Monday, January 6, 2014

Frugal Homesteading

=========    Re-discovering the Cupboard we now call our Pantry is  making do w/what u already have on hand.  It's a smart, money-saving approach 2 living; in fact, when u realize how much time w/less effort it is 2 do the same chores, will put a smile on your face bcoz now u will have gained more 'minutes' in your day 4 some 'U Time,' and that is great 4 us all.

15 Most Useful Things around the HOUSE
Adhesive Tape - *Remove a Splinter: Is a splinter 2 tiny or 2 deep 2 remove w/tweezers? Avoid the agony of digging it out w/a needle. Instead, cover the splinter w/adhesive w/it.

Stop Ants in their Tracks - Is an army of ants marching toward the cookie jar on your countertop or some sweet prize in your pantry? Create a 'moat' around the object by surrounding it w/adhesive tape placed sticky side up.

Make a Lint-Lifter - To lift lint and pet hair off clothing and upholstery, u dont need a  special lint remover. Just wrap your hand w/adhesive tape, sticky side out.

Reduce your Hat size - Got a hat that's 2 big 4 your head? Wrap adhesive tape around the swearband-it might take 2 or 3 layers depending on the size discrepancy. As a bonus, the adhesive tape will absorb brow sweat on hot days.

Carpet Scraps - Make an exercise mat, car mat, or knee pad. *Muffle appliance noise. *Protect floor under plants. *Cushion kitchen shelves. *Give your car traction. *Protect tools.

Duct Tape - Remove lint. *Repair toliet seats, screens, vacuum hoses, and frames. *Cover a book,
pocket folder, or present. *Make a bandage or bumper sticker. *Catch flies. *Replace a grommet. *Reinforced a book binding. *Hem pants. *Hang CHRISTmas lights.

Fabric Softener Sheets - Freshen air and deodorize cars, dogs, gym bags, suitcases, and sneakers. *Pick up pet hairs. *Repel mosquitoes. *Stop static cling. *Make sheets smell good. *End tangled sewing thread.

Nail Polish - *Mark hard-2-C items.  *Mark thermostat and shower settings and levels in measuring cup   and buckets.  *Label sports gear and poison containers. *Seals envelopes and labels. *Stop shoe scuffs and and keep laces, ribbons, and fabric from unraveling. *Make needle-threading easier. *Keep buckles and Jewelry shiny. *Stop a stocking run. *Temporarily repair glasses. *Fix nicks in floors and glass. *Repair lacquered items. *Plug a hole in a cooler. *Fill washrub nicks.

Pantyhose - *Find and pck up small objects. *Buff shoes. *Keep hairbrush clean. *Remove nail polish.  *Keep spray botles clog-free. *Organize suitcases. *Hang-dry sweaters. *Secure trash bags. *Dust under fridge. *Prevent *Prevent soil erosioon in houseplants.

Paper Bags - *Pack on trips 4 souvenirs. *Dust off mops. *Carry laundry. *Cover testbooks. *Create a
*Creata table decoration. *Use as gift bags and wrapping paper. *Reshape knits after washing. *Use as a pressing cloth. *Bag newspapers 4 recycling.

Plastic Bags - *Keep mattresses dry. *Bulk curtains and stuff crafts. *Drain  bath toys. *Clean pockets in the laundry. *Make bibs and a high-chair drop cloth. *Line a litter box. *Dispose of a Christmas tree.

Rubber Bands - *Reshape your broom. *Childproof cabinets. *Keep hread from tangling. *Make
a holder 4 car visor. *Use 2 grip paper. *Extend a button. *Use as a bookmark. *Cushion a remote control. *Secure bed slats and tighten furniture coasters.

Sandwish /   * Protect pictures and padlocks. *Dispense fabric softener. * Display baby teeth.
Freezer Bags -  *Carry baby wipes. *Mold soap. *Starch craft items. *Feed birds. *Make a funnel.

Stubborn Vase Stains - *Yes, u can use strong kitchen chemicals 2 clean the inside of a vase that held it's flower water a bit 2 long, But isnt it more easier 2 use  a couple of Alka-Seltzer tablets instead 2 fizz away the mess?

