhere where we can be alone.
     A best friend, counselor, teacher or anyone who means well is not capable 2 give us the answers we need, not like getting 2 know our own soul. People mean well, but they are limited with the information they have of us, and what might work 4 one person may not work 4 us. They only C the parts of us that we allow them 2 C. But our soul, knows it all, the good, bad and the ugly of us.    
     Heart confessions is about the heart speaking when we find ourselves going around and around the same mountain, but can't seem 2 find our way Home. The Home within our own self. 
     When we neglect our own soul 2 long, our soul calls us back Home within ourselves again, where answers are discovered, only thru tiny moments of self discovery, where even tears cannot help...we seem lonely 4 the Home within our own self. We take so much time with caring 4 our outer self, exercise, make-up, past times and all the ways we fill the gaps of making ourself feel good...but
    The best medicine 4 healing is a heart-2-heart talk with yourself, take the journey and discover your beautiful self! It can be a simple note, a few words or a paragraph, it is you with you. Find your favorite spot and talk love and healing 2 yourself, leave the busy world behind and really face those fears u may be hiding from.
   When that empty space inside your soul feels lonely, all you need is 2 journey back inside, be still and just talk 2 yourself. Record your own thoughts, words or anything that can help u after you make your own discoveries. Go back often and RE-read what you wrote and 'how' u solved your problem.  Only make sure that the talks are loving, good and uplifting. If it hurts, its not Mr/Miss Heart talking 2 Miss/Mr Soul. Learn your own soul's voice, and record your findings. You will be amazed at how beautiful u truly are, as u return back 2 life. The problems will not have the same affect that hurt u b4. 
     Heart Confessions is more than a Diary or a Journal, it is recording what u think and feel with no fear of anyone knowing what u talk about and ultimately discovering it is God within u, guiding u and teaching u, who u are and learning His Voice... Your best friend within...u really discover that u are never alone, but He has allowed u 2 find your own way. You will discover a beautiful butterfly whose wings are again ready, not only 2 fly, but soar!  [Psalms 139]

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