Thursday, December 12, 2013

Encouraging Others

There is no greater feeling, than to help or encourage one another.  Tiny deposits into another person's life; A small SEED planted today for a harvest Tomorrow. Many people reach for the 'large' but the secret are the tiny steps. The deposit I make today in another life, is the worth I discover in myself.

How I miss you Mr Winter, but atlas Miss Spring must begin growing my seeds. Thank you for allowing me to capture a memory to treasure b4 the bus-i-ness of this year.
Encouragement is an amazing thing, While we try to bring hope to others, we end up

discoverying that a blessing has come back to us! God is so Awesome!

At times, I wonder how to find time 2b a blessing to others, those who are attached to us from other Internet streams or in real life. What words do we speak to them, how shall we know which word is for which friend, O Lord, how marvelous that You would make us all a Family and one day we will be together where there are no hurt offenses or things that get in the way of us loving one another as You desire.


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  1. Beautiful. Just think, there might be entirely new colors in heaven that our minds cannot even conceive of here and now.