Windows - Using a solution of Vinegar or Ammonia cleans the windows just as good if not better than those costly toxic cleansers by putting more money in your pocket and living a healthier life.

12 Most Useful Items 4 the COOK
Aluminum Foil - Bake a perfect piecrust. *Soften brown sugar. *Decorate a cake and create special-shaped pie pans. *Keep rolls and bread warm. *Make an extra-large salad bowl. *Make a toasted cheese sandwish w/an iron.

Apples - Keep a roast chicken moist and cakes fresh. *Ripen green tomatoes. *Fluff up hardened brown sugar. *Absorb excess salt in soups.

Baking Soda - Clean fruits and vegetables. *Remove fish smells. *Reduce the acidity of coffee and tomatoe-based sauces. *Reduce the gas-producing properties of beans. *Make fluffy omelets. *Replace yeast.

Coffee Filters - Cover food in microwave. *Filter cork crumbs from wine or food remnants from cooking oil. *Hold a taco, ice cream bar, or ice pop.

Ice Cube Trays - Freeze eggs, pesto, chopped veggies and herbs, chicken soup -- even leftover wine -- 4 future use.

Lemons - Prevent potatoes from turning brown or rice from sticking. *Keep guacamole green. *Make soggy lettuce crisp. *Freshen the fridge and cutting boards.

Paper Towels - Microwave bacon, clean corn, and strain broth. *Keep veggies crisp and vegetable bin clean. *Prevent soggy bread and rusty pots.

Plastic Bags - Cover a cookbook. *Bag hands 2 answer phone. *Crush graham crackers. *Use a mixing bowl or salad spinner. *Rippen fruit.

Rubber Bands - Keeps spoons from sliding into bowls. *Secure casserole lids 4 travel. *Ancor a cutting board. *Get a better grip on twist-off lids and glasses.

Salt - Prevent grease from splattering. *Speed cooking. *Shell hard-boiled eggs or pecaons easier. *Test eggs 4 freshness and poach eggs perfectly. *Wash spinach better. *Keep salad crisp. *Revive wrinkled apples and stop cut fruit from browning. *Use 2 whip cream, beat eggs, and keep milk fresh. *Prevent mold on cheese.

Sandwich /     Store grater w/cheese. *Make a pastry bag. *Dispose of cooking oil. *Color cookie dough.
Freezer Bags - *Keep ice cream from forming crystals. *Soften marshmallows, melt chocolate, and save soda. *Grease pans.

Toothpicks - Mark steaks 4 doneness. *Retrieve garlic cloves from marinade. *Prevent pots from boiling over. *Microwave potatoes faster. *Limit salad dressing. *Fry sausages better.

11 Most Useful Items 4 HEALTH and BEAUTY
Aspirin - Dry up pimples. *Treat calluses. *Control dandruff. *Cut inflammation from bites and stings. *Restore hair color after swimming in chlorinated pool.

Baby Oil - Remove a bandage painlessly. *Treat cradle cap. *Make bath oil. *Make hot oil treatment 4 cuticles and calluses.

Baking Soda - Soothe minor burns, sunburn, poison ivy rash, bee stings, diaper rash, and other skin irritations. *Combat cradle cap. *Control dandruff. *Use as gargle or mouthwash. *Scrub teeth and clean dentures. *Alleviate itching in casts and athlete's foot. *Soothe tired, stinky feet. *Remove built-up hair gel, spray, or conditioner. *Use as an antiperspirant.

Butter - Make pills easier 2 swallow. *Soothe aching feet. *Remove sap from skin. *Remove makeup. *Smooth legs after shaving. *Use as shaving cream. *Moisturize dry hair.

Chest Rub - Make calluses disappear. *Sooth aching feet. *Stop insect-bite itch. *Treat toenail fungus. *Repel biting insects.
Lemons - Disinfect cuts and scrapes. *Soothe poison ivy rash. *Relieve rough hands and sore feet. *Remove warts. *Lighten age spots. *Create blond highlights. *Clean and whiten nails. *Cleanse and exfoliate your face. *Treat dandruff. *Soften dry elbows.

Mayonnaise - Relieve sunburn pain. *Remove dead skin. *Condition hair. *Make a facial. *Strengthen fingernails.

Mustard - Soothe aching back pain. *Relax stiff muscles. *Relieve congestion. *Make a facial mask.

Petroleum Jelly - Heal windburn. *Help diaper rash. *Protect baby's eyes from shampoo. *Moisturize lips. *Remove makeup. *Moisturize your face. *Create makeup. *Strengthen perfume. *Soften hands. *Do a professional manicure. *Smooth eyebrows.

Tea - Relieve tired eyes. *Soothe bleeding gums. *Cool sunburn. *Relieve baby's pain from injection. *Reduce razor burn. *Condition dry hair and get the gray out. *Tan your skin. *Drain a boil. *Soothe nipples sore from nursing. *Soothe mouth pain.

Vinegar - Control dandruff and condition hair. *Protect blond hair from chlorine. *Apply as antiperspirant. *Soak aching muscles. *Freshen breath. *Ease sunburn and itching. *Banish bruises. *Soothe sore throat. *Clear congestion. *Heal cold sores and athlete's foot. *Pamper skin. *Erase age or sun spots. *Soften cuticles. *Treat jellyfish or bee stings.

10 Most Useful Items 4 CLEANING
Ammonia - Clean carpets, upholstery, ovens, fireplace doors, windowns, porcelain fixtures, crystal, jewelry, and white shoes. *Remove tarnish and stains. *Fight mildew. *Strip floor wax.

Baking Soda - Clean baby bottles, thermoses, cutting boards, appliances, sponges and towels, coffeemakers, teapots, cookware, and fixtures. *Clear clogged drains. *Deodorize garbage pails. *Boost dishwashing liquid or make your own. *Remove stains. *Shine jewelry, stainless steel, chrome, and marble. *Wash wallpaper and remove crayon.

Borax - Clear a clogged drain. *Remove stains. *Clean windows and mirrors. *Remove mildew from fabrics. *Sanitize your garbage disposal. *Eliminate urine oder.

Fabric Softener Sheets - Lift burned-on food. *Freshen drawers. *Remove soap scum. *Repel dust from TV screen. *Freshen hampers and wastebaskets. *Buff chrome. *Keep dust off blings. *Renew stuffed toys. 

Lemons - Get rid of tough stains on marble. *Polish metals. *Clean the microwave. *Deodorize cutting boards, fridge, and garbage disposal.

Rubbing Alcohol - Clean fixtures, venetian blinds, windows, and phones. *Remove hair spray from mirrors. *Prevent ring around the collar. *Remove ink stains.

Salt - Clean vases, discolored glass, flowerpots, artificial flowers, percolators, refrigeratores, woks, and wicker. *Give brooms long life. *Ease fireplace or flour cleanup. *Make metal polish.*Remove wine and grease from carpet, water marks from wood, and lipstick from glasses. *Restore a sponge. *Freshen the garbage disposal. *Remove baked-on food. *Soak up oven spills. *Remove stains from pans and clean cast iron.

Toothpaste - Clean piano keys and sinks. *Polish metal and jewelry. *Deodorize baby bottles. Remove ink or lipstick from fabric, crayon from walls, and water marks from furniture.

Vinegar - Clean blinds, bricks, tile, paneling, carpets, piano keys, computers, appliances, and cutting boards. *Clean china, crystal, glassware, coffeemakers, and cookware. *Banish kitchen grease. *Deodorize drains and closets. *Polish metal. *Erase ballpoint pen marks. *Remove water rings and wax from furniture. *Revitalize leather. *Clean fixtures and purge bugs.

WD-40 - Remove carpet stains and floor scuffs. *Remove tea and tomato stains. *Clean toilet bowls. *Condition leather furniture. *Clean a chalkboard. *Remove marker and crayon from walls.


11 Most Useful Items 4 the GARDEN
Aluminum Foil -

Bottles -

Coffee Cans -

Milk Cartons -

Newspaper -

Pantyhose -

Plastic Bags -

Plastic Containers -

Salt -

Tea -

WD-40 -
beg pg 24


11 Most Useful Items 4 OUTDOORS
Aluminum Foil -

Baking Soda -

Bottles -

Bubble Pack -

Buckets -

Cat Litter -

Cooking Spray -

Duct Tape -

Sandwich and
Freezer Bags -

Vinegar -

WD-40 -
beg pg 26

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